Steal This Coaching Brand: Sleek + Romantic

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Steal This Coaching Brand: Romantic + Sleek

It’s time to check out another branding design you can steal for your coaching business!

We’ve been feeling the lack of connection lately, so we created this brand around love and romance — the perfect fit for you if you’re a relationship coach!

This brand is all about connections. It makes you feel something. It makes you yearn for those sweet, elusive romantic moments with the partner of your dreams (whether he’s real or imaginary).

Take a look!

The Brand

A mix of soft and bold colors, paired with dramatic imagery are what gives this brand its romantic vibe. And boy oh boy, does it make us feel romantic.

If you’re a relationship coach and your goal is to get your future clients feeling in the mood for some romance, this brand will do the trick.

The Mood Board

The romantic + sleek mood board is all about deep feelings — evoking strong emotions and tapping into the inner well inside each of us.

Steal This Coaching Brand: Romantic + Sleek

Photos from Haute Stock

canva moodboard for coaches

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If you want to use these photos for your own brand + website, you’ll need to sign up for a subscription with Haute Stock, which we can promise is worth it — we use them for our business, too!

The Color Palette

This palette is moody and emotive. Kind of the way romance is. It uses bold colors as the primaries, and softer colors to balance it out.

Steal This Coaching Brand: Romantic + Sleek

Here are the hex codes for this palette, from left to right:

#1: #af794c

#2: #496468

#3: #d8d9db

#4: #e3c5c5

#5: #241f16

The secret to using this palette is making sure you use the pink sparingly — it’s an accent color, not the main one. Keep anything pink small and all-the-more-impactful for it.

The Brand Fonts

The fonts that your brand uses are just as important as the color palette you’re working with. They breathe personality and tone into your business, in a subtle way that most people never notice.

To get you started with fonts, I’ve listed out the free Google fonts used in this brand example, plus included a couple premium fonts you might want to consider including for extra personality in your brand.

Base fonts:

Steal This Coaching Brand: Romantic + Sleek

Title Font: DM Serif Display from Google Fonts.

Headline Font: DM Serif Display from Google Fonts.

Steal This Coaching Brand: Romantic + Sleek

Subhead Font: Archivo Narrow from Google Fonts.

Steal This Coaching Brand: Romantic + Sleek

Body Copy Font: Mulish Light from Google Fonts.

Accent Fonts:

Celesse — This serif font is the perfect accent for a romantic brand. Use it to replace DM Serif Display.

Juniper & Sage — This script is a clean and classic cursive that’s perfect for both the romantic and sleek vibes of this brand.

Templates This Brand Example Work Best With

This romantic and sleek brand example works best with our Sylvie, and Jordan templates. Check them out in the shop today!

Steal This Coaching Brand: Romantic + Sleek

Want to build out your own brand from scratch?

We’re ready to help you with that. In our free resource library for coaches, we’ve included Canva mood board templates that you can use to get started in creating your own brand mood board.

The templates include 4 different layouts that you can play with, adding your own preferred images and choosing your own colors, until you land on the perfect vibe for your business.

Get instant access to the mood board templates by signing up here.

This brand was designed to be a little luxurious and totally romantic. It’s time to inspire some love in this world!

Steal This Coaching Brand: Sleek + Romantic

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