Should I Use A Contact Page or Booking Page On My Coaching Website?

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Should I Use A Contact Page or Booking Page On My Coaching Website?

Have you ever wondered why some coaches have a contact page on their site, and some have a booking page? The contact page lets you send a brief message of interest to the coach, and the booking page lets you schedule a call with them directly. But why the difference? Isn’t there a one-size-fits-all solution for which one you should choose?


The choice between a contact page and booking page is a personal one. And by personal we don’t mean your preference (although that counts for a lot), but rather which page fits into your personal client onboarding process.

Now maybe you don’t have an onboarding process defined yet, and that’s alright. You can choose which page you’ll use on your website, and that can be the start of developing your onboarding process. Two birds, one stone. Whatever that means.

Inside this blog post you’ll learn:

✔️ The difference between a contact page and booking page.

✔️ How to choose which one you’ll use, based on your process.

✔️ Why “both” could be your answer.

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When you’re asking yourself which page to include on your site, you want to be thinking about the experience your client will have working with you, but also the caliber of client you want to work with.

As a new(ish) coach, you have to make working with you as simple as possible. That means there’s no confusion for your client on what the next step is or how to get a consult booked.

Once you’ve established your business and have a waiting list of clients, you can bring in the fancy stuff (application forms, waiting lists, open/closed enrollments, etc).

For now, when someone wants to get in touch with you and start the booking process, it needs to be simple, clear, and not intimidating in the least. And it needs to match your clients.

The Contact Page
The Booking Page

The Contact Page vs. The Booking Page

Let’s dive into the psychology behind the contact page and booking page. Don’t worry, it’ll be super quick…

A contact page is a more passive way of reaching out to you. A booking page is a more assertive way of reaching out to you.

Ok, psychology lesson over.

Think about the types of clients you work with. Do they tend to be more of the “grab life by the you-know-whats and go after what I want” type of person, or do they lean more towards the “maybe this could work for me and I could explore it” type of person?

Believe me, it matters.

The “go after what I want” type of person is going to be much more assertive, and therefore willing to book a consult with you without having a lot of personal interaction first.

The “maybe I could explore this” person is going to be more passive and considering, and will need a little personal communication with you before agreeing to get on a consult call.

The beauty of running a coaching business is that you get to choose whichever type of client you want to work with. But don’t make your decision on which type based on the type of page you want to build. Make it based on who you can really help.

Which Page To Use Based On Your Clients

If you work well with the more assertive types, you’ll use a booking page. Because those assertive clients will be more than willing to book a call with you straight off.

If you work with the more passive types, you’re going to want to use a contact page, because a booking page will be too intimidating for them. They need a little love and connection with you via email before they’re going to commit to a consult call.

When To Use Both The Contact And Booking Pages

Sometimes, there’s no clear answer on which option is better. Maybe you work with a combination of people — some who are more direct, and some who are of the shyer variety. And that’s when using both pages is the answer.

You can have a general contact page on your site that you link to in your main header, which is where the more passive people will gravitate towards.

And then, you can link to a booking page directly from your sales or services page for the people who are ready to dive in.

It’s a win in both worlds.

Coaching the Coach: Final Thoughts on Contact Pages and Booking Pages

Thank you for reading this far! Ready to set up your contact or booking page? Here are the pros and cons of contact and booking pages.

1 – The pros of a contact page: Not only can your future clients reach out to you, but also anyone who wants to collaborate with you in some way. Maybe a guest-poster on your blog, someone wanting you to speak to their audience, or a company with a great product sponsorship opportunity.

2 – The cons of a contact page: Contact pages can get a lot of spam submissions. On our own contact page, we get a few spam submissions a week, and it can be frustrating.

3 – The pros of a booking page: You don’t actually have to spend time setting up calls and making sure your consult has the correct Zoom link. It’s all automated, meaning you get the calls, without the time investment.

4 – The cons of a booking page: There’s no management of who books a call. You might show up to the call and the person has ghosted, or you might end up on a call with someone who isn’t the right type of client for you. There’s no vetting who books.

Whether you decide to go with a contact page or booking page (or both), remember that you can always change your mind later if the process isn’t working for you. And the beauty of our website templates for coaches is they include both page templates, so making the switch is super simple and quick!

Should I Use A Contact Page or Booking Page On My Coaching Website?

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