Where To Advertise Coaching Services: The Ultimate Guide

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Are you looking for some direction when it comes to advertising your coaching business? If that’s you, welcome! We’ve heard the good and the bad, and we got curious too. Today, we’re sharing where to advertise coaching services.

As a coach, you likely already know that sometimes you need to pay for marketing, rather than just generate organic traffic. In this post, we are going to explore paid online advertising.

We’re Cass and Tee, the creators of Lovely Impact, coaches, and web designers. We specialize in helping coaches, like you, take their businesses to the next level and achieve real success.

In this article, we will explain how to utilize paid online advertising effectively so that you can spend your money wisely and market your business.

Ready to get started? Keep reading to learn more.

What is Online Paid Advertising?

The term “online paid advertising” refers to the process of paying a platform to display your ads to its users. There are many different kinds of ads online, including cost-per-click (this is where you pay every time someone clicks on the advert) and cost-per-mille (when your cost is based on how many impressions you make).

There are search ads, social media ads, and ads on sites such as Amazon. Wherever your coaching clients tend to congregate in the online world, there is a way to reach them using online advertising.

In the modern world, online advertising is a key part of business, especially for coaches. Few coaches have physical locations, so being present online is crucial.

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The Pros & Cons of Paid Advertising for Coaches

When it comes to deciding where to advertise coaching services, there are a few advantages and disadvantages, so we’ll start with the pros:

  • You can reach lots of coachaing clients in a space you already operate in (online).
  • You can decide exactly how much you want to spend and measure what the impact is likely to be.
  • You can reach coaching clients that would never hear about you from word of mouth, which may later help to boost your organic growth.

Some of the negatives:

  • The process can be expensive and there is no guarantee of a return.
  • Your advertising efforts aren’t likely to reach coaching clients offline.
  • You may get a rush of coaching clients, followed by quiet periods if you stop advertising.

Where to Advertise Coaching Services: 8 Places to Try

1. Google Adwords

Where To Advertise Coaching Services - Google Adwords

Google is one of the biggest names on the internet, and Google Adwords is, therefore, an attractive place to advertise. It puts your business right at the top of the search page, where lots of potential coaching clients can see it.

This lends you credibility and greatly increases your chances of winning more clients. However, this is a cost-per-click service, and it can get expensive pretty quickly. Costs vary depending on your location but be aware of how costly these coaching clients are to gain.

However, these ads do have the benefit of being very targeted, and you can ensure you are only marketing to people likely to buy as well as click.

2. LinkedIn Ads

Where To Advertise Coaching Services - LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a popular place to advertise because it gives you access to a high-class coaching client. Many people on LinkedIn are professionals with disposable income and have an interest in improving themselves – which is ideal for coaches.

It is also a work-centric space, and if you’re a business coach, you’ll find yourself in a great position to attract coaching clients who are focused on their careers and finances.

However, LinkedIn does tend to be expensive. You will pay more to advertise here than in other places. Additionally, many users are looking for work, rather than looking to buy something from other users.

3. Facebook Ads

Where To Advertise Coaching Services - Facebook Ads

In our opinion, when it comes to deciding where to advertise coaching services, one giant social media platform stands out!

Facebook has a very large user base, which makes it attractive. These are also people who are generally relaxing, browsing, and thinking – and this may be a great opportunity to sell them something. 

Facebook ads can be pretty immersive, and you can measure the effectiveness of the ads. In terms of price, Facebook falls around the middle, with some cheap options but some more expensive ones too.

It can be difficult to stand out on Facebook; as it’s one of the popular platforms with coaches. The competition will be fierce but the variety can also give you lots of inspiration for your own advertising campaigns.

4. Pinterest Ads

Where To Advertise Coaching Services - Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is one of our favorite platforms to advertise on. One of Pinterest’s best advantages is that you can pay on a per-click basis, rather than on a viewer basis. That means your coaching services ad doesn’t cost you until someone actually clicks it.

Barring accidental clicks, that means you pay when someone gets interested. This is often preferable to services where you pay regardless of who views your advertisements.

However, Pinterest does not offer as wide of an audience as other platforms, and you might find it’s harder to attract coaching clients there.

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn, and possibly TikTok, without strategic usage of keywords, it isn’t guaranteed to give you access to a crowd that is engaged with coaching.

5. Twitter Ads

Where To Advertise Coaching Services - Twitter Ads

Twitter gives you great control over who sees your ads, and it lets you choose the desired outcome. You won’t pay unless your advertising goal is achieved, so it’s a great way to get more followers if you’re actively using the platform.

There are quite a few different kinds of ads on Twitter, which is a big plus. You can promote tweets, trends, and your account. However, keep in mind that some of these options will be very expensive!

Additionally, if you want to analyze your campaign and its effectiveness, you may find that Twitter is not as useful as Google or Facebook. The interface is also quite cluttered, meaning that people are more likely to miss your ads.

6. YouTube Ads

Where To Advertise Coaching Services - YouTube Ads

As the second-largest search engine after Google, YouTube is a great place to advertise. Your audience is likely to be relaxed and having fun – so they’re more likely to be receptive to your message. They may also be in a learning mood, which is an amazing benefit for coaches.

However, some keywords on YouTube can be extremely expensive, and you are in an auction for cost-per-click ads. If other people increase the bidding, your ads get pushed out. This makes it difficult to target some common keywords economically.

Targeting on YouTube can sometimes be ineffective, meaning your ads won’t always reach the right people.

7. Microsoft Ads (Previously known as Bing Ads)

Where To Advertise Coaching Services - Microsoft Bing Ads

Advertising on Bing has a few significant advantages, even if it isn’t as big as Google. The first is that because it isn’t as big as Google, you will face fewer competitors. The second is that because Microsoft owns Bing, Yahoo, and AOL, adverts will appear on all three search engines.

It is considerably cheaper to advertise on Bing than Google, and it gives better ad placement.

However, having less traffic results in fewer clicks and fewer coaching clients.

8. Amazon DSP

Where To Advertise Coaching Services - Amazon Ads

Amazon is well-known for its credibility, and advertising on the site can help you to gain this advantage. You will get immediate access to thousands of Amazon customers – people specifically looking to spend money. This is a great crowd to tap into.

However, Amazon DSP uses programmatic advertising, so you do have to compete for slots against other brands. This can result in bidding wars.

This tends to make Amazon DSP an expensive option, so review your budget before spending money on this platform. It is also quite a complex platform to understand and utilize well, so make sure you do your reading and deeper research first.

Final Thoughts – Where to Advertise Coaching Services

Knowing where to advertise coaching services is a key part of making the most of your marketing campaign. Don’t treat it like a gamble and stick ads up just anywhere while hoping for the best. Think from your ideal coaching client’s perspective and make sure you are advertising where are most likely to see you.

Failure to advertise could lead to you missing the opportunity to create low-cost leads and give your business a massive boost, which will later create organic traffic. Don’t ignore the power of paid marketing!

Have you tried any of these online advertisement services? Let us know how your advertising efforts have gone, and what your go-to advertiser is in the comments below.

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Hey! I’m Cass, a brand coach and the Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches elevate their businesses with beautiful branding and websites. Here on our blog, my content focuses on branding, web design, and storytelling.

Hey! I’m Tee, a brand and marketing coach and the Co-Founder & CMO at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches grow their coaching businesses digitally. Here on our blog, my content focuses on web design, marketing, business, and social media strategy.


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