Introducing the Sylvie! A Showit Website Template for Health Coaches

April 16, 2020
Introducing Sylvie - Showit website template for health coaches (3)

We are so excited to announce Sylvie, a Showit website template for health coaches (but it works for any type of coach tbh). Sylvie features a fun design with beautiful accents and a layout that showcases a healthy lifestyle, all while attracting your ideal customers.

Sylvie was created with health and wellness coaches in mind. That’s why we feel so serene when we look at it. Because the colors, layout, and photography ooze calming vibes that you and your dream clients will experience every time you (or they) go to your website. It’s subliminal marketing.

And we love it.

Read about our favorite parts of the template and take a look for yourself.

Our Favorite Details About the Sylvie Coaching Website Template Design

1 – The floating menu bar. There’s something about this menu bar sitting on top of an impactful image that makes us want to swoon. And when the mobile menu appears right below it with the small gap between them, we feel like rockstars. The devil is in the details (as they say) when it comes to design, and we’re super proud of this piece of the site in particular.

2 – The featured categories on the blog. The staggered height of the category images feels so fun, yet intentional. And the way they overlap with the header image above is just striking to us.

3 – The contact page in its entirety. Contact pages are often boring, with no personality. But Sylvie just screamed for a little love on all its pages, and this contact page is easily our favorite out of all our templates.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Pick out your own favorite details by viewing the live demo.

Showit website template for health coach - Sylvia by lovely impact

This Coaching Template Includes Everything You Need

Each of our Showit website templates for life coaches includes sixteen page templates to help you build any kind of coaching website you want or need, but we want to showcase some of our favorite Sylvie pages in this post.

The home page. Between the floating menu bar mentioned above and the large photos in this template, Sylvie’s home page is perfect for making a big impact on new visitors to your site.

Introducing Sylvie - Showit website template for health coaches (INSTA) (1)

The blog page. We mentioned the featured categories already, but we also love the layout of the blog posts on this template. They’re easily readable and the differing background colors between posts makes your blog stand out from the typical blog post layout.

Introducing Sylvie - Showit website template for health coaches (INSTA) (3)

The services page. We’re big fans of making what you do crystal clear on your services page. There will be no doubts about what you have to offer your future clients when they visit your services page.

The optin page. Every site should have a dedicated email optin page where they can direct people from Facebook ads or links on guest posts. And Sylvie’s optin page is simple, gorgeous, and impactful.

Start Building Your Dream Coaching Website

Every single detail of this health coach website template is customizable to fit your brand and business. We love to create templates with a type of coach in mind, but the truth is that every template we create could work for every type of coach. That’s how much control you have over our Showit coaching website templates.

And we’ll teach you everything you need to know in order to do it.

Our template video tutorial library? It has over 70 videos to help you learn. And they aren’t long videos. They’re short and to the point. Because editing your Showit coaching website is super easy.

And as an added bonus, we created guides on everything else you need to know and do to create the most epic life coaching website your business will ever have. #biasedbutstilltrue

Now if you’re ready to dive in and start building your life coach website, hit the button below. But if you’re worried about having the time or technical skills to get the job done, reach out to us about our restyling package. We’ll install, set up, and launch your coaching website for you in two weeks.

Things to note:

Images used on Sylvie come from Haute Stock.

Sylvie uses one premium font, Paris Sans, which you can purchase here. The rest are free Google Fonts.

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Introducing the Sylvie! A Showit Website Template for Health Coaches