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FEATURED The Best Coaching Software and Tools To Grow Your Business

This one blog post could SAVE YOU MONEY and MAKE YOU MONEY. You’ll want to read every single sentence. Here’s the deal.

As certified coaches with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry, we’ve seen how investing in the right software can skyrocket business success. 

We’ve also seen how investing in the wrong software can cost business owners everything. We mean everything. Time, money, peace of mind, sleepless nights…more money. The list goes on.

As a coaching website template company, we test a lot of coaching software so we can recommend the best to our clients and customers. So what’s the best coaching software to invest in as you grow your coaching business? 

Here are the 10 Best Coaching Softwares to Grow Your Business that we recommend to ALL of our clients.

The Best Coaching Software

Here are our top picks for the best coaching software.

1. Paperbell

Best payment, scheduling and service delivery system for coaches.

Paperbell - Online Life Coaching Platform

Paperbell is a newer tool that manages the “business side” of your coaching business, all in one place. 

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If you’re a coach who loves coaching but wishes you could simplify all of the grunt work that comes along with being a coach, you will love Paperbell!

Paperbell centers around your coaching packages. They allow any configuration of group and/or one-on-one sessions, and even account for delivery of digital materials like videos, PDFs, or audio downloads. 

After you’ve crafted your package, Paperbell spins up a custom landing page for your offering. And once you send your client there (or embed it on your website), Paperbell takes care of the whole onboarding process including payment, scheduling, contract signing, and even your intake survey. It’s truly an all-on-one coaching software solution that makes your life so much simpler, and will likely allow you to cancel a few additional tools that you’re paying for!


Here are the essential coaching platform features you get with Paperbell:

  • Payment processing via Stripe or Paypal
  • Create subscription, one-off or payment plans
  • Scheduling
  • Contract Signing
  • Digital content delivery
  • Client management
  • Group coaching


Paperbell - Online Life Coaching Platform Pricing - Best Life Coaching Software

One of our favorite things about Paperbell is their dead-simple pricing. You never have to worry about enormous bills in the future. They offer ONE plan with ONE flat rate that includes everything!

  • Free plan up to one client, no time limit
  • Unlimited plan at or $50/mo or $480/year

Sign up for Paperbell’s free plan (no credit card required) and try it out for yourself!

2. CoachAccountable

Best coaching client management software.

CoachAccountable is a full-stack client management system for coaches.

Fun fact: You have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce. And this software will help you maximize the precious hours you spend coaching!

No matter if you’re a solo coach or run a coaching team, CoachAccountable can help you scale your practice and coach more clients. 


The CoachAccountable team has been perfecting this software since 2012 and it shows. They believe that in-between sessions is where all of the results happen!

So they’ve built a software to help coaches streamline those in-between session tasks and scale their business.

  • Mobile-Friendly + viewable on any device
  • Appointment setting + automatic reminders
  • Client dashboards + engagement tracking
  • Built-in one-time + recurring invoicing


Coaching Accountable Pricing - Best Online Coaching Platform

Coachaccountable is software that will grow with you and your team. Pricing plans are flexible and based on how many clients you serve.

Whether you’re a solo coach or run a team of coaches, there’s a payment plan that works for you. 

  • Starter plan 2 clients = $20 per month
  • Level 1 plan 5 clients = $40 per month
  • Level 2 plan 10 clients = $70 per month
  • Level 3 plan 20 clients = $120 per month
  • Level 3.5 plan 35 clients = $200 per month
  • Level 4 plan 50 clients = $200 per month
  • Level 4.5 plan 75 clients = $340 per month
  • Level 5 plan 100 clients = $400 per month
  • Level 6 plan 200 clients = $800 per month
  • Level 6.5 plan 250 clients = $1,000 per month 
  • Level 6.6 plan 300 clients = $1,200 per month
  • Level 6.7 plan 350 clients = $1,400 per month
  • Level 6.8 plan 400 clients = $1,600 per month
  • Level 6.9 plan 450 clients = $1,800 per month
  • Level 7 plan 500 clients = $2,000 per month
  • Level 7.5 plan 750 clients = $3,000 per month
  • Level 8 plan 1000 clients = $4,000 per month

Sign-up for the free 30-day trial and experience CoachAccountable for yourself!

3. Showit

Best coaching website builder.

showit -The Best Coaching Software

When you’re ready to create your little coaching corner of the internet, Showit is the best place to start. In fact, we love Showit so much that it’s the only platform we trust when designing our stunning coaching website templates.

With Showit, you can build and manage your website by dragging and dropping pieces and features without ever touching any code. Basically, no hiring a coder and you get a website you can be as creative with as you like.


The following is a list of the essential features that Showit offers:

  • No coding required
  • Drag + drop features allow you to customize your website with ease
  • Publish your blog articles in WordPress
  • Great customer service


Showit pricing

Plus, Showit has 3 affordable payment plan plans to fit your budget. 

  • Plan 1: Showit only $24 per month
  • Plan 2: Showit + Basic Blog $29 per month
  • Plan 3: Showit + Advanced Blog $39 per month

Sign-up for the free 14-day trial and see for yourself! 

4. Calendly

Best booking software for coaches.

calendly -The Best Coaching Software

If meeting scheduling is the bane of your coaching business…you need Calendly. Period.

Calendly is the #1 scheduling platform and a one-stop-shop for coaching scheduling needs. With over 100 million meetings scheduled per year, we couldn’t recommend it more highly. 

This software has it all. Not only does it sync with your calendar, it also allows you to customize your availability, leave buffer time between each meeting and collect payments from clients before they can book your time.


The following is a list of the essential features that Calendly offers:

  • Create a meeting link or embed code
  • Calendar + Zoom integrations (now that’s convenient) 
  • Automatic reminders and follow-ups via email and text message
  • Collect payments via Paypal or Stripe prior to client booking


calendly pricing - The Best Coaching Software (2)

All four plans, including the basic plan, include unlimited scheduled meetings, Calendar and Zoom integrations.

  • Payment Plans:
  • Basic plan $0 per month
  • Premium plan $8 per month
  • Pro plan $12 per month
  • Enterprise plan

Signup for a FREE 14-day free trial of any paid plan and start saving time! 

5. Teachable

Best online course creation tool for coaches.

calendly - The Best Coaching Software (2)

Ready to share your expertise with the world? No matter what your coaching niche, Teachable is the best online course creation software for coaches who want to make a greater impact online. 

Founded in 2014 and trusted by over 100,000 creators, Teachable has helped creators sell over $1 billion dollars worth of coaching/courses!

Ready to join in and turn your knowledge into passive income? It’s easy.


The following is a list of the essential features that Teachable offers:

  • Link your Teachable website to your domain
  • Customizable multimedia options
  • Course dashboard to track sales and review insights
  • Sales page templates
  • Student management


teachable pricing - The Best Coaching Software (2)

With unlimited courses and students included on all three paid plans, you just need to choose which affordable option is right for you! 

  • Basic plan is $39 per month
  • Pro plan is $119 per month
  • Business is $299 per month

Already have an idea for your course? We’d love to hear it. Leave a comment below.

6. Freshbooks

Best bookkeeping software for coaches.

teachable - The Best Coaching Software (2)

If you want to get paid faster, like up to 11 days faster, keep reading. 

Freshbooks is a simple yet powerful invoicing and billing software we recommend for coaches. Coaches can track expenses and simplify your accounting records with this go-to platform, but it doesn’t stop there.

Freshbooks even has the capability to show you how changing timelines can affect the bottom line, so you can accurately get paid for your time. Bye-bye scope creep!


The following is a list of the essential features that Freshbook offers:

  • Automated credit card + ACH invoicing
  • Charge late fees 
  • Request deposits
  • Mobile friendly


freshbooks pricing - The Best Coaching Software (2)

With 3 monthly payment plans, you can choose which features are the best fit for your coaching business.

  • Payment Plans:
  • Lite plan $7 per month
  • Plus plan $12.50 per month
  • Premium plan $25 per month

Ready to create your first invoice? Try it! No credit card required

7. Active Campaign

Best email marketing tool for coaches.

activecampaign - The Best Coaching Software

You’re ready to level-up your email game and we’re here for it. Active Campaign is our go-to email software and the one we recommend to our coaches. Email is powerful!

According to DMA “For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42 dollars.” It’s a worthwhile investment, and the ROI is unmatched.


ActiveCampaign will show you how to create email campaigns that add value and drive consistent sales to your business. 

The following is a list of the essential features that ActiveCampaign offers:

  • Email automation
  • Beautiful landing pages
  • Drag + drop email builder
  • Subscriber segmentation
  • Advanced reporting & goal setting


activecampaign pricing - The Best Coaching Software

We love Active Campaign’s flexible payment plans! Your monthly payment depends on your email list size and the features you want. So whether you’re a solo coach, or run a coaching team – check these plans out and see what works best for your biz. 

Sign up for a free trial & start growing your email list like a pro!

8. Tailwind

Best social media marketing tool for coaches.

tailwind - The Best Coaching Software

Instagram and Pinterest are powerful social media platforms commonly used by coaches – and for good reason! More exposure leads to more sales.

More sales mean a thriving business! As an official Facebook + Pinterest partner, Tailwind helps its members streamline their marketing efforts by providing social media automation, content design and more!


The following is a list of the essential features that Tailwind offers:

  • Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest Automation
  • Pin builder
  • Account dashboard and analytics 
  • Hashtag recommendations


tailwind pricing - The Best Coaching Software

Both Pinterest and Instagram memberships are billed separately, and you can save up to $60 if you choose to be charged annually. 

Pricing Plans:

  • Pinterest Plus $14.99 per month
  • Instagram Plus $14.99 per month

Signup for a free Tailwind trial!

According to Tailwind “On average…members get 1.8x more likes on Instagram and 6.9x more repins on Pinterest”.

9. Canva

Best design software for coaches.

canva - The Best Coaching Software

Design graphics, contracts, email headers, digital products, keynotes, and more like a pro! Canva is hands-down our favorite design software for coaches.

Whether you have little to no design experience or a formal design background, this software is a great way to create content on the go from mobile or desktop. 

Canva has over 420,000 templates to choose from so you never have to start from a blank page. 


The following is a list of the essential features that Canva offers:

  • 75+ million stock photo library
  • 420,000+ design templates
  • Video + photo editing 
  • Schedule social media content scheduling


canva pricing - The Best Coaching Software (2)

Canva keeps its payment plans simple. Like, really simple. Coaches can choose between their Free Forever plan or their Pro plan. In this instance, we strongly recommend going with the Pro plan. The Pro plan allows you to upload your own brand colors, fonts, and more!

Payment Plans:

  • Canva Free Forever Plan $0
  • Canva Pro $12.99 per month

Join the Forever Free plan for $0 or try the Pro plan free for 1-month. 

10. KWFinder

Best search engine optimization tool for coaches.

kwfinder - The Best Coaching Software

This software is worth its weight in digital gold! KWFinder claims to be “the only keyword tool in the universe you will ever need” and as coaches with 15+ years of combined experience in the tech industry, we believe they’re right. With an easy to navigate interface, and capabilities that will grow your online exposure, investing in KWFinder can help you get in front of the right customers and lead to more sales. 


The following is a list of the essential features that KWFinder offers:

  • Keyword generator
  • SEO metrics & reporting
  • Bulk keyword import
  • Find competitor’s keywords


kwfinder pricing - The Best Coaching Software (2)

With three payment options, there’s a KW finder plan that your biz can afford! Investing in a yearly subscription could save you up to 40%.

Payment Plans

  • Basic Plan is $49 per month
  • Premium Plan is $69 per month
  • Agency Plan is $129 per month

Want to try it FREE for 10-days? Sign up for their trial offer and watch how KWFinder has made Search Engine Optimization easier than ever. Happy searching!

11. Krisp

Best noise cancellation software for coaches.

Krisp - The Best Coaching Software

For coaches, audio is everything. Even the slightest background noise can severely impact the communication between coach and client. This is why we recommend Krisp to our coaches.

Krisp is an app that virtually removes background noises and echos during meetings so your audio comes through more clearly. 

You can integrate Krisp with popular apps including Zoom, Google Meet, Slack and 800+ more!


The following is a list of the essential features that Krisp offers:

  • Noise cancellation for both ends of a call
  • Room echo removal
  • Low power mode


Krisp - The Best Coaching Software (2)

Ready to come through loud and clear? 10-4! Check out these payment plans and choose which one works best for you. Each plan comes with HD Voice and 24/7 support.

Payment Plans:

  • Personal plan $0 per month for 120 minutes per week
  • Personal Pro plan $12 per month for unlimited minutes
  • Teams plan $12 per month unlimited minutes
  • Enterprise plan 

To download Krisp for free signup for their $0 Personal plan! Let us know what you think.

12. Bonsai

Best scheduling, client management, and payment platform for coaches

Bonsai Coaching Dashboard - Best Online Coaching Platform

Bonsai is one of the easiest to use and most stunningly designed all-in-one coaching software that aims to reduce admin burden so coaches can focus on helping their clients.

Bonsai automates all aspects of the coaching business – from managing clients, sending invoices and taking payments, and even tracking expenses, coaches can run their whole business in one place. 

For example, once a client schedules a session with you, you can automatically send a client an intake form to fill out before a session. The client’s contact information is automatically synced with the CRM. Afterward, with just a few clicks, you can send this client an invoice, a contract, set a reminder, share session notes, and other relevant information.


  • Integrated & automated scheduling for different types of meetings
  • Client CRM and client portal to ease contact & information management
  • Contracts & e-signing: craft a professional contract in just a few seconds by choosing a pre-built template, and signing it digitally
  • Automated client forms that can be embedded into your website
  • Create automated workflows for forms, tasks, payments, and more 
  • Template library with hundreds of free pre-built and fully customizable templates for contracts, client forms, invoices, proposals, and more
  • Complete financial management solution: includes accounting, taxes, payments, and banking


Bonsai Pricing - Best Online Coaching Platform

Bonsai offers 3 simple plans suitable for coaches who are just starting out or want to scale their business.

  • Starter $17/month (billed annually), ideal for self-employed coaches who are just starting out
  • Professional $32/month (billed annually), perfect for scaling your coaching business
  • Business $52/month (billed annually), excellent for small coaching businesses that may have several coaches on the team

Sign up today for a free 7-day trial and try it out for yourself!

13. Profi

Best for coaches on a mission to impress their clients & scale their business.

Profi Calendar

Profi is a comprehensive coaching software, designed to simplify and enhance the coaching process for executive, life, health, and wellness coaches. 

It’s a tool that’s equally beneficial for individual coaches and large coaching organizations, helping to automate those tasks that can eat into your time, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional support to your clients.

But Profi doesn’t just streamline your processes, it also elevates your clients’ experience. Each client is provided with a unique digital hub where they can schedule sessions, process payments, monitor their progress, communicate, access notes, receive reminders, and complete programs. It’s a centralized platform catering to all their coaching needs.

So, if you’re a coach aiming to optimize your time, enhance your clients’ journey, and scale your coaching business, Profi could be the perfect partner for you.


Profi offers the following:

  • Scheduling & calendar
  • Video conferencing
  • CRM, notes & messaging
  • Automated and customizable forms
  • Packages
  • Programs (Courses)
  • Integrated payments
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • User-friendly client portal
  • And more!


Profi Pricing

You can do a 30-day free trial to test whether Profi works for you, and then you have the following options:

  • Solo, $99 per month: For individual professionals.
  • Team, custom pricing: For a single team/small business.
  • Corporate, custom pricing: For businesses with 2+ teams & custom domains.
  • Network, custom pricing: For businesses with independent providers.

14. Practice

Best all-in-one platform for coaches and their clients

Practice Services

Practice is a simple and professionally designed, all-in-one coaching software that is equally impressive for the coach as it is for their clients! 

Practice is built for the end-to-end client experience — from contracts, to scheduling, to running a one-off workshop, you can manage it all from one place. And your clients can see it all from one place in their client portal. 


  • Custom form templates and contract builder
  • Real-time scheduling that syncs with Google Calendar (as many as you want)
  • Payment options — packages, subscriptions, invoices
  • Easy automations and workflows
  • Automated reminders for payments and appointments
  • Encrypted client portal with chat and voice memos
  • Built on iOS, Android, and web


Practice Pricing


Practice offers a 7-day free trial for both plans. You can choose one of the following:

  • Basic $28/month (billed annually), ideal for those who are just starting out
  • Pro $48/month (billed annually), great for those who are scaling and streamlining their practice

Sign up today for a free 7-day trial and try it out for yourself!

Best Coaching Software FAQs

What is coaching software?

Coaching software helps coaches manage and automate specific aspects of their business more efficiently via computer programs.

What are coaching tools?

Coaching tools are exercises used during the coaching process to aid in client learning and development. Often in the form of worksheets and activities, tools help clients take action.

What is a coaching platform?

A coaching platform is a one-stop shop for managing day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of a coach. Coachaccountable is a great example of a coaching platform. 

Final Thoughts

Ready to scale and streamline your coaching business? Which coaching software are you going to invest in first? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Another great platform that combines the functionality of many you’ve listed above is Gold Star Pro – funnels, websites, courses, automation, email marketing, SMS marketing, calendars, invoicing, social media scheduling and much more… and it’s a fraction of the price of many others, especially when you need multiple different platforms to do the same thing!

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