Feel Stuck In Your Coaching Business?

We help coaches all over the world fearlessly dream big, launch their coaching businesses, and show up powerfully through branding, offers, marketing, and sales that attract and convert their dream coaching clients.

Private Business Coaching for Coaches

Dear Coach,

We truly believe the world needs coaches like you NOW more than ever. You are strong, smart, passionate, and heart-centered. You are ready to get out there and facilitate real change. Actual transformation. 

If you are anything like the coaches we’ve helped, you just want to coach, but you also know that you must master the business side of things so you can actually do that. Instead of “reinventing the wheel,” you need someone to tell you what to do and show you exactly what works. 

That’s where we come in. With a combined 20+ years of secretly helping some of the biggest coaches and entrepreneurs launch wildly successful businesses, we want to help YOU. Our coaching services were created to remove some of the barriers and ceilings that stop you from reaching your clients.

1-on-1 Business Coaching Sessions

We truly believe the world needs coaches like you NOW more than ever. Our coaching services were created to help you impact the world. All coaching sessions are $389 per session with a money back guarantee*

Private coaching with us always includes:

90-Minute Phone Session

During our coaching session, we focus on ONE goal and go hard! We skip all the fluff and get straight down to business. You’ll walk away from this one session with everything you need. We’ve been doing this for 20+ years, so we already have the tools, resources, examples, and ideas you need. No recurring coaching contracts are needed.

Hands-On Resources & Templates

We will always provide real templates for you to use and utilize! We won’t just give you advice and walk away. You’ll have access to all our coaching ebooks, templates, planners, editorial calenders, business plan templates, market research guides, social media strategies, and 5-star contractor

Option To Add-On Support

If you have more questions or need more help after our coaching session, then you can add on 30-days of text message coaching via Voxer. You’ll be able to message Cass or Tee during business hours and get responses and feedback within 24-hours.

In-Depth Coaching Plan

Before you sign your coaching contract, we’ll send you a detailed coaching plan. This way you know EXACTLY what we’ll be covering and what you need to do to prepare. This allows us to deliver the best coaching experience possible, plus you get clarity and powerful results in just one session.

Coaching Accountability Plan

Once your session is done, we’ll send you a detailed coaching accountability plan. This plan will include a video recording of our session, everything we covered, and next steps you need to take. These are not copied and pasted! Each step is detailed with resources written just for you by your coach.

VIP Client Opportunities

All our clients get VIP treatment from us. We know you could have chosen anyone to work with, and we are more than honored and humbled that you chose us. To say thank you, we offer opportunities for you to be featured on our blog, daily newsletter, and social media networks.

Apply for business coaching for coaches

Need A Business Coach? Then Apply Today! Spots Are Extremely Limited.

We’re obsessed with helping you make a real impact by finding and reaching the people who need you most, so you can make this world a better place and become the amazing coach and entrepreneur we know you can be. 

But… we only have a few spots available on our calendars for private coaching. If this is for you (you know who you are), please don’t hesitate! 

Please note: Everyone who applies won’t be accepted. The application process is to ensure that you have the required mindset, time, and basic technical skills to meet deadlines and be successful.

Ready? Here’s How It Works:

Step 01
Schedule Your 30-Pre-Coaching Call

To get started, you’ll schedule your application call with either Cass or Tee. We’ll get to know each other better and we’ll dig deep into your current business, marketing, sales, and personal life. We’ll discuss your dreams for your business and brainstorm a potential personalized coaching plan just for you. If for any reason we feel coaching isn’t a good fit for you, we’ll refund you instantly.

Step 03
Schedule Your 90-Minute Zoom Coaching Session

Once your homework is done, then only then do you schedule your coaching call. During that call, we’ll coach you for 90-minutes. We’ll work deeply on the tasks developed during your application call and go through your homework. This call is personalized just for you. Your job will be to show up ready to get to work and agree to implement any additional strategies after the call.

Step 02
Do Your Coaching Homework

Before your coaching call, you’ll receive personalized homework assignments. These will be critical to make sure your coaching session goes smoothly. The reason we can offer coaching in one session is that we have over 20+ years of experience in our specialties. We know exactly what you should be doing, how to do it, and everything we ask you to do has a reason behind it. Don’t rush or skip this part.

Step 04
Follow Your Coaching Accountability Plan

Once the call is done, within 48 business hours we’ll send your coaching accountability. This plan includes everything you need including a recording of our session, your coaching notes, our agreed-upon next steps, and some personalized resources to help.

Real Results, Real Coaches



“I made my first ever 5-figure month.

“I made my first ever 5-figure month thanks to Lovely Impact’s marketing guidance. Then I repeated that success over and over. My life has changed for the better. I now know exactly what I’m capable of. “


Marketing for Coaches - The Impact Collective - Program Testimonial Headshot 1


” I feel more confident than ever!

The level of clarity that I now have for my business is astounding. Tee not only help me create a legit system but I now know what my business is going to look like a year from now. I feel more confident than ever!


Marketing for Coaches - The Impact Collective - Program Testimonial Headshot 2


“We created an even better version of my business!

Tee has been wonderful to work with! She kept everything very simple, straightforward, and on my timeline! She understood what I needed and helped me create an even better version of my business! Highly recommend!


Marketing for Coaches - The Impact Collective - Program Testimonial Headshot 3


” I have successfully launched my dream.”

She held my hand throughout this intimidating process and helped me realize my FULL potential. I have successfully launched my dream while having a high-demand career, thanks to her!


Meet Your Coaches

Cass - Web Designers for Coaches

Cassandra Ewert

Specialty: Business Mindset, Branding & Website Design

Hey there, I’m Cassandra, aka Cass! I’m the Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer at Lovely Impact. I am the creative mind behind the templates we offer!

I’m also a certified brand coach, working to help my clients move past their self-doubts and limiting beliefs.

My mission is what it has always been: to help coaches get themselves out there quickly, because I honestly believe everyone needs a coach, and you can’t focus on coaching clients if you’re spinning trying to build your business.

I’ll help you get your coaching brand + website template launched in the shortest amount of time possible.

Tee - Web Designer for Coaches

Tierra Wilson

Specialty: Business Startup, Marketing & Website Strategy

Hi, I’m Tierra, aka Tee! I’m the Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at Lovely Impact. I handle all the internal branding, marketing, and sales.

I’m also a certified marketing coach and a recognized digital business consultant, content expert, and advisory board member for Google Small Business and GoDaddy.

My personal mission at Lovely Impact is to help our audience and customers grow their businesses and implement proven industry strategies.

I’ll help you come up with the strategy behind your band + website so you can attract and convert your ideal clients. 

Still here? What are you waiting for!

If you’re still reading this, and 

  • you’re thinking about hiring us for private coaching, and
  • you are sick of doing this by yourself and want help from trusted mentors, and 
  • you want to take your gifts and impact this world NOW, not later…


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Cass and Tee - Web Designers for Coaches

*MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Once you pay, you’ll be directed to schedule a pre-coaching phone call to make sure we are a good fit for your coaching business. If for any reason you decide that we are not the coaches for you, we’ll refund you in full instantly.

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