Showit website template for health coach - Sylvie by lovely impact


Sylvie - Website Template

Ideal for Health Coaches

Sylvie is a stylish website template for health coaches built on Showit. Sylvie features a fun design with beautiful accents and a layout that showcases a healthy lifestyle while attracting your ideal customers.

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Jana - Website Template

Ideal for finance coaches

Jana is a clean and modern website template for finance coaches built on Showit. Jana features a clean design with bold call to actions and a layout that puts conversions first.

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Showit website template for executive coach - Callie by lovely impact


Callie - Website Template

Ideal for Executive Coaches

Callie is a professional website template for executive coaches built on Showit. Callie features a success vibe with modern fonts and a layout that focuses on your skills and offerings.

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Alicia Showit Website Template for Weight Loss Coaches

New! $419

Alicia - Website Template

Ideal for weight loss coaches

Alicia is a clean website template for weight loss coaches built on Showit. Alicia features a fun vibe with modern fonts and a layout that focuses on your clients' future results.

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Showit website template for professional organizers- Teagan by lovely impact


Teagan - Website Template

Ideal for professional organizers

Teagan is a bespoke website template for professional organizers built on Showit. Teagan features a luxury vibe with delicate styling and a layout that evokes order and organization.

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Jordan - Website Template for Business Coaches


Jordan - Website Template

Ideal for Business Coaches

Jordan is a sophisticated website template for business coaches built on Showit. Jordan features an entrepreneur style layout and clean fonts that make engagement inevitable.

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Template Add-Ons


Showit Shop Add-On

For Your Website

Use this Showit shop add-on template to add an online shop to your existing Showit website. It easily transforms to match any of our Showit website templates!

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Resources to perfect your coaching business


Website Copy Guide

For Coaches

This 62-page website copywriting guide, designed for coaches, will help you write your website copy page-by-page, in a way that makes you sound like the expert you are.

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What's Included

Lots of lovely features

Ready to Install

Our website templates are ready to install. Just purchase and follow the steps, or if that's too much, hit us up and we'll help with installation, setup and styling.


80% of your website traffic as a coach will come from mobile. Our sites look great on any device including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

Customer-only Backend

Once you become a customer...we got you. Our interactive customer backend securely contains all your purchased files, licensing information, video instructions, and a few more surprises.

Video Instruction Library

All our website templates come with step by step video instructions delivered in a course format so it's easy to follow. Just login and work through each module while updating your website.

Step-by-Step Printable Guides

So you got a website… now what? Our printable guides meticulously go through every task you’ll need to complete in order to launch your website successfully and impactfully.

VIP Customer Support

Included with your template is 6-months of VIP support. If you need help with your template, contact us within business hours and we'll respond within 24 hours or less.

Got questions? We got answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Showit?

Showit is the best combination of the website-building worlds, in our opinion. You get a no-code-needed editor for the design and content of your primary pages, but also get to blog on the WordPress platform. That means you have total control over how things look, and also have the best blogging platform on your side to reach more people with your content.

Do I have to purchase Showit?

Yes, Showit is a subscription website software. Depending on what type of plan you purchase, you’ll have a monthly or yearly subscription fee to keep your website live. It’s the same as building a website on any other platform, and the pricing is comparable to Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, and most others.

How will my blog work?

You’ll log into your WordPress account to add new blog posts to your feed. The WordPress editor is really simple to use and gives you total control of entering your blog posts, and when it gets published to your site. This means you can plan your content ahead of time and never have to worry about hitting publish at the time you want content to go live. It will post at the exact time you’ve scheduled it to.

Is Showit hard to learn?

Showit is a website building software, just like any other software. Yes, there’s a learning curve, but the good news is we’ve done all the legwork for you. With the purchase of your template, you’ll get instant access to our complete Showit tutorial library. In the library, you’ll find everything you need to make whatever changes you want, whether big or small. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Will I be able to make edits to my site?

Absolutely! You’ll have 100% control over the content, images, layout, and design of your site. With the Showit tutorial library that comes with your template, you’ll have complete confidence in making changes and adjustments to your site so it turns out the way you’ve envisioned it in your head. We call it website freedom.

Can I transfer my current blog over?

Yes! The Showit support team is amazing, and they'll help you in migrating all of your existing blog posts to your new website. You've worked hard on that content — and you won't lose it.

Do you offer refunds/accept returns?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the digital nature of our products, we don't accept returns or provide refunds.

Do you offer payment plans?

Not at this time. Your website is an investment in your business, just like any other, and we've carefully priced our products to reflect that.

Want a new website quickly, but don't want to build it yourself?

Template Restyling might be the answer to your prayers.

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With template restyling, you get the personal touch of a designer on your website.

Cass will do the work of making your website look like the perfect online home for your business...all you have to do is deliver your content and images, and she'll make your template look like a custom designed website.

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