What Does A Life Coach Do?

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What Does A Life Coach Do?

Hey there, coach! Ever found yourself pondering over the question, “What does a life coach do?” Whether you’re curious about diving into the world of life coaching or seeking to enrich your coaching toolkit, you’re in the right place.

We’re about to unravel the mystery behind the impactful work of life coaches, and trust us, it’s as rewarding as it sounds!

In this blog post, we’re diving deep into the essence of life coaching—shedding light on how these unsung heroes make a monumental difference in people’s lives, both personally and professionally.

Buckle up, friend—this journey will not only satisfy your curiosity but might also inspire you to explore the realms of life coaching further.

Meet us, Cass and Tee, the dynamic duo powering Lovely Impact, your go-to business resource website. With our hearts and minds invested in the coaching industry, we’re here to guide you through understanding the transformative role of life coaches.

Ready to explore the depths of life coaching with us? Let’s get this show on the road and uncover what a life coach truly does.

What Does a Life Coach Do?

Imagine being stuck with personal or career challenges. And the thought of doing it alone sounds like a recipe for disaster!  

Who do you turn to to reach your full potential? 

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Life coaches! That’s who.

Life coaches work with individuals who are ready to make changes in their lives and crush their personal and professional goals. 

This might sound like therapy, counseling, and mentoring. But it’s a whole different animal in the self-improvement arena.

Therapy is all about finding underlying causes to behavioral patterns. Plus, clients work with a licensed mental health professional to address past traumas, and emotional challenges. 

Then there’s mentoring vs life coaching. 

Have you ever met an individual who has the success and life you’ve always dreamed of? Did you wonder how they got to be there? That’s what mentorships are for. 

Students go to a mentor with a “Teach me your way, sensei!” attitude, and mentors teach their students the steps to get the success they have. 

Have you noticed something, yet? Life coaching is a WAY different approach than mentoring and therapy. 

Life coaching DOES NOT put the life coach in the spotlight. You get to take part in a spectacular duet!

You’ll work side by side with your clients as an equal partner to close the gap between the present challenges and your client’s future goals.

You get to be the secret weapon clients have in order to succeed with their goals!

The Life Coaching Process

What does a life coach do during this mysterious and impactful collaboration? 

Let’s clear up one part of the mystery: Clients are the conductors of their transformative journey. 

Think of the journey like a railway. You set track, but clients steer and conduct the train where they want it to go. They determine where and when to meet, what you talk about, and what goals they want to achieve. 

Read on to untangle the intricacies of a coaching relationship. 

Building a Coaching Relationship

A good coach-client relationship starts with trust and communication. 

This is a vital part of life coaching. 

With any relationship, you start off as strangers. It can be intimidating, scary, awkward, or sometimes, all three! 

So get out your listening ears, and let your client do the talking. Figure out what they want to achieve and what’s really keeping them stuck. 

If something doesn’t sound quite right, that’s where you chime in. 

Your role is to bring clarity to the REAL mind gunk that keeps them from moving forward. When their inner critic gets a little bossy, you ignite their aspirations and encourage them to reach for the stars! And shut that inner critic out!

What does a life coach do to make a tender budding relationship blossom into a flourishing partnership? 

Life coaches are SKILLED at conversation and getting to the nitty gritty of client foundations. 

You’ll uncover meaningful values and parse through the layers to get at your client’s true goals and aspirations. You’ll bring insightful questions to the table that POWER UP their personal growth.  

When you understand their current circumstances, you’ll be able to meet your clients where they’re at. 

And when clients have a safe place where they feel heard… you’ve got a beautiful and trusting coach-client relationship ready to blossom!

Developing an Action Plan

Once a super transparent view of where your clients are has been created, it’s on to designing an action plan.

But hold on a minute! 

Remember, this is an equal partnership. Clients must be actively involved in designing the action plan, too. That way it’s as personalized as possible.

Together you’ll both decide: 

  1. What the goals are. Keep your client in alignment with themselves! Silence the negative self talk and spice up their ambitions.
  2. Deadlines to achieve goals. You’re working with a timeline in mind! You want real results in a reasonable amount of time. 
  3. What obstacles might be in the way. Pitfalls, bumps in the road, unexpected turns… whatever you want to call them. You can’t predict all of them, but armor up for the ones you know are coming. 
  4. What support is needed to overcome obstacles. When your client flashes the help signal into the night sky, you’ll fly in with an arsenal of secret weapons to support them.

When you have all this down, it’s time to put the plan into action! 

You’ll tap into your client’s inner strength with your vibrant positive energy and keep their commitment and motivation high. 

You’ll provide accountability and follow up closely so there’s no lag in their journey. 

➡️ Need a solid way to track progress? Our FREE Accountability Form for Coaches helps you keep close tabs and maintain momentum.

Key Responsibilities of a Life Coach

Important note: A life coach might not have the same life experiences as their clients. 

You might think that you should have the same lived experience as your clients. 

For example if you lived through a divorce, a weightloss journey, toxic relationships, or career changes, that makes you an expert on these topics, right?

Yes, that totally can help. 

But not having the same lived experience shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. 

You can still rock it, coach!

The thing is, whether you have the same lived experience or not, you still have the responsibility to maintain professional attributes and skills to be a supportive partner.

These will help with all your coach-client relationships. 

Let’s jump into the skills and key responsibilities you should have as a life coach to facilitate client growth. 

Facilitating Growth

Listening without judgment is the cat’s meow! This skill goes with life coaching like butter goes with biscuits. You want to provide a safe place so clients can speak freely and comfortably. Always keep that skill fine tuned. 

Next, let’s talk about… the dreaded inner critic! So many struggles come from this imaginary enemy. You finesse your coaching talent to peel away the murky layers of negative self-talk and to put an end to limiting beliefs. 

As we’ve chatted before, life coaches are an equal partnership. 

You shouldn’t tell your clients what to do in tricky situations. Instead, the MOST impactful approach is to encourage self-discovery and to guide clients on a journey of self-awareness.  

Keep these skills polished to spur clients on to MAXIMUM growth in any personal journey.

Coaching Approach

Sometimes life can veer off course. Don’t worry! You possess the grace to maneuver, adapt, and adjust strategies as needed.

When the unexpected happens, it’s your role to help your clients adjust their strategies and find new pathways to success. With a calm demeanor and a flexible approach, you can guide them through any storm, ensuring they continue to make progress towards their goals. 

And what does a life coach do when clients have put in the work and have made progress? This is the VERY BEST part! You get to pop the confetti, and cheer your clients on! 

As a life coach, you love to celebrate the wins! It’s 100% your thing!

Coaching Niches and Specializations

Life is a journey with A LOT of forks in the road, and directions to take. 

That’s good news for you! That means you can target specific life areas… and really… you can’t get super creative with life coaching. 

But if you’re just dipping your pinky toe in the life coaching waters, here are some common coaching areas to get your brain’s engine warmed up. 

What Does a Life Coach Do: Common Areas

Personal, professional, and goal setting coaching. Does the career and workplace have you hopping into your best suit, no questions asked? In this type of coaching you collaborate with clients to propel them on a journey of self-discovery. Most goals have to do with improving mindset and rising to meet professional ambitions. 

Relationship coaching. Dedicate yourself to untangling the complexities of relationships and family life. You help clients understand themselves better, set boundaries, and improve their relationships by providing outside support. We can’t read minds, so this is the next best thing for navigating relationships!

Health, wellness, and lifestyle coaching. Are you a low-key health nut with a fascination for the latest health trends? In this role you help people who have health risk factors or make poor lifestyle choices that need to be overcome. Goals revolve around getting proper nutrition, starting exercise, kicking bad habits, and taking control of health.

Spiritual coaching. If clients are in a spiritual rut, there’s a specialty for that, too. When people come face to face with understanding their role in the universe and the interplay of energies within — it can be overwhelming! As a spiritual and personal growth coach, you’ll guide clients on a journey of self-love, purpose, and compassion.  

What Does A Life Coach Do? - Life Coaching Niches

When asking “What does a life coach do?” There are many answers — and that’s the beauty of coaching! 

Life coaches come in all sorts of flavors, and are MIND-BLOWINGLY versatile.

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The Transformative Power of Life Coaching

How amazing is it when you can be the hero who lives for glorious moments of transformation?!

Let’s explore them and how they happen. 

Personal Transformation

Self-discovery is a big part of life coaching. 

When it comes to kicking pesky habits and taking steps to get closer to goals, helping clients understand themselves is key. 

What are they doing that’s working or not working? What are their strengths and weaknesses? 

HUDDLE UP, coach! 

We have something important to say: It’s essential to not play the wise old owl who gives out advice, ok?

Instead, create a partnership of collaboration where clients get to experience a lightbulb moment. 

That’s where the biggest differences are made.

The thing is, when clients discover themselves, they’re empowered to move toward their goals. That’s what we really want! 


Your partnership also involves being ON POINT with motivation. 

Let’s be real here for a minute. Your clients will get discouraged and lose motivation. Nuh-uh! Not on your watch. Tactfully bring the motivation to rain down and get them FIRED UP!

What does a life coach do when things fall through and don’t end up how we wanted? 

This is another marvelous role you’ll play: You swoop in to re-strategize, and reinvigorate clients to bust through obstacles and plateaus. 

Achieving Goals

Picture this. You’ve planned, strategized, and avoided pitfalls with clients… then…BOOM! Your client succeeds. Everything falls into place and transformation happens right in front of your eyes!

When your clients achieve goals you get to roll out the red carpet, open the limousine door, and watch your clients step out with a big smile into a beautiful new role. 

It’s one of THE BEST feelings you can experience as a life coach. We guarantee it! 

To get to that glamorous moment, there’s a process to follow first. 

Clear away the blind spots! You’ll keep a detailed record of what your client is doing RIGHT and bring awareness to it. When they see and understand what they’re doing right, they’ll be motivated to keep going. 

When they start going off course, be louder than a Google GPS and re-route to get them back on the road. Be the cheerleader they need to get things done and make notes of what caused the detour.

Keep a detailed record to keep your clients on the path to success. 

It’s all worth it to watch as everything falls into place like a blanket of snow as their work-life balance and overall well-being is improved! 

Becoming a Certified Life Coach

Is becoming a certified life coach striking your soul strings? We hope so! It’s a fulfilling career where you make a HUGE impact in people’s personal and professional lives. 

Next up, what does a life coach do to get started in this rewarding career?

Essential Skills and Training

Take note of these other skill sets and training that will razzle and dazzle clients. 

They’ll also give you a mighty push to succeed in a competitive market: 

  • Empathy. Empathy pulls the ribbon to get people to open up like a Christmas present. You gotta have it all over you like pink on a flamingo. 
  • Emotional intelligence and graceful expectation. Super useful because you’ll be navigating all sorts of ups and downs and you’ll want to flow seamlessly rather than holding on frantically through turbulent waters. 
  • Problem solving. A top shelf attribute! Being solution oriented is the secret sauce to a successful coach-client relationship.
  • A certification. Let’s put light to something real quick. The coaching industry isn’t regulated. That said, becoming certified is a sure fire way to show people you know the nuts and bolts of coaching — and that you’ve been tested by competency based training. Wondering where to get reputable life coaching certifications and training? Check out The Best Affordable Life Coach Certifications.

Lastly, what does a life coach do to stay competitive in the market? Stay curious! 

Do this by staying educated on the latest science breakthroughs, behavioral health modifications, and coaching techniques. 

Don’t forget the eye opening journey of YOUR personal development. 

As an equal person in the coach-client relationship, improving yourself and staying open to personal development makes you a waaaaay better partner. 

Building a Coaching Practice

You’ve got your professional kit packed with must-have skills and a certification. 

Are you wide-eyed and bewildered on what to do next? We got you!

Coming up, what does a life coach do to pioneer on their newfound career path? 

Let’s take a dive into building a coaching practice. 

1- Branding

First, start with your brand. 

“But Cass and Tee, I thought brands were for big business like Nike and Apple?! I’m just one person!!!”

Don’t get caught red handed sticking yourself in the brandless and nameless crowd!

We’re going to let you in on a BIG HINT. Those with a brand will be more likely to succeed. 

So here’s how you start making a brand and name for yourself.

Think about these two things:

  1. What do you want to specialize in?
  2. What kind of coach do you want to be known as?

That’s the foundation of your brand and the vibes you’ll have to ACTIVELY pour into the world.

When you begin peeling back the layers of your signature identity, you’ll find it’s a journey filled with some serious introspection.

Don’t let that stop you! Self-discovery takes time. The more you know what you want out of coaching the more passionate you’ll be about your career. AND the more SUCCESSFUL you’ll be. 

➡️ Looking for direction in building a business that’s as impactful as it is beautiful? Check out our Brand Clarity Guide for Coaches.

2- Website and Marketing

Next, is pouring your heart and soul into a website and marketing content that attracts your ideal clients. 

Give clients a snapshot of your coaching program. Shed light on the problems you solve and how you solve them. 

Let them know of any unique approaches to your coaching.  

Remember, your website is your storefront!

First impressions matter. Pay attention to the details and curate a magnetizing experience from the get-go! 

Pages you’ll want to include in your website are:

  • A homepage. Your corner of the internet to boldly say hello, make impact, and say why you’re the coach your client needs.
  • About page. Who are you…really…? Use this space to dive into your background and why you’re passionate about what you do, and why you’re the best fit for your client. Don’t be a stranger!
  • Services page. Don’t leave potential clients confused. Let them know EXACTLY what you do and what you offer.
  • Contact page. Nothing fancy here. Just good ol’ contact info so a conversation can get started. If you have socials, give your potential client the opportunity to send DMs, too!
  • Resources page.  Did you catch someone who’s undecided? No worries. At least give them a few resources to start them on their journey. When the time is right, they might circle back. 

⚡ Scratching your head and unsure where to start on your website? Get your website up and running with our website templates. For more support, connect with us here. We’d love to guide you in creating a noteworthy and authoritative website. 

3- Networking

When your website and marketing strategy are polished and perfected it’s on to networking. 

The internet is bursting at the seams with opportunities to get in front of the right people. 

You can try Instagram, Facebook groups, LinkedIn, and Meetup groups to find people with similar goals and interests.  

Send messages to people with a brief explanation of who you are and what you do. 

Don’t get discouraged when people don’t respond back! It’s never a reflection of you or your character. 

Just keep going! 

The goal is to get to know people in the industry, build connections, and grow a referral network. 

4- Client Acquisition

We love hearing about the thrill of getting a first client! 

Here’s the BIGGEST question most new life coaches have: 

What does a life coach do to get their first clients?

Start with your inner circle!

Let your family and friends know what you do and a connection just might turn into a referral.

Check yourself. 

If you’re family and friends don’t know what you do… you’re not being loud enough about your passion! 

Keep these channels wide open to find your first client. 

Also, using the built-in client acquisition features of your website is a fabulous way to get your first client. 

⚡ Pro tip: You can reel in clients with valuable, informative content by creating SEO blogs. Grab our FREE Blog Planning Checklist to kick off your blogging game!

The Future of Life Coaching

You might be wondering where life coaching is headed in the future. 

Scoot a little closer, you’ll want to listen up! 

AI is influencing a MASSIVE part of the entire workforce including, well, you guessed it, life coaching. 

It might look intimidating, but fear not! 

What does a life coach do when faced with new changes? Embrace it and learn it! Those who figure out how to work with it NOW are going to get ahead later. 

What does AI life coaching look like? 

AI life coaching is a data driven approach where chatbots analyze client behavior and provide real-time feedback. Clients can modify their behaviors and learn lessons in a low-risk environment and on their own time. 

This is all fancy talk for making things a touch more convenient for clients. 

AI can also be an asset to your business if you use it in your workflow. For example, using AI to take notes during sessions lets you be more attentive and engage with your clients. Or you can use social media scheduling tools such as Tailwind to help save tons of time.

Will robots dominate the coaching industry? Not anytime soon. Robots are great, but it’s the human touch that clients are after. 

However, AI is an interesting trend to be aware of. 

Another trend to get onboard with is using technology in your business. 

Use it to increase your reach and help more clients by using Zoom, videos, emails, and virtual coaching platforms. 

AI and technology have shaken up the industry BIG TIME. But this development might leave some people RATTLED!

Coming soon to you is… potential regulation. 

It’s no longer experienced professionals who call themselves life coaches. The job sparks interest in a lot of people, sadly, the occasional bad apple, too! 

There’s nothing stopping the unqualified, scammers, and money grabbers from waltzing into the industry. 

However, a call for regulation might. 

That’s why we can’t stress it enough! A certification from an accredited course is a must for life coaches who are serious about making an impact!

Increasing Demand

Onward to the next tantalizing questions:

  • Is life coaching worth it? 
  • What does a life coach do to stay competitive? 
  • Is the industry saturated?

Let’s iron this one out. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) found that coaching grew a breathtaking 54% from 2019 to 2022. 

The industry grew from 71,000 coaches to an impressive 109,200 coaches in just four years! 

This reflects an increased awareness of coaching and the demand for personalized guidance and support. 

There’s no doubt we’ll be following that trajectory from 2024 and beyond!

What Does A Life Coach Do? Coaching grew 54%

What does that mean for you?

Specialize and refine your marketing skills in a bustling industry!

This is a fabulous way to get noticed as a life coach. 

Frequently Asked Questions

As we delve deeper into the heartwarming journey of life coaching, we’ve encountered some questions you might be carrying in your mind. Curiosity is the first step to discovery, and we’re here to walk you through these queries with our “Frequently Asked Questions” section. Let’s explore together, shall we?

What do life coaches actually do?

Life coaches are like the compasses to your ship; they guide you through life’s turbulent and calm seas alike. They work with you to identify your goals, uncover the obstacles holding you back, and devise personalized strategies to overcome these hurdles. Through one-on-one sessions, they provide support, accountability, and encouragement as you journey towards personal and professional fulfillment. It’s about empowering you to make, meet, and exceed goals in both your personal and professional life, transforming dreams into tangible realities.

What is the role of a life coach?

The role of a life coach is multifaceted and deeply impactful. They act as your support system, sounding board, and cheerleader all rolled into one. By asking thought-provoking questions, they help bring clarity to your desires and challenges, facilitating self-discovery and growth. Life coaches are there to help you navigate life’s transitions, improve relationships, and boost your overall well-being. They’re committed to your success, offering tools and techniques to build confidence, enhance decision-making, and foster a positive mindset.

What is a life coach vs therapist?

While both life coaches and therapists aim to help people live better lives, their methods and focuses differ. Therapists are healthcare professionals trained to diagnose and treat mental health issues, delving into past traumas and behaviors with a healing approach. Life coaches, on the other hand, focus on the present and the future. They work with mentally well individuals to achieve personal and professional goals, providing motivation and strategy rather than therapy. The life coach-client relationship is action-oriented, with an emphasis on improving one’s current life and reaching future objectives.

Why would someone have a life coach?

People seek life coaches for various reasons, all rooted in a desire for change and growth. Whether it’s navigating a career transition, improving relationships, managing stress, or simply seeking a more fulfilled life, a life coach can provide the structure, support, and accountability needed to move forward. Life coaches help clarify goals, identify the obstacles preventing achievement, and develop strategies to overcome these barriers. Having a life coach is like having a personal advocate for your success—a partnership that encourages you to explore your potential and live your best life.

Navigating through life’s journey can sometimes feel like deciphering a complex map. With these questions, we hope to have shed light on how a life coach can be the guide you need to chart a course towards your most fulfilling life.

Final Thoughts 

We’ve journeyed together through the empowering world of life coaching, and we hope you’re feeling as inspired as we are!

From demystifying the role of a life coach to exploring the profound impact they have on personal and professional growth, we’ve covered what makes life coaching such a transformative field. We delved into the key responsibilities of a life coach, the niches within the industry, and even touched on what it takes to become one yourself.

Now, we’re curious to hear from you:

Which aspect of life coaching caught your interest the most?

Or do you have any lingering questions about what a life coach does that we can help clarify?

Jump into the comments below and share your thoughts or questions with us. Your insights and curiosity fuel our community, making it a richer place for all aspiring coaches and seasoned professionals alike.

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Hey! I’m Cass, a brand coach and the Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches elevate their businesses with beautiful branding and websites. Here on our blog, my content focuses on branding, web design, and storytelling.

Hey! I’m Tee, a brand and marketing coach and the Co-Founder & CMO at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches grow their coaching businesses digitally. Here on our blog, my content focuses on web design, marketing, business, and social media strategy.

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