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hey there!

I'm Cassandra — Wisconsin Native, Garden Lover, and a Brand and Business Clarity Coach.

I'm so excited you're here.

You may not know this, but you being here is a big deal to me. Websites are my jam. In fact, they used to be my bread and butter, too—as in my job. This was when I was known as The Girl Brand.

I built a successful career as a brand and web designer, and my clients (women like Shira Gill of Shira Gill Home and Stacey Smith of Diva Business School) were incredibly happy with the work I did for them. They saw great results in sales, and did it in style!

Sounds awesome, right?

There was just one problem: I felt totally disconnected from my business. To my clients, yes, but my business itself, no.

I didn’t even like the name: The Girl Brand. I felt embarrassed by it. Shied away from saying it whenever I could. It didn’t feel like me.

True, I was REALLY good at designing brands and websites. But I felt completely misaligned.

Who was The Girl Brand?

I—the brand’s founder—didn’t even know. This lack of connection affected my confidence in a big way.

  • I felt unsure how to market a business that I didn’t fully understand.
  • I felt disingenuous selling to clients when I didn’t believe in what I was doing.
  • I felt uncomfortable talking about my pricing, because I lacked confidence.
  • I felt shy when it came to talking about my business in public due to my insecurities.
  • I felt embarrassed that I didn’t even know who I really wanted to work with.
branding coach
branding coach
Have you ever felt this way about your business?

Maybe you know exactly what you do—and you do it well—but you haven’t figured out why you do it.

In January of 2019, I came to a fork in the road. While working with a business coach, I realized that the brand strategy and bonus coaching part of my business is where the magic happens for my clients. In fact, it is way more valuable to them than giving them a pretty website with no purpose.

So I started developing a coaching program of my own, and working with clients one-on-one. Now, I not only help clients find alignment with their business but also set them up for success in every way.

This work evolved beyond The Girl Brand and into Lovely Impact—a brand that I fully connect with and find purpose in.

I see myself in Lovely Impact, and I see you. Someone in the same position I was—in a business you don’t connect with in a meaningful way.

Whether it’s time to switch gears or get to know your business again, I can help. I want to take you to a place of confidence and total alignment with your brand.

Let’s talk about how to develop the roots of a brand that connects—and build a growing business with a lovely impact.

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