Need Something Unique? We Offer Custom Branding and Web Design for Coaches

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We are super excited to announce that we’re now offering custom branding and web design for coaches!

We’ve gotten a ton of inquiries from coaches who need something a little more custom than our website templates offer, because they’re further along in business, or because they’ve set their coaching business up in a way that our templates don’t necessarily support. Or, they legit want nothing to do with DIY-ing their site.

If you’ve been following along with us and debating whether one of the templates in our shop will cut it for your coaching business, you’re going to want to read on and find out if custom branding and web design is the better option for you.

Why We’ve Added Branding and Web Design for Coaches to Our Offerings

Our goal at Lovely Impact is to be the go-to resource for new coaches to build up their coaching business. We’ve set that goal in support of our mission, which is to help coaches build their business as quickly and efficiently as possible, so they can go out and do what their clients need them to do — COACH.

We want to give you all the support you need in your business (at least in terms of branding, web, and marketing). And with the number of coaches telling us they love our templates but they don’t quite fit their vibe or the structure of their business, we’ve decided to expand our offerings to support newer coaches who are ready to invest in something custom.

And we’re freaking excited about it.

Custom branding and web design for coaches

What Custom Branding Entails

As a coach, it’s super important to be memorable. Especially since more and more coaches are showing up in the industry and it’s getting more common that your niche will be over-saturated.

The best way to make sure people are paying attention to you is by showing them what you’re all about. Your messaging, content, and visual elements all need to align to share the same message. Any inconsistencies will have your potential clients looking for someone else who has things figured out and knows exactly how to express it.

canva moodboard for coaches

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Custom branding doesn’t just mean a logo design and color palette for your brand…it means we’ll spend 90 minutes together outlining your purpose and message, audience, and story. And we’ll make sure that everything you create moving forward — content, graphics, and offerings — aligns with your message.

Then we’ll dive into the design stuff, where we’ll create an official brand color palette, logo suite, and overall look that supports the presence you’ll present to your dream clients.

You’ll walk away knowing exactly what message you’re spreading, and how to use your brand design to tell it over and over again. Basically, we’re creating consistency within your business.

Custom branding and web design for coaches

What Custom Web Design Entails

The entire point of a website for your coaching business (at least until you have courses or products to sell) is to get people to book calls with you and become your clients. Period. End of subject.

That’s the goal of our web design services, too.

We’re diving deep into your business structure and strategy to outline the best way to make that happen. The first step is a 90-minute call where we’ll go over everything related to your coaching business — what your offers are, how you sell, your marketing strategy, and more — so we clearly understand the buyer’s journey to booking with you.

Those details will help us create a website strategy unique to you, including where people come to your website first, the pages you need, and how we’ll guide them from stop number one to booking a discovery call with you. And once that’s all squared away, the fun part begins. (Fun for you — it’s all fun for us, strategy included.)

We’ll create a custom Showit website hand-tailored to your coaching business. That includes 6 pages (typically home, about, services, contact/booking, + 2 more). And we’ll make sure it all fits and flows together with your purpose, message, and brand. And does what it’s supposed to do: guides your website visitors to your booking form.

It’s a full sales process, on your website.

Custom branding and web design for coaches

Here’s How You Know Custom Design Is For You:

You don’t want your business to look like anyone else’s.

Templated design is great and all, but you’re ready to step it up and invest in a brand or website that makes you look unique — and like the pro you are.

You’ve already outgrown your DIY brand and/or website.

The brand or website you built last year by yourself gave you everything you needed, and now it’s time to uplevel into something by a professional.

Your business is a little bit more unique than templates cover.

The templates you’ve been looking at don’t seem to cover everything you’re growing into, so you need something built to match your strategy.

Custom branding and web design for coaches

How To Get Started With Our Custom Branding and Web Design Services

If you’re ready to dive in and get some custom design done for your business (aka ready to level up and look pro), all you have to do is head to this page and fill out the form. It would probably also be a good idea to check out the details of what’s all included, and price, too. #fulltransparency

We can’t wait to help you develop an epic brand or website that fits your business like no other. And if you decide to join us in design, we’ll be incredibly honored to take part in supporting you.

Need Something Unique? We Offer Custom Branding and Web Design for Coaches

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