The Prosperous Coach Book Review + Key Takeaways

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The Prosperous Coach Book Review

Are you looking for a way to stand out from the competition? Are you tired of all the confusion and noise in coaching? If so, then The Prosperous Coach: Increase Income and Impact for You and Your Clients by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin is just what you need.

This book is an excellent resource with many valuable insights on how to become prosperous as a coach. It’s filled with practical advice that will help set your business apart from your competitors. 

Before you dive in, here are more details about the book:

The Prosperous Coach: Increase Income and Impact for You and Your Clients by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin

Digital: $39.95 (Kindle) | Physical: $39.95 | Audio: 1 Credit (Audible) | # of Pages: 284

Sample Buyer Review: I’ve had it for less than a month and it has helped me change how I have intake sessions dramatically. You’re either creating or coaching clients. It’s that simple. Worth. Every. Dollar.

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If you are considering trying The Prosperous Coach, read this entire review first! That way you will have a better understanding by the end of this post.

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What is The Prosperous Coach?

The Prosperous Coach is a coaching book by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin, and it’s aimed at helping coaches better understand both themselves and their clients. It was written to help coaches serve their clients and work out how to make their businesses both profitable and successful.

The book aims to take the knowledge that Steven Chandler and Rich Litvin provide in their Coach Prosperity School and turn it into a book that coaches all over the world can benefit from the skills they have gained and the approach they have created.

It’s proven immensely popular among coaches in recent years, in part because it recognizes that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to coaching. The Prosperous Coach uses inspiring language and call-to-action, encouraging people to get out there, test their skills, and forge a path. It advocates creating clients, rather than advertising for them, and is focused on building up 1-on-1 relationships with clients, rather than trying to create molds and fit clients into them. 

It is a book that is genuinely interested in creating better coaches. Most coaches choose their jobs based on a real desire to help others, and today’s marketing does not suit this well, while Chandler and Litvin’s approach does.

What’s Inside The Prosperous Coach

The Prosperous Coach is a big book, with 69 complete chapters. These fit into the following sections:

  • The Prosperous Coach
  • The Miracle Of Coaching
  • Creating Clients
  • Fearless Coaching
  • Deep Inner Work

The first of these sections has only two chapters, which explore what might be going wrong in a person’s current coaching model. This section is great for a coach who is currently struggling.

The book then quickly moves on to look at the value of coaching and explore how to become a great coach. It looks at things like a coach’s lifestyle, and the things that they might find difficult about coaching.

Next, there is a long section covering how to think about clients. This explores the nuances of client relationships, and the pitfalls that coaches can avoid, and the things they can do well.

The Fearless Coaching section moves into the “should”s and “shouldn’t”s of the coaching business, including practical tips on email, and some top common mistakes that many coaches make.

Finally, the last section, Deep Inner Work, focuses on the coach’s relationship with themselves and explores what they need to learn to make themselves better, both as a coach and an individual. Chapters such as “Why would a coach need a coach?” explore why this is so important to aspiring (and established) coaches.

Why Every Coach Should Read This Book

Anyone who is aspiring to become a truly great coach needs more awareness about coaching and more awareness about themselves. This book offers both. It calls on readers to slow down and understand who they are, and how they coach.

The Prosperous Coach also has a unique approach to how coaches should gain clients. Instead of cold calling and mass marketing, it advocates creating clients and spending time nurturing relationships with them.

The book is not interested in helping coaches hype themselves up to more than they can be; it is interested in exactly the thing that is the core of coaching: how can the coach help the client? This, according to the book (and common sense!), is the key differentiator that will make a coach successful.

The Prosperous Coach says that coaches should aim to show clients what they can do, rather than tell them what they can do, and offers explanations and techniques for doing this. It helps coaches alter their approach to coaching so that they can connect with and create clients whom they can genuinely help.

It’s also proven popular for its can-do attitude and clear enthusiasm and excitement about coaching. With two writers deeply immersed in the coaching world – and the world of teaching coaches – it is full of helpful ideas and advice that can help coaches to revolutionize their approach to their clients and their business strategy.

Final Thoughts

This book is a must-read for coaches and anyone who wants to better understand themselves, their clients, or the world around them. It’s also an excellent resource for those looking to learn how to make money in coaching. You can buy it right here!

Plus, if you are planning to buy, we’d love to hear from you! Be sure to come back and let us know in the comments!

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