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Our blog is a top-ranked coaching business resource, with unique articles written by Cass + Tee, Co-Founders at Lovely Impact.

Business partners and coaches, the duo’s passion is helping other coaches succeed in their businesses.

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Our blog isn’t just another site; it’s a beacon for coaching businesses, structured around a powerful three-part system.

Annual Search Performance:

  • Organic Search Impressions: 6.5 Million
  • Organic Search Clicks: 86,200
  • Keywords in Top 10: 12,456
  • Average Position: 11.63

Annual Blog Performance:

  • Visitors: 215,000
  • Pageviews: 362,000
  • Visit Duration: 4:40 min
  • Average Time on Page: 1:55 min
  • Gender: 71.9% Female, 28.1% Male
  • Audience hotspots: USA (69.16%), UK (7.30%), Canada (6.73%), India (4.92%), Australia (2.63%)
  • Industry: 97.5% are Coaches

Annual Pinterest Performance:

  • Pin Impressions: 21.6 Million
  • Total Audience: 11.08 Million
  • Engaged Audience: 507,600
  • Pin Engagement: 757,692
  • Pin Outbound Clicks: 40,176
  • Total Followers: 9,300


Choose from tailor-made blog sponsorship packages, priced according to the blog post you select.

Sponsorship Benefits Include:

  1. Prime Blog Ad: Banner ad featured prominently above the blog title.
  2. In-Article Ads: Up to 5 ads nestled within the article (varies by word count).
  3. Sticky Sidebar Ad: A dynamic sidebar ad that scrolls with the reader.
  4. Scroll Intent Pop-Up: A strategically timed pop-up appearing after 15% page scroll.
  5. Creative Strategy & Design: Including strategy, creative design, and content development/editing as needed.

Ready to make it official? Drop Tee a line at tee@lovelyimpact.co.


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Example Coach Business Blog Advertising 2


Our pricing model is directly tied to each blog post’s performance, ensuring you get value that mirrors your brand’s visibility and engagement potential.

  1. Starting Point: Base rates reflect the value of our partnering with us, including access to our engaged audience, premium content, and brand visibility.
  2. Performance Metrics: Adjustments are made based on the blog post’s performance metrics, such as clicks, impressions, CTR, and search positioning.
  3. The Final Tally: A combination of all of the above guarantees your investment aligns with the advertising space’s value and performance.

This model offers transparency, fairness, and a direct link to potential ROI, empowering you to allocate your budget based on clear performance metrics.

Let’s work together! Send Tee an email at tee@lovelyimpact.co.


We seek partners who share our passion for empowering the coaching community.

If your offerings streamline the coaching business journey, let’s talk!

We’re excited about:

  • B2B SaaS: Marketing, sales, HR, productivity, analytics, AI, and other B2B products, platforms, extensions and apps. Preferably built for coaches.
  • Law & Money: Business banking, business insurance, coaching contracts, and other B2B financial and legal products targeting coaches.
  • Jobs & Events: Remote coaching jobs, conferences, webinars, accelerators, and speaking opportunities.
  • Media and Info Products: Newsletters, blogs, courses, ebooks, certifications, templates, and other digital products for coaches, that don’t directly compete with Lovely Impact.


Hey there,

Here at Lovely Impact, our blog is like our cozy corner of the internet where we get to chat with friends—yeah, that means you!—about all the cool, impactful ways we can grow together, both inside and out.

Our readers, or should we say our community, are the heart and soul of this journey.

They’re not just passing by; they’re here because they’ve got big dreams and the drive to match.

It’s like we’re all at this fabulous dinner party, talking about how we can make those dreams a reality.

When you decide to spotlight your brand on our blog, it’s kind of like bringing your own dish to the party.

Our partners have seen some pretty amazing stuff happen from being featured here.

We’re the top affiliates to multiple companies targeting coaches.

So, what do you say? Ready to bring your flavor to the party?

Tee’s waiting at tee@lovelyimpact.co.

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