Steal This Coaching Brand: Wild + Enchanting

November 16, 2020
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Steal This Coaching Brand: Wild + Enchanting

We’re well aware that creating a brand identity for your coaching business is not always the easiest thing in the world. That’s why we’ve been putting together some brand inspiration so you can get an idea of what you love and what would inspire your audience to trust you.

Now let’s be clear — your branding should never be about what you like, and always be about what your clients need to see to trust you, but you also have to like it. Imagine your branding is something you hate — you’ll never promote it the way you should, because you just aren’t feeling it.

With that in mind, make sure that whatever branding you create for your coaching business, you go with something your dream client is attracted to — and let it be something you like, too.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s dive into the latest branding inspiration.

The Brand

This brand was designed to fill our need for adventure. It’s wild, enchanting, and somehow makes our stress melt away. And it’s incredibly gorgeous.

It’s both soothing and athletic, dreamy and down-to-earth, and makes your imagination go wild. It would be the perfect fit for any coaching brand that inspires people to chase their dreams.

The Mood Board

This mood board gives off a relaxing vibe, while immersing you in the wilds of the desert. It’s all about feeling good — and would fit any kind of coaching brand.

Steal This Coaching Brand: Wild + Enchanting

Haute Stock photo bundles used in this mood board:

Desert Yoga

Dreamy Deser

If you want to use these photos for your own brand + website, you’ll need to sign up for a subscription with Haute Stock, which we can promise is worth it — we even use it for ourselves — and no, we get no kickback from promoting them!

The Color Palette

This palette is all about the smooth, relaxing vibe. It’s soft and enchanting, with a touch of the wild. It offers a beautiful foundation to build your brand from, and allows for a lot of variance in adding other soft, natural colors.

Steal This Coaching Brand: Wild + Enchanting

Here are the hex codes for this palette, from left to right:

#1: #e8dfd7

#2: #f7dfc6

#3: #c3c0a5

#4: #f8d7c9

#5: #483f2e

Not feeling a few of the colors in this palette? Try using one of these below:

Steal This Coaching Brand: Wild + Enchanting

Peach: #fcece3

Purple: #dbcfcf

Mint: #d8ded3

Beige: #d6b897

Note: you probably only want to switch out one or two of these colors to the palette…not all of them 😉

The Brand Fonts

The fonts that your brand uses are just as important as the color palette you’re working with. They breathe personality and tone into your business, in a subtle way that most people never notice.

To get you started with fonts, I’ve listed out the free Google fonts used in this brand example, plus included a couple premium fonts you might want to consider including for extra personality in your brand.

Base fonts:

Steal This Coaching Brand: Wild + Enchanting

Title Font: Anton from Google Fonts.

Steal This Coaching Brand: Wild + Enchanting

Headline Font: Quicksand from Google Fonts.

Subhead Font: Quicksand from Google Fonts.

Steal This Coaching Brand: Wild + Enchanting

Body Copy Font: Barlow Condensed Regular from Google Fonts.

Accent Fonts:

Printed Moments — A hand-drawn script font that will give your brand a really personal touch.

The Impressionist — A modern, emotional script font that will give your brand a touch of feeling.

Templates This Brand Example Work Best With

This wild and enchanting brand example works best with our Sylvie, Jana, and Alicia templates. Each of those templates tend towards a more enchanting brand.

Steal This Coaching Brand: Wild + Enchanting

Want to build out your own brand from scratch?

We’re ready to help you with that. In our free resource library for coaches, we’ve included Canva mood board templates that you can use to get started in creating your own brand mood board.

The templates include 4 different layouts that you can play with, adding your own preferred images and choosing your own colors, until you land on the perfect vibe for your business.

Get instant access to the mood board templates by signing up here.

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