Jana Financial Coach Logo Template

An affordable, professionally designed financial coach logo template, the Jana Financial Coach logo template was created using Canva to elevate your coaching brand.

With a bold and clean design, it’s perfect for coaches of all types, especially Financial Coaches, Wealth Coaches, Money Coaches, and Personal Finance Coaches.

Note: This design MUST be used with a Canva Pro subscription. (Free trial here >>)

Jana - Finance Coach Logo on Notepad

Built on Canva


Ready In Minutes

Finance Coach Logo Brand Board

Jana is a financial coach logo template designed on Canva. It has a bold and clean design and an abundant vibe to attract your ideal clientele.

Jana was built by Lovely Impact, a company that builds logos exclusively for coaches. You can customize Jana to represent your brand and launch your financial coaching logo in 1 day. Plus, as your business grows, you can edit and reuse the files for digital or print.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Mood board: The mood board matches your logo template and is completely customizable! Just swap the images and you’re done!

  • 8-Color Palette: This sophisticated color palette was developed by our creative team. It includes eight colors to complement the logo and other add-ons.

  • 3 Brand Fonts: Fonts that you can use for all your coaching branding materials! Included are heading, subheading, and body fonts.

  • 4 Logos Variations: Choose from multiple logo variations! Includes a tagline logo, a submark, a favicon, and a primary logo. 
Coaching Logo Template Testimonial (2)


“They know what’s in your head and beautifully curate it on the web. LOVE IT!! ”

Theressia N., Soul Growth Coach

Four Different Financial Coach Logo Variations!

A cohesive coaching brand requires multiple logos, used for different purposes. We provide you with four variations of our financial coach logo.

Jana - Financial Coach Primary Logo

This is the main finance coach logo for your business and the one that you’ll use the most! 

Jana - Financial Coach Favicon Logo


It is the icon that appears in the browser tab when someone visits your coaching website.

Jana - Financial Coach Submark Logo


This is the mark that symbolizes your coaching business. Excellent for social media and watermarks.

Jana - Financial Coach Logo With Tagline

Logo With Tagline

Your entire logo with your tagline is shown here. You can use this on coach business cards or stationery.

Lots of Lovely Features!

✓ Easy to Use! No Complicated Tools.

Canva Pro was used to create all of our coaching logo templates (subscription available separately here). A powerful and easy-to-use online design tool, Canva simplifies the design process. It does not require any complicated software.

✓ Customize It Any Way You Want!

You can customize every aspect of your coaching logo, from fonts to colors to adding icons! Your creativity is the only limit. 

✓ Step-by-Step Instructions.

We’ll send you a PDF with instructions on how to edit your financial coach logo once you buy! All you need to do is open the PDF and follow the directions.

✓ Affordable & Unique.

In addition to being affordable, our coaching logo templates are also unique. These have been designed by our team exclusively for coaches and are only available from us.

Coaching Logo Template Testimonial


“Thank you so much. The end result is a brand and a business that I can’t believe is mine.”

Stacy S., Career Coach

Beautifully Elevate Your Financial Coaching Brand!

Our Canva Financial Coach Logo Template will save you a ton of time and lots of money! Watch how easy it is:

Plus… Tons of Bonuses Included!

This finance coach logo template comes with all these extra features to help you launch your business quickly and effectively.

Jana - Financial Coach Logo Template Bonuses

Ideal Client Avatar Worksheet for Financial Coaches

Ideal Client Worksheet
($19 Value)

By completing this worksheet, you will be able to outline the dreams and hopes of your ideal coaching client. You will also know how to talk to them and communicate effectively.

Brand Clarity Workbook for Financial Coaches

Brand Clarity Workbook
($47 Value)

With this workbook, you will create your mission, vision, core values, and more. You’ll have a better understanding of your business for years to come.

The Consistent Coach Branding Checklist for Financial Coaches

Coaching Branding Checklist
($19 Value)

Make sure your new financial coach logo is consistent wherever you show up in business by following this coaching branding checklist!

Coaching Logo Template Testimonial (3)


“OMG I love love love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It exceeded my wildest expectations. Looks amazing! Eeeek!”

Lauren R., Type 1 Diabetes Coach

Elevate Your Financial Coach Logo Template!

Financial Coach Website Template

(Starting at $84)

Get The Matching Website Template

Need a coaching website to match your financial coach logo? It’s easy! We offer matching websites for each of our logo templates. Choose the website and launch your coaching business today!

Jana - Financial Coach Logo Template Example
Coaching Logo Template Testimonial (4)


“They created my logo and brand colors to reflect the feeling I wanted to convey. They nailed it!”

Tara K, Professional Organizer

Canva Logo

Why Canva Logo Templates for Coaches?

✓ Super Easy to Use

All you have to do is sign up for a paid account on Canva Pro (free trial here >>) and you’re ready to customize your coaching logo! Canva was made so that anyone could create designs without needing expensive software.

✓ 100% Creative Control

You can leave the logo as is and change the text, OR you can add colors, fonts, icons, and more! You have full creative control to change the logo any way you want. It’s up to you and your imagination.

✓ Tons of Fonts & Design Elements

The beauty of Canva is that you have a ton of font and design elements to choose from. This includes illustrations, shapes, and more. And if you have Canva Pro, you and upload your brand fonts too!

✓ Top-Rated Support & Resources

Lovely Impact’s support plus Canva’s learning center and resources provide you with everything you could need to launch your coaching brand with ease. Just email us and we’d be honored to help. 

Canva Logo Templates for Coaches FAQ

Why Should I Use Canva?

Canva is a website that provides graphic design tools on the web. It offers a simple drag-and-drop interface that’s ideal for editing and is easy to use. Accessing your templates requires no software, and you can use any device (Phone, Computer, or Tablet).

How will my coaching logo work?

Once you pay, you’ll receive a PDF with instructions for downloading and editing your logo template. The only thing you’ll need to do is create a Canva Pro account and customize your template. You can change or add colors, texts, icons, photos, and more.

Will I be able to make edits to your Canva logo templates for coaches?

Yes! You can edit your logo template over and over again as needed in Canva. There are no restrictions and once you purchase, you have full creative control. With our step-by-step instructions, we empower you to make changes and adjustments so it fits your brand!

Do you offer refunds/accept returns?

Sorry, no refunds or returns! All digital and instant download purchases are non-refundable due to the fact that we cannot determine if the logo has been used. If you have any questions or problems regarding your order, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do I have to purchase Canva?

Yeap 🙂 Our coaching logo templates are created to work with a Canva Pro account. We really love Canva Pro and think it’s worth the upgrade if you plan on using Canva often. You can learn more about Canva Pro here >> 

Is my logo one-of-a-kind?

No. Our logo templates are free to purchase by any coach that browses our website. The way you customize it makes it unique. If you want a custom coaching brand, contact us here >>

Can you customize the logo for me?

Yes! Using this logo template, our designers can easily customize it to suit your coaching business. We can take care of everything for an additional fee. Learn more here >>

Can I give this away or resell it?

No. You cannot resell or give away the coaching logo you purchase. They’re intended to be used for your social media marketing, your branding, and other business-related purposes only.

When will I get my logo?

Instantly! The coaching logo is a digital product that is available for immediate access! There is no shipping cost and no waiting period. The logo is yours forever after you purchase it once!

Still here? What are you waiting for!

If you’re still reading this, and 

  • you’re thinking about getting our logo templates for coaches, and
  • you want to finally get your coaching brand working for you vs against you, and 
  • you want to attract your ideal clients and turn them into raving fans..


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