8 Best Health Coach Websites (+Templates You Can Steal)

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Hey coach, ever find yourself stuck in the design vortex, wondering how to create a health coach website that truly pops? 

No need to stress – we totally get it!

In this blog post, we’ll be diving into the world of health coaching websites, unraveling the magic behind the best ones, and dishing out templates you can snatch to make your digital realm as radiant as you.

Prepare to feel empowered, coach – we’re going on a journey to take your website from ‘meh’ to mesmerizing.

By the way, we’re Cass and Tee, your go-to gals behind Lovely Impact – the numero uno web designers for hardworking coaches like you.

Leveraging decades of experience, we’ve created some of the top health coach websites, and we can’t wait to spill these nuggets of wisdom! 

Let’s hop right in, shall we?

Best Health Coach Websites – Custom Designed

1) Bonnie Malone Coaching

Next up is Bonnie Malone, an Integrative Nutrition Coach who’s no stranger to the sneaky web of diet culture. Bonnie’s journey towards reclaiming her health and connection with self is nothing short of inspiring. Nowadays, Bonnie’s all about celebrating your body and redesigning a life brimming with joy. Especially for middle-aged women, Bonnie’s health coach website is a treasure trove of body positivity and sustainable health strategies.

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Bonnie Malone Coaching - Best Health Coach Websites

2) Sarah Herman

Let’s give a warm welcome to Sarah Herman, a Texas-based Eating Disorder Coach, Personal Trainer, and food blogger extraordinaire! Sarah’s determination stems from her personal journey with an eating disorder. Having conquered it, she’s now geared up to guide others on a similar path. One look at her health coach website and you’ll feel the drive she has to make a difference.

Sarah Herman - Best Health Coach Websites

3) Lauren Rapaport

Meet Lauren Rapaport, a coach who’s changing the game for individuals with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). Living with T1D herself, Lauren knows the struggle first-hand. But guess what? She believes in embracing life, T1D and all. Lauren’s health coach website is a testament to her work, bridging the gap between a T1D diagnosis and a life brimming with satisfaction and happiness.

Lauren Rapaport - Best Health Coach Websites

4) Joan O’Donnell

Say hi to Joni! Joan “Joni” O’Donnell is an Intuitive Eating and Eating Disorder Recovery coach based out of Connecticut. Helping folks dance their way out of diet culture and make peace with food, Joni’s mission is all about self-love and discovery. Her health coach website is a beacon of hope, showcasing her unique approach to helping individuals tap into their potential and live their desired life.

Joan O'Donnell - Best Health Coach Websites

5) Cyndi Uelen

Last but certainly not least, meet Cyndi Uelen, a whole life coach who transforms “someday” dreams into “now” realities. With a personal success story of losing 50 pounds and reshaping her life, Cyndi is passionate about supporting women who feel unsatisfied with their current state. Her health coach website is a testament to her commitment, serving as a platform for transformation and the journey to health and happiness.

Cyndi Uelen - Best Health Coach Websites

6) Laura McClain

Say hello to Laura McClain, a superstar in the world of health coaching. Specializing in brain-gut connection, she’s your go-to if you’re dealing with the pesky aches of peri-menopause. Not just a certified health and nutrition coach, Laura is also a holistic gut practitioner with her own tale of transformation. She battled severe health issues, but with the right blend of research, nutrition, and movement, Laura regained her power. Now, she’s all about sharing her know-how and helping others redefine their health narratives. Peep her health coach website for some major inspo!

Laura McClain - Best Health Coach Websites

Best Health Coach Website Templates

7) Best Health Coach Website Template – Sylvie

Stepping into the template arena, let’s shine a light on Sylvie. If your vibe is all about health, wellness, nutrition, fitness, weight loss, or self-care coaching, this one’s for you! Sylvie is a sleek, Showit-built health coaching website template that’s high on style and functionality. Think clean and crisp design elements, sprinkled with some fun accents. Oh, and did we mention it’s optimized for conversion? Yep, Sylvie is primed and ready to pull in your ideal clients right to your health coach website.

Sylvie template - Best Health Coach Websites

8) Best Fitness Coach Website Template – Janise

Cue the drumroll for Janise, a dynamic fitness coaching website template that dances to a modern beat. Built on Showit, this gem is tailor-made for fitness, wellness, health, and weight loss coaches. Picture this: bold, modern style infused with playful design elements and enticing overlapping sections. And the best part? It’s conversion-ready! So, if you’re looking to magnetize your dream fitness clients, you’ll want Janise jazzing up your health coach website. Plus, it’s built on the best website builder for health coaches, Showit. 

Janise - Best Health Coach Websites

Cass & Tee’s Insider Tips for Creating The Best Health Coach Websites

? Get Inside Your Audience’s Heads

When it comes to health coach websites, it’s all about your potential clients. Ask yourself, what are their health goals? What challenges are they facing? Nail down the specifics, like age, lifestyle, and common health concerns. This isn’t about being nosy; it’s about serving your audience better. And once you have that clear picture, you can tailor your content to meet their needs spot-on.

? Content That Cures Curiosity

A health coach website should be a well of helpful, engaging content. Think of health coach blogs on nutritional tips, workout regimes, wellness habits, and more. Remember, your audience is looking to you for health guidance. Your website copy should echo your one-on-one coaching sessions – helpful, motivating, and a touch personal. Don’t be shy to drop bold CTAs inviting them to a free consultation or a sign-up to your killer health newsletter.

? Website Design That Breathes Wellness

Your website should feel like the first breath of fresh air after a calming yoga session – clean, serene, and inspiring. Make your health coach website responsive, because mobile users shouldn’t miss out on the goodness. Keep navigation simple and load times quick – no one likes waiting, not even for a virtual smoothie. Use colors, fonts, and images that evoke feelings of health, wellness, and positivity.

? Trust & Credibility: Your Best Supplements

Just like trust is essential between a health coach and a client, it is crucial for health coach websites too. Highlight your qualifications, expertise, and maybe throw in a fun fact about your own health journey. Testimonials are your website’s multivitamins – add a healthy dose of them. Remember, they might not meet you in person, but through your About Me section, they should feel like they have.

? SEO: Your Digital Gym

Just like a good workout, SEO helps your health coach website muscle its way up search engine rankings. Focus on keyword optimization that centers around health coaching terms. A blog filled with fresh, health-related content is a great way to flex your SEO muscle and get those organic searches in.

? Boost Your Conversions

Think of your website as your digital coaching space. You need to motivate your visitors to take the next step. A pop-up offering a free e-book on health tips, or an easy-to-spot sign-up form for a free initial consultation can do the trick. Keep track of your conversion rates and fine-tune as needed.

? A Well-Maintained Website is a Healthy Website

Just as our bodies need regular check-ups, so do health coach websites. Regularly updating content, fixing broken links, and refreshing your info helps your website look its best and function smoothly.

Now, friend, let’s turn these tips into action. Remember, we’re Cass and Tee, here to support you in creating a standout health coach website. Let’s make the web a healthier place, one site at a time!


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Final Thoughts

We sure hope this guide shined a spotlight on how to build a killer health coach website!

Just to jog your memory a bit, we started off by highlighting the stories of some successful health coaches. Then, we introduced you to the Sylvie and Janise website templates – your potential secret weapons in creating captivating online spaces.

We also gave you some of our top tips for tailoring your content, designing your website, building trust, optimizing SEO, and keeping your website as healthy as the clients you serve.

Alright, now we’re passing the baton to you:

What’s the top nugget of wisdom from this post you’re eager to implement first?

Are you going to dip your toes into the world of SEO? Or maybe you’re going to focus on creating engaging content that speaks directly to your audience.

Perhaps you’ve got a burning question about something you’ve read here.

Whatever it is, don’t be a stranger! Leave your thoughts, ideas, or questions in the comment section below.

We can’t wait to see your health coach websites thrive, so don’t hesitate to share your progress with us and your fellow coaches!

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Hey! I’m Tee, a brand and marketing coach and the Co-Founder & CMO at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches grow their coaching businesses digitally. Here on our blog, my content focuses on web design, marketing, business, and social media strategy.

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