The 10 Best Styled Stock Image Memberships for Coaches

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Stock Photo Memberships That Are Great for Coaches

Sometimes in business, you don’t have the budget you need to pull together a brand photoshoot for your coaching business. And you know what? That’s ok. You can use styled stock image memberships for coaches instead!

We’re Cass & Tee, web designers for coaches and the duo behind Lovely Impact. We love using beautiful stock photography for our client’s coaching websites.

They save you from re-using the same photos over and over again — whether those photos are from your last shoot or the only 10 decent selfies you’ve ever taken.

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Why we love styled stock image memberships for coaches:

  1. You get on-going access to new photos weekly or monthly.
  2. You can go back through the archives and use any photo that matches your brand.
  3. You can edit the photos however you need to.
  4. It’s really not expensive.
  5. It saves you a ton of time.
Samples of Styled Stock Image Memberships for Coaches

You can’t beat the price of styled stock image memberships for coaches.

When we say stock photos aren’t expensive, people usually scoff at us. They disagree, loudly.

But let us put this in perspective for you…

The membership options we’ve laid out below range from $227 per year, to $596 per year.

In comparison, custom photoshoots with your incredible photographer cango for $375 per hour.

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Yes, per hour.

In that hour, you’ll get around 100 photos that turn out well (where you’re not blinking or scowling). And you’ll tend to only use about 75% of those 100 photos because you might be a little self-critical.

We’re not telling you this so you avoid custom brand photoshoots — you absolutely need them in your coaching business. We’re just pointing out that the prices on these membership sites that so many people go wide-eyed over are actually incredibly reasonable for what you’re getting access to.

So with that in mind, let us walk you through some of the (in our opinion) better styled stock image membership sites for coaches you could go with.

Our Approved Styled Stock Image Memberships for Coaches

❤️ = We have a membership with this site

1. Haute Stock ❤️

Great for: business coaches, general life coaches, health & wellness coaches, professional organizers

Price: $499/year, $149/quarter, or $49/month

Haute Stock photos -  Best Styled Stock Image Memberships for Coaches

We have a bit of a soft spot for Haute Stock (<< save 15% recurring when you use our link!), as we’ve been a member of their site for a while now. What we love about it is that whatever we’re looking for — whether it’s a photo for our own styled feed or matching images to create new branded website templates, we can find it here. What’s even better is that their images easily co-mingle with Styled Stock House (below), so we never have to worry that they’ll clash.

Templates we’ve used Haute Stock photos in: Sylvie, Teagan, Jordan

2. Styled Stock House ❤️

Great for: business coaches, general life coaches, health & wellness coaches

Price: $349/year, $149/quarter, or $29/month

Kate Max Stock photos -  Best Styled Stock Image Memberships for Coaches

Styled Stock House is the first stock photo membership we ever joined, and we’re still members. Their photos get better and better. There’s a wide range of options within this collection, spanning business, lifestyle, beauty, and wellness. And the style is neutral and clean, making it easy to add your own style to each photo.

Templates we’ve used Styled Stock House photos in: Jana

3. Inspired Stock Shop ❤️

Great for: spiritual coaches, health & wellness coaches

Price: $247/year or $87/per quarter

Inspired Stock Shop —  Best Styled Stock Image Memberships for Coaches

We’re suckers for soulful imagery, and Inspired Stock Shop gives you just that. If you’re any kind of spiritual, you’re gonna wanna check this stock photo membership out, because it’s all about the right energy and running an authentic brand. Our newest website template for spiritual coaches (launching soon) is built with these images.

4. Tide & Tree ❤️

Great for: general life coaches, health & wellness coaches

Price: $240/year or $75/quarter

Tide & Tree  -  Best Styled Stock Image Memberships for Coaches

Tide & Tree is a newer stock photo site that we’re currently obsessed with. They have beautiful, rustic, woodsy, ‘hygge’ photos that we’ve not seen in other sites, and we find that absolutely delightful. If you have more of the rustic style going on and love to share nature images, we definitely recommend investing in this brand’s membership and maybe even getting in on their lifetime plan.

5. She Bold Stock

Price: $299/year or $499/lifetime

She Bold Stock Photo Memberships

She Bold Stock is a fantastic stock photo membership option for you if: 1) you’re a colorful brand, 2) you want/need to include WOC in your images, 3) you’d like more than just photos. Not only does SBS give you access to their photo library, but you also get templates for social media graphics, lead magnets, and done-for-you quote graphics.

Great for: business coaches, general life coaches, health & wellness coaches

6. Stock By Jewels

Price: $247/year or $87/per quarter

Stock By Jewels is one of our newly-discovered stock photo sites, and it’s catered to women in their 40s. That’s great, because it can be hard to find beautiful photos with women more mature than their 20s.

7. Her Creative Studio

Price: $227/year or $127/6 months

Her Creative Studio stock photo memberships

WE really think this membership from Her Creative Studio has everything you could ask for from a stock photo site — including my unabashed fascination with wellness-related photos. The HC Stock Library isn’t just wellness collections, though. They have all the business and lifestyle collections you’d need to round out your photo style.

8. CreateHER Stock

Price: $35/quarter

CreateHER stock photos

We’re 100% obsessed with CreateHER Stock, because it’s the only stock photo membership site we’ve found that creates content exclusively for women of color. And believe us, that’s a shamefully under-represented category in the stock photo world. The day we discovered CreateHER felt like Christmas. If you’re a WOC or you market to that demographic, this is 100% a membership we recommend for your brand.

9. Atelier21 Co

Price: $25/month ($300/year)

Atelier21 Co stock photos

We love the eclectic stock collection from Atelier21 Co. Our favorite part is that they aren’t all pink and airy. Instead, you’ll see a wide range of real-life inspired photos that can have any editing style applied to them without looking like it’s a stock photo. And they include a video preview of their stock library here.

10. Styled Stock Society

Price: $250/year, $75/quarter, or $495 lifetime access

Styled Stock Society stock photos

The Styled Stock Society membership offers a great range of photos, from nature and lifestyle to business and home-office inspired images. The style is pretty, feminine, and clean. You can definitely create a stunning social feed with this membership option.

There’s only one thing you need to consider…

What are you looking to use the photos for?

Before you make a decision and purchase a plan that fits your brand style, ask yourself what you’ll use the photos for. If it’s for your website, make sure you look at FAQs and figure out if the images are large enough for a website (should typically be at least 1800px wide for a website header image).

If you’re just looking to populate your social media feed, make sure there’s enough variety of content in the stock library to give you at least a few months of content ahead of time.

Other than that, you should be good to go on finding your new stock photo membership. But if you’re still doubting your willingness to commit to a membership plan, check out this post on purchasing stock photo bundles, instead.

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Hey! I’m Cass, a brand coach and the Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches elevate their businesses with beautiful branding and websites. Here on our blog, my content focuses on branding, web design, and storytelling.

Hey! I’m Tee, a brand and marketing coach and the Co-Founder & CMO at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches grow their coaching businesses digitally. Here on our blog, my content focuses on web design, marketing, business, and social media strategy.

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