Why You Should Be Using SEO Keywords For Your Content

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SEO keywords are like the hallpass for websites. Without them, you can’t get Google to send traffic to your site.

If you want Google and other search engines to pay attention to your website, you need to be using keywords in your content. As in every page of your website, every blog post, every portfolio project…literally anywhere you create a new page.

Google ranks websites based on a number of things, but the quickest and easiest way to start getting some attention is to use SEO keywords.

Without them, your website is going to sit unnoticed, visited only by your most fervent Facebook fans. Womp womp.

Don’t let that happen to you. Start using SEO and getting traffic from search results.

If you start now, chances are you’ll start seeing your traffic increase in a matter of weeks.

How to choose your SEO keywords

There’s this fun new tool called Ubersuggest by Neil Patel. I think I’ve mentioned it once or 10 times before. 😉

It’s a completely free SEO keyword research tool that you can use to figure out what keywords are best for your content.

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I use it nearly every day for myself or my clients.

You can type in a keyword idea, and it will generate related keywords and show you how frequently they’re being searched for, and how hard it is to rank for them.

Basically what you’re doing is looking for the easiest keywords versions that you can include in your content, that also get some traffic.

You don’t want to choose keywords that are packed with other users, because you’ll just end up as more noise in a crowded arena. I typically recommend using the ones that have 1k-10k searches per month and a difficulty rating of less than 35.

This will get you more bang for your buck, and increase your ranking quicker than if you tried to 

Some tips for finding better keywords

  1. Go for longtail. Longtail keywords are more than one word, and they do better than single words. For instance, instead of using coach or organizer or blogger, you’d use marriage coach or home organizer or food blogger.
  2. Think about what you’d type into Google to search for it. Many people type entire questions into Google in order to find what they’re looking for. A lot will type how to grill a steak instead of the shorter version: grill a steak. And you should take advantage of that and use what they’re typing as your keyword to get more traffic.
  3. Try different variations. Before I settle on a keyword for my content, I’ll test a variety of options with Ubersuggest. For this post, I tried SEO, using SEO, SEO tips, SEO for your content, and SEO marketing. Then I found the SEO keywords option I’m actually using as one of the related suggestions.

Know that it’s a trial and error game

SEO doesn’t just click and come together overnight.

There’s a high likelihood that you’re going to struggle to get it right at first, and that’s ok.

I thought I understood SEO really well because I learned about it in my web design classes, but really the keyword is just the tip of the iceberg—it’s a start.

It’s something that can make a drastic difference in your website traffic within a few months time. And that’s worth the time and investment in learning how to use it.

By Cass

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