Custom Coaching Branding

Pump up your impact with coaching branding! We’ll create a beautiful and hand-tailored brand for your coaching business that fits your personality. 

“They nailed it! My website is gorgeous because of their guidance and expertise. “

Tara Kirkland, Professional Organizer at TK Lifestyle

Custom coaching branding is for you if…

1 You’re ready for your brand to look like its best version — professional and gorgeous. Worrying over whether your coaching branding looks professional enough is the last thing you have time for, and you need someone to take that weight off your shoulders.

2 You want a brand that feels good when you see it, and inspires people to book with you. Successful branding evokes emotions in the people who see it, and you’re ready for your brand to inspire people to feel the way they will when working with you.

3 You can’t picture how your brand should look, but you know it should be amazing. Brand templates and DIY coaching branding just aren’t cutting it for you. You’re over the feeling that there’s something not quite right or missing with your brand design.

Basic Coaching Branding Package

Price: $1,200 | Timeline: 4 weeks

Custom Brand Design

  • Mood Board Design
  • Primary Logo Design
  • Secondary Logo Designs
  • Brand Color Palette
  • Brand Font Selection


  • Brand Photoshoot Planner

Elevated Coaching Branding Package

Price: $2,700 | Timeline: 6 weeks

Custom Brand Design

  • Brand Coaching Call
  • Mood Board Design
  • Primary Logo Design
  • Secondary Logo Design
  • Submark Design
  • Brand Illustration
  • Brand Icon
  • 1 Texture
  • 1 Pattern


  • Branded Style Guide
  • Brand Photoshoot Planner

Brand Collateral

  • Up to 2 pieces. Choose from a variety of exclusive product lines including business cards, postcards, envelopes, stationery, signs & banners, home décor, gifts, promo items, and much more.

Brand Launch Graphics

  • 2-3 beautifully designed launch graphics in square, horizontal, and vertical sizes for multiple social media platforms and stories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have some parts of my brand figured out already. Will that change the pricing?

Sorry, no. Anything you’ve already chosen (like colors or fonts) will be reviewed by us during the brand coaching session to make sure it’s aligned with your message and audience. If it is, we’ll incorporate it into the final design. *Note: if you already have a logo design you love, we recommend inquiring about our one-off Brand Coaching offer, instead of custom branding.

I need more stationery than is included in the branding package. Can I add things on?

Of course! Let us know during the initial consultation call what you think you’ll need, and we’ll give you a custom quote for your additional stationery designs.

I don’t need a business card. Can I remove that from the coaching branding package?

Nope, it’s part of the deal. You might find you do end up needing business cards at some point in the future, so you’ll have the design on hand and ready to go if you ever need to get them printed quickly at the print-shop of your choice.