150 Best Coaching Hashtags for Instagram (2024 List)

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150 Best Coaching Hashtags for Instagram

If you’ve ever posted on Instagram as a coach, then you know how hard it can be to get your account started, get followers, and get engagement.

And if you Google, or listen to Instagram experts, they all have different opinions on how to grow your account.

One strategy that is still working for coaches? Strategically using hashtags.

In this post, we’ll share the best coaching hashtags for different coaching niches. We’ll also cover the basics of using hashtags including what they are, how to choose them, where to add them, and the best tool to use to find them. 

Let’s dive right in!

Best Coaching Hashtags for Instagram

Here are our top picks for the best coaching hashtags for Instagram in 2024 for any niche.

30 Instagram Coaching Hashtags for Life Coaches

30 Instagram Hashtags for Life Coaches
  1. #personaldevelopment
  2. #personalgrowth
  3. #selflove
  4. #selfdevelopment
  5. #spiritjunkie
  6. #motivationalspeaker
  7. #relationshipcoach
  8. #lawofattraction
  9. #selfworth
  10. #gratitude
  11. #lifelessons
  12. #mindset
  13. #selfawareness
  14. #selfesteem
  15. #empower
  16. #empowerment
  17. #productivity
  18. #leadership 
  19. #selfconfidence 
  20. #spiritualgrowth 
  21. #spiritualawakening 
  22. #manifest 
  23. #awareness 
  24. #enlightenment
  25. #motivation
  26. #selfcare
  27. #mindfulness
  28. #selfimprovement
  29. #growthmindset
  30. #selfgrowth

30 Instagram Coaching Hashtags for Health Coaches

30 Instagram Hashtags for Health Coaches
  1. #healthyeating
  2. #goodeats 
  3. #realfood 
  4. #wholefoods 
  5. #fuelyourbody 
  6. #eatwellbewell 
  7. #eatrealfood 
  8. #goodmoodfood 
  9. #mindbodygram 
  10. #thefeedfeed 
  11. #spoonfeed 
  12. #cleanfoodshare 
  13. #eathealthy 
  14. #thenewhealthy 
  15. #foodisfuel 
  16. #feedfeed 
  17. #eatingwell 
  18. #cookinglight 
  19. #mealprep 
  20. #healthfood 
  21. #healthyrecipes 
  22. #livinganutritiouslife 
  23. #wellnessfam 
  24. #wellness 
  25. #nutritionislife 
  26. #healthylife
  27. #healthyfood
  28. #healthylifestyle
  29. #healthychoices
  30. #healthyliving

30 Instagram Hashtags for Executive Coaches

30 Instagram Hashtags for Executive Coaches
  1. #career
  2. #careergoals
  3. #success
  4. #goals
  5. #leadership
  6. #leader
  7. #ambition
  8. #mindset
  9. #personaldevelopment
  10. #leaders
  11. #ceo
  12. #executivecoach
  13. #leadershipcoach
  14. #executivecoaching
  15. #leadershipdevelopment
  16. #successcoach
  17. #executive
  18. #leadershipcoaching
  19. #personaldevelopment
  20. #womeninleadership
  21. #leadership
  22. #womenwholead
  23. #womenleaders
  24. #gracenotperfection
  25. #femalefounders
  26. #motivatedwomen
  27. #diversity
  28. #networking
  29. #careercoach
  30. #pesonalbranding

30 Instagram Hashtags for Weight Loss Coaches

30 Instagram Hashtags for Weight Loss Coaches
  1. #sidebysidetransformation 
  2. weightlosstransformation 
  3. #mentalhealth 
  4. #weightlosscommunity 
  5. #weightlossinspiration 
  6. #naturalweightloss 
  7. #looseskinremoval 
  8. #cardio 
  9. #weighttraining 
  10. #healthyweightloss 
  11. #healthylifestyle 
  12. #100lbsdown
  13. #fattofit
  14. #weightloss
  15. #weightlossjourney
  16. #transformation
  17. #slimmingworld
  18. #weightlossmotivation
  19. #losingweight
  20. #fatloss
  21. #fitnessjourney
  22. #nutrition
  23. #healthyfood
  24. #healthylifestyle
  25. #healthyliving
  26. #fitspiration
  27. #getfit
  28. #fitmom
  29. #beforeandafter
  30. #fitnessmotivation

30 Instagram Coaching Hashtags for Financial Coaches

30 Instagram Hashtags for Financial Coaches
  1. #financialcoach
  2. #financialfreedom
  3. #personalfinance
  4. #financialindependence
  5. #money
  6. #debtfreecommunity
  7. #finance
  8. #budget
  9. #entrepreneur
  10. #moneycoach
  11. #budgeting
  12. #debtfree
  13. #financialplanner
  14. #daveramsey
  15. #financialliteracy
  16. #financialpeace
  17. #financetips
  18. #debtfreejourney
  19. #financialplanning
  20. #earlyretirement
  21. #financialcoaching
  22. #investing
  23. #financialadvisor
  24. #financialeducation
  25. #mentor
  26. #coaching
  27. #invest
  28. #debtfreeliving
  29. #financialgoals
  30. #debtfreedom

Guide: Coaching Hashtags For Instagram 101

What is a coaching hashtag?

A coaching hashtag is a tag you add to your captions or comments to make that people searching for coaching-related content can find your Instagram posts. They make it easy for you to categorize your posts and target them to the right people.

It’s almost like putting your post in a specific section of a library so that someone looking for topics around your coaching niche finds it in the right place.

the impact list

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Instagram breaks its hashtags into nine types, which are:

  • Acronym hashtags
  • Daily hashtags
  • Location hashtags
  • Emoji hashtags
  • Hashtags that use a relevant phrase
  • Niche hashtags
  • Seasonal/event hashtags
  • Service (or product) hashtags
  • Community hashtags (communities exist within Instagram)

Understanding these types is key to effectively utilizing hashtags on Instagram and getting boosted up by their algorithm.

Why are coaching hashtags important?

Coaching hashtags increase engagement between you and your ideal coaching clients. They connect you with the right people, at the right time, who could be interested in your services.

Used well, hashtags can quickly give you a lot of likes, comments, and shares! When you use a hashtag, anyone who searches that hashtag can see your post, along with all the other posts using the same tag.

Users can also follow specific hashtags, so if you manage to use a tag that is trending, you may expose your content to people who don’t follow you. This is partly why hashtags are so powerful and can help you massively increase your brand and your audience.

Adding hashtags to Instagram stories is also a great way to increase your reach and make sure your post shows up when users are searching.

Add coaching hashtags to Instagram Stories

How to choose coaching hashtags?

Choosing the wrong hashtags can harm how the Instagram algorithm ranks your posts, so it’s very important to choose well.

There are lots of ways to choose hashtags. You should start by looking at what your competitors are using, and see whether any might be useful to you, or trigger your own ideas.

You can also use Instagram’s explore page. This lets you search for hashtags and see how much traction they are currently getting.

Instagram Explore Page

You can also use the “related” hashtag feature on Instagram also. This will help you find hashtags that are similar to the mainstream ones, but a little more niche or unusual. This may make you more visible to a select audience, rather than being a little fish in a big pool.

There are also some great tools that can help you pick hashtags. For example, tools such as For Display Purposes Only (free), Flick (7-day free trial), and Hashtagify (limited free version) will all help you find out popular hashtags for your posts.

Flick - Instagram Hashtag Analytics Tool

Because Instagram labels some hashtags as spam, choosing the wrong ones can harm your brand and engagement, so it’s key to be intentional about the hashtags you use.

How many coaching hashtags should you use?

This is going to depend on the post, your audience, what’s generally done in your niche, and also you – you are a big part of your brand, so build it in a way that feels natural. 

In our opinion, you should always aim for quality over quantity.

Don’t go crazy adding lots of hashtags; just a few that really work for your post will work much better.

As a rule of thumb, 5-10 hashtags will usually be enough to get your post seen, but not so many it will annoy people.

Only use 5 to 10 Coaching Hashtags

Also, don’t use hashtags that aren’t strictly relevant to your post and your coaching niche. It will just get your content bumped down by Instagram, and irritate people who have ended up on your content when they were looking for something else.

Where to add coaching hashtags on Instagram?

You can put them in the caption, but most people prefer to put hashtags in the first comment of the post. This leaves the caption clean and tidy, and makes the post look better.

Some people find that putting hashtags in the caption feels a little spam-like.

Add Coaching Hashtags to 1st Instagram Comment

By putting them in the comment, you will ensure people can still find the post, but it isn’t plastered with a ton of tags. This will give it a more natural feeling.

Some people like to bump the hashtags down using periods so that they appear right at the bottom and aren’t immediately visible and “in your face.”

The Best Tool for Find Coaching Hashtags for Instagram

If you’re ready to use coaching hashtags strategically, you’re probably wondering what tool will help you utilize them effectively. 

We recommend Tailwind, a social media management tool designed to help with all aspects of posting on Instagram (and Pinterest).


Tailwind offers a host of different features, including a Hashtag Generator that will provide you with unique and intelligent hashtags for absolutely everything you post. Rather than having to depend on your own ideas or vaguely looking through Instagram searches, you can use Tailwind to research your hashtags.

It also has an auto-post feature that puts those hashtags into the first comment, rather than slapping them on the post itself. As mentioned, this makes for a tidier, better look.

It can also save hashtags that have performed well, making use of tags that are high-value and regularly searched, without letting your hashtag game get stale.

With the ability to Autopost and schedule posts for certain times, Tailwind also increases the value of the hashtags it finds for you by making sure that your content gets posted when it’s most likely to get high engagement. 

For a busy coach who can’t necessarily be on Instagram at the “key moments,” this is crucial to accessing your audience when they are most likely to be browsing.

We love Tailwind because it also analyzes your posts and their performance over time, helping you to see what content works well, what fails to engage your audience and perfecting your Instagram strategy as a whole, way beyond just hashtags.

Tailwind can revolutionize your Instagram game and take your social media presence from mediocre to fantastic in just a matter of weeks!

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve learned about hashtags, it’s time to start using them in your Instagram posts! Grab the ones we’ve shared here, or use the tips above to find your own. 

As you saw in this guide, using the wrong hashtags will not only hurt your engagement but also stop you from finding your ideal coaching clients online. But when you use the right ones, you can begin to grow your Instagram account and find new followers that need your services. 

But, before you start hashtagging away, please leave a quick comment and let me know what you thought of this guide and how you plan on using hashtags on Instagram. 

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Hey! I’m Cass, a brand coach and the Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches elevate their businesses with beautiful branding and websites. Here on our blog, my content focuses on branding, web design, and storytelling.

Hey! I’m Tee, a brand and marketing coach and the Co-Founder & CMO at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches grow their coaching businesses digitally. Here on our blog, my content focuses on web design, marketing, business, and social media strategy.


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