Custom Website Design for Coaches

Our Signature 8-Week Website Launch Experience

What if you could hire an expert team to build your dream coaching brand and website?

And what if all you had to do after that was show up and tell us about your clients and business, then sit back and watch the magic happen?

Does this sound like you?

  • You are ready to put yourself out there and be the best coach you can be. You want a beautiful coaching brand and website that represents who you are and the good you want to do in the world. 
  • You believe in investing in yourself, but the only problem is that you don’t know who to hire… a branding coach, a graphic designer, a web developer? All three?
  • You are proud of what you do and you definitely don’t want to just throw anything up. You’ve got standards.
  • You aren’t afraid to do the work in your business, but you are a coach, not a designer. You need someone to take the guesswork out of it, provide you with the tools you need, and share what works and what doesn’t work, so you can get to the next level quickly and easily.
  • You don’t want another course or a PDF with instructions. You need real people to get your brand and website launched as quickly as possible…without it looking like a quick-fix.
  • Coaching isn’t a part-time hobby for you or a trendy thing to do to make more money. You are in this for the long haul and get your expertise out in the world. You want to launch something intentional and long-lasting.

All of those things are possible…

Imagine working with coaches who have over 20+ years of experience launching brands and websites for other coaches.

And they guide you, and pull the best version of your business and brand out of you, and then take that information and do it for you by actually launching something unique and beautiful.

Imagine having a business bestie that knew the industry inside and out and had every coaching resource imaginable at their fingertips.

And they gave it all to you, from coaching tools and platforms, to guides and courses, and even detailed checklists for anything you could ever imagine. 

Imagine walking away with everything DONE. A clear and concise brand, beautiful logos, a stunning website, and engaging copy.

And rest easy knowing everything got reviewed and audited by individual experts with different specialties. They combed through every detail and launched the best version of yourself.

“This was hands down the best investment and client experience I’ve had since starting my coaching business four years ago!”

—Chris F., Life Coach at Remote & Thrive

Hey Coach,

If you’re ready to launch your coaching website, but can’t decide how or who to trust, then you’re going to want to hear what we have to say next:.

We have perfected the website building process for coaches.

We know, we know… 👀 that’s a big promise to make, but hear us out.

  1. We’re web designers with 20+ years of experience building websites. We know what’s what and what needs to be on a website.
  2. We’re also coaches, and we know exactly how to sell coaching services and programs to people. We’ve been doing that for 8+ years.

Here’s the truth: building a website as a coach is different from building a website as a run-of-the-mill service provider with tangible results (aka: the client walks away with a finished website, or their social media done for them, or a sink that doesn’t leak).

The work you do with your clients is not as simple as “I’ll take this off your hands,” which makes it harder to explain. It calls for some specialized guidance (which we provide) and when done well, makes your clients practically vibrate with the potential of working with you.

If you’re ready to create a website that makes your future clients swoon with possibilities, keep reading. See what our signature website experience (and our team) is all about.

Because it will change the game for your coaching business.

Cass and Tee - Web Designers for Coaches


Website Design for Coaches

Our signature website creation process that results in a website you’re proud to show off, full of conversion-focused copy that sells, curated to match your marketing strategies and coaching business goals.

Bottom Line: you get a website you LOVE that WORKS.

Let’s Talk About How This Experience Works…


Planning + Branding


Project Kick-Off

First up, you’ll have a brand + website strategy call with Stina and she’ll walk you through the entire project. Together you’ll discuss your branding, organize your website, choose the pages you’ll need and how they fit into your marketing strategies, select one of our templates as your base, and choose your start date.


Brand Design

Stina will get to work on creating your logo suite while you start Phase 2 with the copy team. You’ll have chosen one of our logo templates to use for your branding (if you don’t already have custom branding created), and now that logo and branding suite will come to life for your coaching business.




Copy Coaching

Once you’ve identified your pages with Stina, you’ll move on to the strategy call with Stasia. With her guiding you, you’ll identify everything that’s important to your brand story and messaging, so she can turn around and create the perfect words for your website. You can expect to go deep into how you help your clients, and who those clients are.


Copy Creation

After you’ve coached with Stasia, she’ll spend a week writing your website copy. At the end of that week, we’ll deliver it to you for review. You then have five days to provide any and all feedback or change requests, all of which Stasia will make and complete during the second week. By the end of those two weeks, your copy will be done. And it’ll be amazing.


Website Design


Design Week

For the week you chose for your website design, our design team will get to work creating your entire website in one week! All your homework should be done by this point, so we’ll just need you to be available to answer questions that may arise during your build.


Revisions + Launch

You’ll receive your completed website and be asked to give feedback on what you like and don’t, so you can end up with a final website you’re proud to present to your clients. We’ll make all the changes and then launch your new website so you can wow your clients.

Sound like a process you can’t wait to start?

It’s time for a website that works as hard as you do!

By the time your website is complete, you’ll have:

  • A gorgeous website that you’re proud to share with your future clients.
  • Website copy that makes you sound like the only coach your clients will want to work with.
  • Built-in marketing tactics that actually help you make money.
  • Total control of your website and all the resources and tools you could need to edit it in the future!

The Nitty Gritty Details on What You Get:

✓ Website Template

Pick the coaching website template of your choice from our shop. Not sure which one is best? No problem, we can give you guidance based on who your dream clients are.

✓ 1-on-1 Strategy Calls

Throughout this process, we’ll treat you just like our coaching clients! You’ll get two 90-minute calls with us where we’ll guide you to making decisions about your website and business.

✓ Professional Website Copy

We’ll craft a brand story and write 6 pages of copy that uses your voice and tone and speaks to your clients. They’ll see you as the expert and trust in you from the get-go.

✓ 6 Pages of Customization

Choose the 6 pages that are essential to the launch of your website, and we’ll restyle them to match your brand and offerings (and give the rest a head start).

✓ Image Review

We’ll pick the best images you’ve got to use on your website. No images yet? No problem. We’ll give you expert tips on where to find some, and even source a few for you during design.

✓ Launch Your New Website

We’ll handle everything for the launch of your site — you give us logins for your domain and Showit account, and we do all the rest! No need to tech.

✓ Website Guides + Tools

Get full access to all our website guides and ebooks: the Copy Guide, Image Guide, Website Checklist, and Website Launch Guide.

✓ Website Training

You’ll get lifetime access to our Showit Tutorial Library, where we’ve recorded every tutorial video you could possibly need in order to make changes or edits on your website later.

Client Love

If you’re still on the fence, take a look at what some of our past website clients have had to say:

“They nailed it! My website is gorgeous because of their guidance and expertise. I am so thankful they were recommended to me and I will be forever grateful.”

— Tara K.

“I highly recommend Lovely Impact to any coach who needs either an upgrade on their website or a new website. They’ve made this process seamless with no hassle!”

— Waveney H.

— Sarah H., Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

“I am forever grateful to Lovely Impact for helping me create the website of my dreams while also ensuring it will be successful towards helping me achieve my goals!”

—Sarah H.

Bonnie Malone

“With great energy and enthusiasm, the women at Lovely Impact captured the essence of my brand and created my dream website. As a new business, they guided and kept me on track. I am incredibly grateful for their support and expertise throughout the process. Thank you, Lovely Impact!”

—Bonnie M.

— Pamela T., Health Coach

“OMG! My site is beautiful! I LOVE IT! WORTH EVERY PENNY! I am truly motivated to step my game up to the most professional level now because I have a professional website to match.”

— Pam J.

— Jennifer D., Professional Organizer

“I enjoyed every moment of working with Lovely Impact to restyle my website. I reached out after realizing I needed some help with customizing my template. From our first call, I knew that I made the right choice.”

— Jen D.

“OMG I love love love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It exceeded my wildest expectations!!! Looks amazing! Eeeek! THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything!”

—Lauren R.

Chris F., Remote Work Coach

“I loved everything about the experience with Lovely Impact! I highly recommend Cass and Tee and the rest of their team.

Firstly, they helped create a beautiful website at a fraction of the cost of many other website developers. Secondly, they guided me through the process with so much clarity and transparency, something I’m not used to with web developers.

Also, they don’t just create beautiful coaching websites, but they also know how to convert those websites into paying clients. They provide so much training and education around actually running the coaching business, which is a HUGE added bonus.

DO NOT hesitate to work with them if you are a coach and want to have a beautiful AND high-converting website for your coaching business.”

—Chris F.

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