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Do you love the Keto diet? Has it changed your life? Do you feel it’s your calling in life to help others use it to improve their health? If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, you are in the right place! We are reviewing the most affordable and the best keto coach certification on Udemy.

By the way, We’re Cass + Tee, and we are the first to admit that we have a problem. We are coaching certification junkies. Not only do we have a few certifications ourselves, but we also help certified coaches every day with branding, web design, and business strategy. 

So if you are a health coach or a weight loss coach that loves Keto, keep scrolling to learn more about becoming a keto coach and which affordable certification we recommend you choose to get started. 

What Is A Keto Coach?

A keto coach is someone who helps their clients to understand and use the keto diet to improve their lives. They are there to provide motivation and accountability, keeping their clients on track with encouragement and providing someone their clients can turn to when they are struggling. 

As a keto coach, your job will be to help your clients through the hard moments and praise them when they are doing well. You’ll answer any questions that they have about the keto diet, with an in-depth understanding of nutrition and what foods do and don’t work.

You are the expert whose job is to ensure your clients succeed. You will help them believe in themselves, and you’ll tell them when they are pushing too hard or not hard enough. You are the guide, and your job is to maximize your clients’ success.

What Is The Best Keto Coach Certification?

The best and most affordable keto coach certification is the Ketogenic Diet: Keto Nutrition Health Coach Certification. This certification is a course intended to help people who wish to become keto coaches and it is aimed at aiding anyone who wants to learn more about the keto diet, ketosis, and ketogenic recipes.

The Best Keto Coach Certification

During the course, you will enjoy a two-pronged learning approach. You will come to understand both how the keto diet works, and how to support your clients as they undertake this new way of eating.

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You will learn how to establish a good rapport with clients, how to praise them, and how to encourage them when they are struggling. 

What Is The Best Keto Coach Certification

You’ll improve the health and well-being of many people through your coaching, and with the current struggles that so many people are facing when it comes to their diets, your help will be invaluable to your clients.

What’s Included In The Keto Coach Certification?

The course contains lots of really useful resources, including nearly ninety downloadable resources that you can put on your computer. It gives you lifetime access to these resources, and you can get to them via a TV or a mobile phone.

You will also get eight and a half hours of on-demand videos, and a certificate of completion that you can show to reassure potential clients as to your skills and understanding as a coach.

What You’ll Learn

You will gain a great understanding of the nutrition behind a keto diet and the ketosis process. You’ll get plenty of resources you can use for helping clients with their diets, and you’ll learn how to create your own ketogenic recipes, which you can then share with clients to help them along with their journeys.

You will also improve your own health, and you’ll learn how to complete the fasting process safely and easily. This will help you to guide your clients through the process. Over the 21 day program, you’ll discover that your cravings go down and you can easily reduce your meals to a couple per day, with no need for snacks, and no sense of hunger.

What’s Included In The Keto Coach Certification

The Keto Nutrition Health Coach Certification includes 8.5 hours of video across 16 in-depth modules, including:

  1. Introduction to Health Coaching and The Ketogenic Diet: What ketosis is and who this course is for, as well as what to expect on the course
  2. Nutrition and Health Theoretical Knowledge – The Theory Of Ketosis: Why ketosis is beneficial and how to make the process easier, as well as information about ketoacidosis.
  3. Keto Health Theoretical Knowledge The Ketogenic Diet Along the Years: The history of how a high-fat diet started and how the keto diet has evolved, and the role of sugar in our lives.
  4. Keto Health Theoretical Knowledge: Nutrients & Their Role In Our Body: An overview of macro and micronutrients, and information about the keto foods that can be eaten on this diet.
  5. Keto Practical Applications – The Ketogenic Diet and the Appetite Hormones: How appetite works and the power of the hunger hormone.
  6. Keto Practical Applications – Ketosis and Insulin: What insulin resistance is, and the function of insulin in the body.
  7. Keto Practical Applications – Ketosis and Cholesterol Levels: A description of LDL, HDL, and the importance of these levels, and the Nuclear Resonance Lipoprofile Test.
  8. Keto Practical Applications – Ketosis and the Thyroid Gland: The three biggest causes of thyroid issues and how a keto diet helps the thyroid.
  9. Keto Practical Applications – The 21 Day JumpStart Into Ketosis!: A 21-day program with the steps to follow to begin the program and follow through with it for three weeks, as well as the most popular vegetables for this diet.
  10. Practical Applications – Ketosis And Intermittent Fasting: The two parts of intermittent fasting, and the liquids that are permitted.
  11. Keto Practical Applications – Next Steps: How to calculate your Ketogenic Carb Intake Number, and information about exercise and ketosis, and sleep and ketosis.
  12. Keto General Health Coaching Skills – Nutritional Assessments for Your Clients: What a health coach can do about nutrition and how to tell when your clients are ready for change.
  13. Keto Health Coaching Skills – Foundational Blocks & Effective Communication: Lots of top tips about team building, active listening, self-trust, and how to make positive first impressions.
  14. Keto General Coaching Skills – Setting Realistic Goals:  How to help your clients with goal setting, why goals are important, preventing relapses, and celebrating with your clients.
  15. Keto Deepening The Knowledge – Main Points, FAQ, Success Story and Bonuses: Some of the frequent questions people ask about keto and the main points that you need to bear in mind, as well as some success stories.
  16. Kudos and Conclusion: Information about how to get your certificate and some extra content you won’t want to miss!

Keto Health Coach Certification Pros:

The course has some fantastic resources so that you gain a really good understanding of nutrition – which is absolutely crucial to being a supportive and helpful coach. There are lots of practical applications, and many useful recipes, as well as information on how you can make your own recipes.

The videos are informative and clear, and the downloadable content is also good. With plenty of facts about food and the way the body processes it, learners will be in a great position to help the clients they will support in the future.

Keto Nutrition Health Coach Certification Cons:

Some people found the video content a little difficult to follow due to the presenter’s accent, and others commented that the information in the course is available elsewhere online if you spend the time looking for it.

Another negative comment about the video is that there are no graphics, no images, and no subtitles. As the sound quality has also been called into question, this is problematic for some learners.

Who Created The Keto Nutrition Health Coach Certification?

This course was created by Joeel Rivera, Natalie Rivera, and Sanda Kruger. Joeel and Natalie Rivera have been coaches and trainers for years, and they are keen to provide tools and information to would-be coaches. They have started multiple businesses and helped over 300,000 students across the globe.

Sanda Kruger is an expert on the Ketogenic Diet and is a certified health and fitness professional with AEA, AFAA, and ACE. She has created two original fitness programs and has taught many classes and workshops, helping thousands of students.

Where to Buy The Keto Nutrition Health Coach Certification?

The Pricing? As low as $15.99 on Udemy as a new student. Yup. You read that price right! If you already have a Udemy account, then the price is $139.99.

Where to The Keto Nutrition Health Coach Certification

Sample Buyer Review: “Was very informative. I thought was very educated in Keto, but I learned some new information and was very happy to have the additional learning and techniques for working with others. The science I have learned does not align with following “NET” carbs or else I would have given 5 stars. Thank you for the amazing and thorough training.”

Read more reviews at Udemy.com

The Best Keto Coach Certification: Final Thoughts

This in-depth review should help you decide whether the Keto Nutrition Health Coach Certification is for you! 

Once you get certified, make sure you launch your coaching business and start marketing right away! 

We have two logo and website templates that would be a great fit for a Keto Coach, including our Sylvie health coach website template and matching health coach logo, and our Alicia weight loss coach website template and matching weight loss coach logo.


Tell us what you think in the comments. Are you planning to become a keto coach? Are you certified yet? Tell us more about your coaching business below. 

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