How To Create A Coaching Logo Using Canva

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FEATURED How To Create A Coaching Logo in Canva

Did you know that Canva is a great place to create a coaching logo for your business? Perhaps you did, and in your research, you came across this website. However, you got here, welcome! You’re in for a treat.

We’re Cass + Tee, the partners behind this blog and the creators of Lovely Impact. With over 20 years of combined experience running successful graphic design, web design, and coaching businesses, we created this space to support the coaching industry.

Once upon a time, we were designers that scoffed at Canva. Now, after experiencing the consistently improved capabilities and becoming experts at the platform, we are total Canva converts!

Most coaches are very creative people. After all, coaching is a creative process! But when it comes to creating a logo for their business, many coaches find themselves stumped. That’s where Canva comes in! 

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to create a professional and stylish coaching logo using the free online design tool Canva, as well as how to choose a signature color palette and fonts to complete your brand.

Let’s dive right in!

What Is A Coaching Logo?

A coaching logo is a combination of text and images that helps your ideal clients identify you as a coach they want to work with. This is what makes up your brand and it helps your current and potential clients to understand what you do, who you are, and how you can help them. 

canva moodboard for coaches

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If you’re a coach, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your logo is the perfect visual mark for your business. 

Some logos also contain the coach’s initials or name, and sometimes an indication of what the service is, such as “coaching for growth.” Many logos incorporate color to attract the eye and are highly stylized to represent the atmosphere of the coaching business.

For example, a finance coach’s logo is likely to use sharp lines and hard angles, while a life coach’s logo may be flowing and curly. 

Why A Coaching Logo Is Important

Logos are a quick way of communicating more about your coaching business; they express the purpose, tone, professionalism, and intent of the business in one simple image. 

Everything from the color to the shape is communication with your audience about who you are and what you do. A logo can be printed on almost any product and it’s designed to immediately grab your audience’s attention and become a point of familiarity. 

Most people have great image recognition and they will start to respond to your logo and build a relationship with it even before they have met you.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s learn how to create a coaching logo!

How to Create a Coaching Logo Using Canva

Whether you’re just starting out as a coach or you’ve been in business for a while, you can follow these simple steps to have a logo that perfectly represents your brand!

Step 1: Choose Your Coaching Brand Color Palette

Color palettes are combinations of colors that define your brand. You should use colors that work well together and give off a feeling that reflects what you’re offering as a coach and how you want your clients to feel when working with you.

Color psychology is essential when trying to attract the right coaching clients. To learn more about color psychology for coaches, click here: https://lovelyimpact.com/color-theory


Check out Canva’s interactive color meanings and symbolism tool!

Click the button below to browse the list of colors and learn about color meanings

Color psychology for coaches - How To Create A Coaching Logo in Canva

The colors you use when creating a coaching logo are a reflection of your business and are often the first thing people notice about you on a gut level. It is so important that the colors you choose connect to the message you want to convey, and that they are used consistently in all promotional materials. 

This means that all social media graphics, blog banners, and promotional materials should utilize variations of the same color palette. 

We know it can be difficult to choose just a few colors from all of the available options, but don’t get overwhelmed. You can take advantage of the color scheme suggestions below to create a palette that will work for you and your online presence.

You should limit your palette to no more than five main colors. If black or white is your main color, do not count them here. 

For elements like your logo, header, graphics, backgrounds, and patterns, you can use up to three colors. To add contrast to buttons, bold text, and icons, choose one or two accent colors. 

In addition, you’ll want to add a neutral color or two to balance it out. You can keep things varied by mixing dark, light, contrast, and neutral colors. 

Not sure how to pick your colors? Here are two of our favorite tools and how to use them. 

For Coaches Who Have At Least One Color

If you already have at least one color, this method is for you! 

Step 1: Go to Coolors.co and choose “Start The Generator” 

How To Choose Your Coaching Brand Color Palette

Step 2: Choose the hex code on the first color block and replace it with the hex code of your color. 

2 - How Choose Your Coaching Brand Color Palette

Step 3: Press enter then hoover over the color. You should see a lock symbol. Click the lock symbol to lock your color so the generator doesn’t replace it. 

3 - How Choose Your Coaching Brand Color Palette

Step 4: Click the 3 dots in the navigation and choose “Generate method” from the menu that appears. 

4 - How Choose Your Coaching Brand Color Palette

Step 5: Click “Analogous” from the drop-down options. Analogous colors refer to colors that are similar. When you’re looking for brand colors that are cohesive, these color scheme types make the most sense.

5 - How Choose Your Coaching Brand Color Palette

If the “Analogous” option doesn’t feel right to you, you can also choose the “Complementary” option in the drop-down. Go with whichever combination makes sense for you and your clients.

Step 6: Press the spacebar to explore color palettes that match your locked color! Feel free to lock other colors as you explore until you find the perfect palette for you.  

6 - How Choose Your Coaching Brand Color Palette

For Coaches Who Have A Brand Photo

Already have a photo that you love and you want to find brand colors that match? Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Go to Coolors.co and choose “Start The Generator” 

How To Choose Your Coaching Brand Color Palette

Step 2: Click the camera icon in the navigation and upload your brand photo. 

2 - For Coaches Who Have A Brand Photo

Step 3: Slide the selector until you find a color palette you love and then click next.

3 - For Coaches Who Have A Brand Photo

Step 4: You can export your color palette, open in the generator, or save it for later! 

4 - For Coaches Who Have A Brand Photo

For Coaches Who Have No Colors & Need Inspiration

Not sure where to start? Don’t have any colors or an image you love? You can browse trending color palettes to get some inspiration. You have a few options.

Option 1: Go to Canva’s color palette ideas page and explore colors. 

1 - For Coaches Who Have No Colors & Need Inspiration

Option 2: Go to ColorHunt.co and browse the latest trending color palettes.

2 - For Coaches Who Have No Colors & Need Inspiration

Option 3: Go to the trending palettes page on Coolors.co and explore. 

3 - For Coaches Who Have No Colors & Need Inspiration

Step 2: Choose Your Coaching Brand Fonts

Typography is key to the design of your logo, as well as using it to label graphics and images. In addition to being an important design element, it also helps define your personality. 

For example, if you choose something classic, it will evoke feelings of tradition. If you choose something more modern, it will influence another feeling for your audience. 

Also, it should be readable in all areas and sizes, especially anywhere that the logo will be most frequently seen.

Where to find fonts for your coaching logo:

Google Fonts: Google Fonts is an open-source library of over 1000 font families and APIs. This library is intended for use by anyone, and coaches may find that it’s a great way to get a font for their logos and ensure that the font is high quality and virus-free. All of these fonts can be used for free.

Choosing a clear, readable font that reflects your brand is a good way to ensure that your audience engages. It might not seem like a big deal, but the font you select actually makes a difference to how your audience will respond to you – even if they don’t realize it themselves!

Google Fonts - How To Create A Coaching Logo In Canva

Creative Market: Creative Market is by far one of the most well-known places to find high-quality design assets. Many graphic artists have set up shop here to showcase their work. At Creative Market, you can find just about anything you need, from fonts to filters. 

If you’re into freebies & discounts, this is for you! Each month, you’ll also have the opportunity to purchase a discounted bundle of design assets. By signing up for their mailing list, you’ll receive also free design goodies every Monday. This is a fantastic way to expand your library of graphics for your coaching business.

Creative Market Fonts - How To Create A Coaching Logo In Canva

Font Squirrel: If you’re searching for quality free fonts to spice up your coaching marketing, Font Squirrel is the place to go. The site offers a diverse selection of fonts from well-known designers. Make sure, however, to review the terms for each font. Some fonts are restricted to personal use only and cannot be used for commercial projects. 

Font Squirrel - How To Create A Coaching Logo In Canva

Step 3: Create A Coaching Logo Moodboard

If you’re feeling inundated with inspiration, a good way to play with various combinations and narrow things down is to create a mood board in Canva. The images and colors you use can set the tone you envision for your brand. If you have particular colors in mind, include them. 

You can then add images that interest you to see if a pattern emerges. It will then be easier to discard things that don’t make sense, and you’ll be able to continue developing your mood with what remains.

Brand Board - How To Create A Coaching Logo In Canva

Although you may have to learn this process, don’t get overwhelmed by trying to achieve the perfect combination. Have fun and go with your instincts. Picking out the right color palette for your coaching brand can be a fun and creative process. 

To learn how to create a mood board step by step (+ get a free template) read our blog post: How to Create a Mood Board for Your Coaching Brand + Website >>

Step 4: Create a Coaching Logo in Canva

After you’ve decided on a brand’s personality and the message you want to convey through colors, fonts, and images, now it’s time to decide what your coaching logo should look like. Take these questions into consideration: 

  1. What will your logo convey about your company? Imagine how you want your audience to feel when they see it. A logo can make your audience feel something through its descriptive and symbolic elements. 
  2. Are there any logos from other companies that you think your audience could be attracted to?
  3. What are some characteristics of the logos you chose that stand out to you?

Once you have decided on all of the above, you can begin designing your coaching logo! 

To get started, if you don’t have one already, you’ll need a free Canva account. A free account is totally fine, but if you plan on using Canva often, we recommend a Canva Pro account

Step 1: Create Your Canvas

Go to Canva and choose “Create a design” and Click “Custom Size”. Enter “1080” for the width and “780” for the height. Click the “Create new design”  button.

Step 1 Create Your Canvas

Step 2: Add Your Logo Text

Click the “Text” icon from the left vertical navigation and choose “Add a Heading” from the menu that pops out. Paste your business name. Repeat until all your text is added and sized the way you like.

Step 2 Add Your Logo Text

Step 3: Add Elements To Your Logo

Click the “Elements” icon from the left vertical navigation and search and choose any element you’d like and add it to your logo canvas. Place your chosen element (if any) where you’d like until you are happy with the placement. 

Tip: Keep trying different elements! You’ll see in the next step we ended up using a completely different one.

Step 3 Add Elements To Your Logo

Step 4: Add The Final Touches

Once you are done play click your text and play around with the fonts, font sizes and color options on the top navigation until you get a logo that you are happy with what you see!

Step 4 Add The Final Touches

If you don’t want to start from scratch (or if you want to use the logo pictured above) you can grab our Canva logo templates! They are easy to use and already setup to go. 

Lovely Impact - Canva Coaching Logos

Step 5: Export Your Coaching Logo Files

Next, it’s time to export your coaching logos and put them to good use! Before we dive in, it’s important to understand the different image types and their purpose: 

PNG: PNGs are very commonly used for graphics, and these support a transparent background. You will need to create this in the editor by deleting the background or making it white before you export the file.

Tick the Compress file box and choose your compression ratio, and you should be able to export the file.

JPEG: If you want a small file size to ensure that your logo loads properly and doesn’t cause any delays, this should be your top option. You can adjust the scale and quality of the image by dragging the slider, so it’s flexible, and most programs are capable of reading this kind of file type.

SVG: If you plan to mostly use your logo online, SVG might be the best option as it is tailored to web graphics. It supports transparency so you can get rid of the background and make sure the logo looks great, and it will let you retain the image quality at whatever size you choose.

PDF Standard: If you are exporting text, illustrations, or other graphics with a resolution of 96 dpi, PDF standard could be the best option for you. PDFs are a popular file type, and although they are more commonly used for documents, they can also be used for logos.

PDF Print: If you will be printing a file with a resolution of 300 dpi, PDF print is the best choice. It has options such as crop marks and bleed, and it will ensure that your formatting is retained when the file has been downloaded.

Here’s how to export your new coaching logo:

Step 1: Click “Share” button in the top right of the navigation menu and choose “Download” from the menu that appears. 

1 - How To Export Your Coaching Logo Files

Step 2: Use the drop down under “File Type” to choose the type of file you want to download. See our notes above for help. Then click the “Download” button. 

2 - How To Export Your Coaching Logo Files

Voila! Your logo has been saved to your computer. 

Now that you understand the basics of how to create a coaching logo in Canva, it’s time to put your new skills to work! Let this process be simple and fun. As outlined in the article, you can start by thinking about what color palette and fonts reflect the overall mood and vibe of your business. 

Most importantly, be true to yourself in everything you create. After all, that is what will make your coaching brand truly unique.

We hope you found this tutorial helpful and that you give Canva a try for all of your graphic design needs in your coaching business. 

Did you follow along with this tutorial and create a coaching logo of your own? Let us know how it went in the comments below. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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Hey! I’m Tee, a brand and marketing coach and the Co-Founder & CMO at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches grow their coaching businesses digitally. Here on our blog, my content focuses on web design, marketing, business, and social media strategy.

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