The 8 Best Online Coaching Platforms of 2024 (Ranked and Reviewed)

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The 4 Best Online Coaching Platforms

There are so many online coaching platforms out there, all of which seem to offer the same thing… but which one should you use?

We are answering that exact question!  By the way, we’re Cass + Tee, and we’ve been helping our customers integrate platforms into their coaching websites for over a decade! We’ve seen them all, tried them all, and have chosen the few that we recommend. 

In this post, we’ve reviewed and ranked the most popular platforms so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your coaching business.

What Are The Best Online Coaching Platforms?

Here are our top picks for the best online coaching platforms.

1. CoachVantage

CoachVantage Home - Best Online Coaching Platform for Life Coaches

If you don’t have time or patience to grapple with complicated and frustrating tech tools, then CoachVantage is the online coaching platform for you. Its interface is simple, clean and intuitive, and you can set up your account in minutes. Its modular design enables flexibility so it supports your way of working and not the other way around.

A key attribute of this all-in-one coaching platform is that it packs rich functionality into a simple interface that’s really easy to use. CoachVantage automates the end-to-end workflow of your coaching practice, from client acquisition through to the coaching journey. You can create landing pages to sell coaching packages online and automate the client onboarding process.

Their customer service and support is second to none and gets rave reviews from coaches. There is an extensive knowledge base with video tutorials, and they offer 1:1 workshops and demos to help you get the most out of the platform.


CoachVantage supports your end-to-end workflow – from selling your coaching programs, to managing the coaching journey with your clients.

  • Create: Create branded landing pages for your coaching programs, either as a package of sessions or ‘pay-as-you-go’ model.
  • Sell: You can set up one-time payments, installment plans or subscriptions, and charge cards automatically for recurring payments, thereby eliminating the need to chase clients for payment.
  • Contract: Embed e-contracts in your landing page or send contracts to clients for e-signature.
  • Invoice: Stand-alone invoicing feature to bill clients for your services or products on a one-time or recurring basis.
  • Schedule: Full-featured scheduling tool to take online booking of your events, appointments, and coaching sessions. It supports recurring appointments too.
  • Forms: Create intake forms, check-in forms, feedback forms, and build them into your landing page, booking page, or send anytime to clients during the coaching journey.
  • CRM: Everything you need about your contacts such as their profile, documents, invoices, contracts, etc, is in one place for your easy reference.
  • Resources: Upload and save documents and files for easy accessibility and share with clients as needed.
  • Automations: Automate, so you never forget! Configure rules-based automated delivery of notes, goals, forms, files, and assignments to clients throughout the coaching engagement.
  • Client Portal: Easily share session notes, files, videos, forms, and allow clients to book coaching sessions right from within a client portal with your branding.
  • Integrations: Connect your external calendar for 2-way sync, integrate Stripe and/or PayPal, and connect your Zoom account for seamless virtual coaching.


CoachVantage Pricing - Best Online Coaching Platform for Life Coaches

CoachVantage offers simple, transparent and affordable subscription plans. There’s no limit to how many contacts and coaching engagements you can have. CoachVantage does not charge you any additional commission on sales.

There’s a free 14-day trial and you don’t even need to enter your credit card details to get started.

2. Paperbell

Best for New Coaches

Paperbell Home - Best Online Coaching Platform for New Coaches

Paperbell is a product that aims to solve coaches’ administration problems and let them focus on their clients. It works by automating and simplifying the multitude of tasks that coaches need to do to keep their businesses running.

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The software focuses on handling the tech aspects of coaching, automating emails, handling subscription and payment plans, and organizing client notes into a central, easy-to-access location. 

It also deals with surveys and contracts and keeps track of appointments (both upcoming and completed) to ensure you and your clients stay on track.

The platform handles invoicing too! This includes invoice reminders and automatic digital downloads so coaches don’t need to keep emailing out attachments.


The following is a list of the essential features that Paperbell offers:

  • Scheduling: including time zone detection, appointment buffers, and client-enabled scheduling 
  • Contract signing: clients have to sign contracts during the sign-up process
  • Full client histories: information about previous purchases, appointments used, and appointments left.
  • Handles the logistics of single and group classes
  • Client surveys that can be accessed at any time
  • Video integration
  • Automated message options
  • Landing pages for all your different offers


Paperbell Pricing - Best Online Coaching Platform

Paperbell doesn’t charge by the user; they have a flat fee of $50 per month or a yearly fee that works out at $40 per month. 

They also offer a free account with all the features included through your first client, meaning you can try the service out in its entirety to check it works for you before you pay for it. This has no time limit on it and no other conditions.

3. Profi

Best for Solo Coaches and Coaching Teams

Profi is an end-to-end coaching platform that helps solo coaches and teams streamline all admin work so they can focus on what they do best: helping clients and maximizing their impact.

With Profi, coaches can deliver 1:1 and group coaching, offer packages, as well as easily create & sell courses and programs to their clients. Each client gets a dedicated portal to schedule, pay, message their coach, view shared notes, receive session reminders, complete programs.

Teams of coaches will appreciate the ability to collaborate with their team members and co-manage clients, track their progress, and improve team performance – in one place, without switching between tools and contexts.

Profi is the perfect solution for coaches who want to save time, improve client experience, and grow their business.


Profi’s all-in-one platform offers all the features coaches need to deliver services to clients:

  • Scheduling & centralized calendar: Schedule and manage appointments with clients.
  • Embeddable booking widget: Allow clients to book with you without leaving your website
  • Video conferencing: Conduct video calls with clients using built-in or Zoom integration.
  • CRM, notes & messaging: Track client progress and manage client relationships.
  • Forms: Create and manage intake forms, e-signatures, and weekly check-ins.
  • Packages: Create and sell packages with easy administration and upselling features.
  • Programs/Courses: Build a learning path for clients which includes video & reading materials, assessments, and sessions.
  • Payments: Accept payments for one-off, installment, and subscription services.
  • Reporting: Track results with integrated reporting features.
  • Client portal: Provide clients with a user-friendly, branded experience through a client portal.
  • Security: Protect client data with HIPAA-compliant features and two-factor authentication.
  • Team collaboration: Collaborate with your team and co-manage clients.
  • Advanced features: Scale your business with features for corporate customers and networks.


Profi Pricing

Profi offers a free 30-day trial. This allows you to test all of the features before you decide if it’s right for you. No credit card required.

Their pricing starts from $99 per month. But for a limited time, they also offer a $59 per month Starter plan for Solo coaches with all the features and up to 25 active clients.

Solo: from $99/month

  • Up to unlimited clients
  • Includes: Scheduling, CRM, Notes, Forms, Client portal, Payments, Programs, Reports, Client Portal
  • Limited-time offer: $59/month

Team: Custom pricing

  • Unlimited clients
  • Includes all Solo features, plus: Collaboration features, Dedicated account manager

Corporate & Network: Custom pricing

  • Unlimited clients
  • Includes all Team features, plus: Custom domain, Advanced analytics & security, Network capabilities

4. Practice

Best for Any Coach (In Any Niche)


Practice aims to streamline your coaching business through an extremely easy-to-understand experience plus built-in forms and templates. Practice can help coaches consolidate clunky, disjointed, and annoying systems into one simple place.

Their product can simplify the way you manage your entire client roster, or help you get started if you’re just launching. Practice has the ability to handle payments and invoicing as well. 

One of the best parts is that you can access all of the parts of your coaching business on the go with their dedicated apps for iOS and Android. 


Practice supports the end-to-end client experience from the initial onboarding call to actually coaching your clients to offboard. The following is a list of features b Practice:

  • Embeddable schedulers, custom appointments, and events
  • Build-in client portal for messaging, to-do lists access to all client-related items 
  • Create workflows and automation for forms, payments, and more 
  • Integrated calendars and video call software; Google Meets & Zoom 
  • Create digital contracts and proposals and capture digital signatures 
  • Mobile apps on iOS, & Android 
  • Create robust client records filled with every interaction; emails, invoices, payment plans, session notes (and more) 
  • Invoicing, products, packages, payment plans, and subscriptions
  • A build-in customizable public profile 
  • Create a rich library and store all of your coaching resources in one place



Practice doesn’t charge based on storage or by the user! They charge a flat fee on an annual or monthly basis depending on how you sign up. 

Practice also offers a 7-day free trial period with access to all features so you can experience the product before deciding if you’d like to purchase it. 

5. Bonsai

Best for Coaching Admin & Automation.


Bonsai is one of the easiest to use and most stunningly designed all-in-one coaching software that aims to reduce admin burden so coaches can focus on helping their clients.

Bonsai automates all aspects of the coaching business – from managing clients, sending invoices and taking payments, and even tracking expenses, coaches can run their whole business in one place. For example, once a client schedules a session with you, you can automatically send a client an intake form to fill out before a session. The client’s contact information is automatically synced with the CRM. Afterward, with just a few clicks, you can send this client an invoice, a contract, set a reminder, share session notes, and other relevant information.

Bonsai also integrates with different tools such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Zapier, QuickBooks, and many others to streamline your business.


  • Integrated & automated scheduling for different types of meetings
  • Client CRM and client portal to ease contact & information management
  • Contracts & e-signing: craft a professional contract in just a few seconds by choosing a pre-built template, and sign it digitally
  • Automated client forms that can be embedded into your website
  • Create automated workflows for forms, tasks, payments, and more 
  • Template library with hundreds of free pre-built and fully customizable templates for contracts, client forms, invoices, proposals, and more
  • Complete financial management solution: includes accounting, taxes, payments, and banking



Bonsai has no limitations on clients and projects in any of its plans. Their starter plan is $24 per month or a yearly fee that works out to $17 per month.

They also offer a 7-day free trial for all plans so you can experience the product before deciding if you’d like to use their services. 

6. CoachAccountable

Best for Helping Your Clients Get Results

CoachAccountable Home - Best Online Coaching Platform

CoachAccountable works on helping you help your clients to really focus. It cuts down on admin work and having to manually remind clients to keep on top of their side of the coaching deal by sending auto-reminders and storing a record of results and client insights.

It gives both client and coach access to information about how the client is doing and what they are going to be doing next, keeping both parties on track and fully up-to-date with current information.

It also centralizes materials so that clients have full access to everything they need and they know where to find it, ensuring the coach isn’t constantly receiving “I can’t find the file you sent; please send it again” emails that they have to respond to.


CoachAccountable is interested in improving the experience for both the client and the coach, resulting in higher client satisfaction and a pleasanter coaching experience for both parties, where roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, and everyone has access to the things they require.

The following is a list of the essential features that Coach Accountable offers:

  • Web-based app designed to work on any device
  • Ability to manage coaching plans and track individual clients’ progress
  • Accessible records of results and insights
  • Auto-reminders to keep clients on track with their responsibilities
  • Shared resources to give everyone easy access
  • Documented plans-of-action to refer to at any point
  • Centralized notes and worksheets that both coach and client can access
  • Action items with goals and dates to achieve the goal by


Coaching Accountable Pricing - Best Online Coaching Platform

CoachAccountable works on a monthly fee, based on how many clients the coach has.

  • Starter (2 clients): $20/m
  • Level 1 (5 clients): $40/m
  • Level 2 (10 clients): $70/m
  • Level 3 (20 clients): $120/m
  • Level 3.5 (35 clients): $200/m
  • Level 4 (50 clients): $250/m
  • Level 4.5 (75 clients): $340/m
  • Level 5 (100 clients): $400/m

The levels continue to scale all the way up to Level 8 (1000 clients): $4000 per month. It’s worth noting that only active clients count, and it’s easy for coaches to deactivate and reactivate clients.

For a more detailed review of CoachAccountable see: CoachAccountable Review: The Best Client Management Tool?

7. Delenta

Best for Customization and Integration

Delenta Home - Best Online Coaching Platform

Delenta is a service that was designed by coaches for coaches, and it also aims to take the headache out of coaching administration.

Delenta looks at all aspects of coaching management, including landing pages, session management, payment software, and dealing with client relationships. They provide customizable templates for your landing pages and offer packages to help you categorize and advertise your services.

It works by integrating all different kinds of services, such as Zoom, Paypal, Stripe, Outlook, etc., to pull all your work into a single, convenient location that you can manage much more easily. It also makes it easier to capture client testimonials so you can show off the praise received for your hard work.


Delenta’s goal is to let coaches re-focus their energy on their clients, rather than dealing with their clients’ bookings, payments, and administration work in all sorts of different programs and using multiple different systems. 

The following is a list of the essential features that Delenta offers:

  • Calendar and booking software to deal with client bookings
  • Creation of coaching packages to make it easier to sell your services
  • Session management options to keep payments and client notes organized
  • Delenta Drive to house all documents and files in a single, organized location
  • Payment solutions so that clients can more easily pay for your services
  • Customizable landing page templates to attract new clients


Delenta Pricing - Best Online Coaching Platform

Delenta has several pricing options. There are many differences between the packages, but we’ve covered some of the basics.

  • $19/m standard package includes: Up to 5 client portals and 5 prospects
  • $39/m professional package includes: Up to 20 client portals and 20 prospects
  • $59/m premium package includes: Unlimited portals and prospects

8. Coaching Loft

Best for Coaching Companies with Multiple Coaches

Coaching Loft Home - Best Online Coaching Platform

Coaching Loft’s goal is to help small and medium coaching companies better monitor their activity and performance, and their feedback from their coachees. It aims to cut down the amount of time needed for admin work and help large coaching organizations grow and improve their coaching outcomes.

It utilizes a centralized dashboard to give coaches all the information they need in one place, with stats about outstanding payments, most recent sessions, upcoming appointments, ratings, and other important system data.

It integrates calendar software to pull together appointments from multiple places and keeps track of goals and milestones to allow for progress measurement.


The following is a list of the essential features that Coaching Loft offers:

  • Invoice and package management
  • Session Notepad to keep track of all client notes and queries
  • Cloud storage and sharing
  • Library of coaching questions to increase engagement
  • Visibility of coaching profile on search engines
  • Integration with many popular apps
  • Easy to use across platforms and devices
  • Automation of session management


Coaching Loft Pricing - Best Online Coaching Platform

Coaching Loft offers several pricing schemes. There are other differences than those listed here, but we’ve covered the basics.

Basic package costs $1/m and inclues:

  • 2 clients
  • 50 MB storage
  • Synchronization with Google Calendar

Core package costs $25/m and includes:

  • 10 clients
  • 500 MB storage
  • Calendar synchronization
  • 2 appointment scheduling pages

Premium package costs $55/m and includes:

  • 30 clients
  • 1 GB storage
  • Calendar synchronization
  • 5 appointment scheduling pages
  • Virtual meeting room

Master package costs $95/m and includes:

  • Unlimited clients
  • 2 GB storage
  • Unlimited appointment scheduling pages
  • Virtual meeting room
  • White labeling

Final Thoughts

Today, coaches need online coaching platforms to not only keep up with their client’s progress but to also deal with all the administrative work that comes with running a coaching business.

Having your business organized and efficient not only keeps you sane but also showcases the professionalism of your brand, helping you get more clients. 

If you are planning to use an online coaching platform, then you can’t go wrong with the following four options: 

  • Practice: Best for All Coaches In Any Niche
  • Paperbell: Best for New Coaches
  • Delenta: Best for Customization and Integration
  • CoachAccountable: Best for Helping Your Clients Get Results
  • Coaching Loft: Best for Coaching Companies with Multiple Coaches
  • Bonsai: Best for coaching admin automation & looking professional.

Remember, do your research and choose what works for you and your business! 

About The Author

Hey! I’m Tee, a brand and marketing coach and the Co-Founder & CMO at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches grow their coaching businesses digitally. Here on our blog, my content focuses on web design, marketing, business, and social media strategy.

By Tee

Hey! I’m Tee, a brand and marketing coach and the Co-Founder & CMO at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches grow their coaching businesses digitally. Here on our blog, my content focuses on web design, marketing, business, and social media strategy.


  1. I liked Paperbell until I found it too expensive when the only calendar, the schedule is through Google Calendar. Limiting.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Jane! Yes, they only currently integrate with Google Calendar. If scheduling is the main reason you use it, it wouldn’t be a great fit outside of Google. We’ve seen clients use it and still schedule using Calendy or Acuity.

  2. I love your posts and the amazing information you share to support coaches.
    Keep up the great work!
    Thank you

  3. I was wondering what you all think about CoachAdvantage for someone starting out from zero.

    1. Hi Michelle! Thanks for commenting. We haven’t tried CoachAdvantage yet but adding it to our list to check out. We’ll be updating this post soon.

    1. Hi Koa! First, thank you for commenting! We love hearing form our audience. We are actually currently testing Profi! We vet these by experience. So what we recommend is what our clients have used, and we’ve implemented them on their websites. That’s why currently we only recommend these 4 but we are testing new options. Currently, our clients/customers recommended Profi which encouraged us to check them out, but we need some time to make sure they are a good fit. When choosing a platform to recommend we focus on ease of use, features, and pricing. We also make sure it’s friendly for new coaches.

  4. Hi! Curious what your thoughts are on the benefits and limitations of vCita. I’m torn between using them or Delenta. Thanks for sharing so many valuable resources with us!

    1. Hey Shanda! ?

      Thanks for commenting on our blog post about online coaching platforms! We’re thrilled to hear that you found our resources valuable.

      While we don’t have personal experience using vCita for coaching purposes, we’ve heard great things about it from other coaches in the industry. We know that choosing the right platform for your business can be a tough decision, so we understand your dilemma! ?

      That being said, we have used Delenta ourselves and absolutely love it! It’s user-friendly, comprehensive, and has all the features you need to run your coaching business smoothly. Plus, their customer service is top-notch!

      Ultimately, the choice of which platform to use will depend on your unique needs and preferences. We recommend weighing the benefits and limitations of both vCita and Delenta carefully before making your decision. We’re here to support you in any way we can! ?

      Thanks again for being part of our Lovely Impact community, Shanda! We wish you all the best in your coaching journey!

      – Tee

  5. Hi, thank you so much for providing this information. A feature that I would love to hear more about in your reviews is scaling to hybrid group coaching. I was hoping you would start incorporating this into your reviews. It’s hard to get attached to a platform only to find you have outgrown it rather quickly.

  6. I have been using Delenta for a while and love every bit of it! Delenta comes with all the main features that I needed to manage my 1-1 and group coaching sessions. The client portals allow you to create an extra layer of accountability and keep everything in one place for my clients. It has all the much need features and was better on pricing!

    1. Hey Susan! Thanks for sharing your experience with Delenta, it sounds like an awesome platform for managing your coaching sessions. The client portals and extra layer of accountability are game-changers! So glad you found the features you needed and got a good deal too. Keep rocking it, my friend! ?✨

  7. Hai Cass & Tee,

    Thanks for this article. It helps me in searching for the suitable platform for my newly-started coaching business from a different continent. If I have to choose between Bonsai and Delenta, which one would you recommend?

    1. Hey Fanny!

      Choosing between Bonsai and Delenta for your coaching business really comes down to your specific needs. Bonsai is fantastic for its ease of use and streamlined approach, making managing your coaching admin a breeze. Delenta, on the other hand, shines with its customizable features and excellent client engagement tools.

      If you’re leaning towards simplicity and efficiency, Bonsai might be your pick. But if you want more customization and interactive features, Delenta could be better suited for you. Why not use the free trial to try both and see which one gels with your business style?

    1. Hi George! Thanks for bringing up coaching.com’s platform! I haven’t had the chance to dive into it yet, but it’s definitely on my list to explore and review.

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