Steal This Coaching Brand: Clean + Bright

October 26, 2020
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Steal This Coaching Brand: Clean + Bright

We’re back this week with another coaching brand you can steal! And this time, we’re going the absolute opposite of the last one, with a brand that’s bright and colorful.

If you’re a color girl, this is the direction you’ll want to go. And you’ll look fab, darling.

The Brand

The key to pulling off a colorful brand is pairing it with a lot of white in between. That means your photos, social, and website should have plenty of white space and backgrounds to offset those bright pops of color that give your life meaning.

And don’t be afraid to use simple textures in your photos or on your website to give a little more dimension. However, you probably don’t want to go crazy with elaborate patterns or too much stuff in your photos, because that’ll come across as cramped and overcrowded. And be overwhelming to your followers.

The Mood Board

For this bright and cheerful brand, we’ve chosen a beautiful selection of bright and vibrant images from Haute Stock, for a nutrition and health coach.

But just because we used a health coach as the inspiration for this brand, keep in mind that it could fit literally any type of coach.

Steal This Coaching Brand: Clean + Bright

Haute Stock photo bundles used in this mood board:



If you want to use these photos for your own brand + website, you’ll need to sign up for a subscription with Haute Stock, which we can promise is worth it — we even use it for ourselves — and no, we get no kickback from promoting them!

The Color Palette

The colors in this brand are very neutral, allowing you to include just about any additional colors in your photography that you want to. It’s one of the biggest benefits of a neutral palette — that any accent color fits in.

Steal This Coaching Brand: Clean + Bright

Here are the hex codes for this palette, from light to bright:

#1: #f3f3f3

#2: #feecd2

#3: #fdc6bb

#4: #d5e1ad

#5: #fe688d

Looking to add a brighter pop of color? Try using one of these below:

Steal This Coaching Brand: Clean + Bright

Yellow: #f3eba1

Green: #cbdb63

Blue: #c0ebec

Salmon: #f09588

Note: you probably only want to switch out one or two of these colors to the palette…not all of them 😉

The Brand Fonts

The fonts that your brand uses are just as important as the color palette you’re working with. They breathe personality and tone into your business, in a subtle way that most people never notice.

To get you started with fonts, I’ve listed out the free Google fonts used in this brand example, plus included a couple premium fonts you might want to consider including for extra personality in your brand.

Base fonts:

Steal This Coaching Brand: Clean + Bright

Title Font: Bebas Neue from Google Fonts.

Headline Font: Bebas Neue from Google Fonts.

Steal This Coaching Brand: Clean + Bright

Subhead Font: Nunito Sans Light from Google Fonts.

Steal This Coaching Brand: Clean + Bright

Body Copy Font: Libre Franklin Extra Light from Google Fonts.

Accent Fonts:

Pineapple — A pretty script font that kind of mimics handwriting and gives the brand a personal touch. Use it for accents on your site and social media, but not for brand headlines or large amounts of text.

Kindness Matters — An awesome all-caps hand-written font that will look like you’ve personally written and added your notes and blurbs on your website.

Templates This Brand Example Work Best With

This clean and bright brand example works best with our Alicia, Sylvie, and Callie templates. Each of those templates tend towards a more colorful brand.

And if you’re going for bright, that pretty much means colorful, as well.

Want to build out your own brand from scratch?

We’re ready to help you with that. In our free resource library for coaches, we’ve included Canva mood board templates that you can use to get started in creating your own brand mood board.

The templates include 4 different layouts that you can play with, adding your own preferred images and choosing your own colors, until you land on the perfect vibe for your business.

Get instant access to the mood board templates by signing up here.

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