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Go live in 5 days or less.

We’ve done all the hard work for you. Our templates are created for life coaches with the goal of impacting your audience. All you gotta do is add your brand colors, copy and images and...it’s go-time!

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Websites for coaches by coaches - lovely impact

For coaches by coaches

We understand coaches.

Lovely Impact was founded by web designers turned life coaches. So trust us when we say… we get it. We know how essential your website is for making a first impression and marketing your services and programs.

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Websites that convert

Built to make an impact.

From layouts and landing pages, to forms and call to actions, our life coaching website templates were built to help you attract and convert customers into your community and programs.

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Websites for coaches that convert - lovely impact
Easy to use and customizable coaching websites - lovely impact

Easy to use and customizable

Easy to use! No coding needed.

We know you don't have 3 to 6 months to build a website from scratch. Instead, choose a template, add your brand colors, pick your images, write your copy and launch NOW.

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Browse by your unique niche

Designed so you can be you.

Our templates were created to work with any coaching business, but as an added bonus, our shop is also organized by industry! Browse by niche for inspiration or to quickly find a template that fits your business.

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Browse by your unique coaching niche - lovely impact

What's Included

Lots of lovely features

Ready to Install

Our website templates are ready to install. Just purchase and follow the steps, or if that's too much, hit us up and we'll help with installation, setup and styling.


80% of your website traffic as a life coach will come from mobile. Our sites look great on any device including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

Customer-only Backend

Once you become a customer...we got you. Our interactive customer backend securely contains all your purchased files, licensing information, video instructions, and a few more surprises.

Video Instruction Library

All our website templates come with step by step video instructions delivered in a course format so it's easy to follow. Just login and work through each module while updating your website.

Step-by-Step Printable Guides

So you got a website… now what? Our printable guides meticulously go through every task you’ll need to complete in order to launch your website successfully and impactfully.

VIP Customer Support

Included with your template is 6-months of VIP support. If you need help with your template, contact us within business hours and we'll respond within 24 hours or less.

Want a new website quickly, but don't want to build it yourself?

Template Restyling might be the answer to your prayers.

Animated template switch.
With template restyling, you get the personal touch of a designer on your website.

Cass will do the work of making your website look like the perfect online home for your business...all you have to do is deliver your content and images, and she'll make your template look like a custom designed website.

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Let's build your online coaching presence

(and make you some money, honey)

Steal This Coaching Brand: Clean + Bright
Steal This Coaching Brand: Clean + Bright

Steal this clean and bright coaching brand to use for yourself. Walk away with an instant cheerful vibe and color palette that makes clients feel good.

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6 Types of CTAs for Coaching Websites and How to Use Them - Lovely Impact
6 Types of CTAs for Coaching Websites (and How to Use Them)

Strategic call to actions on your coaching website helps you grow your audience, turn visitors into leads, and convert leads into coaching clients.

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How to Create a Simple Business Plan for Your Coaching Business (1)
How to Create a Simple Business Plan for Your Coaching Business

Ready to create a business plan for your coaching business? This guide and free workbook will hold your hand through the process.

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6 Creative Ways to Use the Best Content Page from Our Templates
6 Creative Ways to Use the Best Content Page from Our Templates

These 6 examples are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using our page templates — but these are a good way to get started building your website.

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neutral brand design
Steal This Coaching Brand: Neutral + Understated

You can steal this neutral brand design for your coaching business today! Make your brand unique with a few personal touches and voila!

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Introducing A Free Business Resource Library for Coaches
Introducing A Free Business Resource Library for Coaches

Free Business Resource Library for Coaches. Get coaching templates, worksheets, and tools that benefit your coaching business for free.

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