Ready to understand your dream client as well as your best friend and become the go-to coach in your niche?

It’s easier than you think…

Does this sound like you?

Does this sound like you - Niche Clarity Workbook for Coaches
  • You’re bursting at the seams with skills and passions, but narrowing it down to a niche that suits you AND attracts clients feels like finding a needle in a haystack.

  • You have a vivid picture of your dream client, but can’t connect, it’s like they’re behind a mysterious, foggy glass.

  • You’re losing sleep trying to figure out your dream client’s motivations, life, and challenges, but the more you ponder, the murkier it gets.

  • You’ve spent so many late nights brainstorming your brand message that your coffee maker is now your best friend, yet nothing seems to click.

  • You’re caught in a never-ending cycle: Define a niche, change the niche, redefine the niche. It feels like an exhausting game of musical chairs.

  • You’ve got these fantastic brand messaging ideas, but the worry that your words won’t resonate with your dream client is holding you back.

Now, imagine if..

Imagine for a moment, you hired a seasoned expert who specializes in niche clarity for coaches to sit with you, to dive deep into your overflowing pool of passions and skills, and to carefully handpick the ones that are truly YOU.

She patiently guides you, step by step, through the process of painting a clear and resonant picture of your dream client. She helps you understand their motivations, their life, their challenges, almost like you’ve known them for years.

Beyond that, she shows you how to craft a brand message that’s so undeniably YOU, it feels like your soul’s fingerprint on your business. And it’s a message so relatable to your dream clients, it’s like you’re speaking directly to their hearts.

And then comes the exciting part. With her by your side, you confidently define your official niche. And you know what? It feels so right, you can’t help but wonder why you didn’t see it before.

She even shares valuable tips on how to effectively change your niche should the need arise in the future.

And the cherry on top? She hands over a comprehensive plan to market your brand, tailored specifically to your niche, with tried-and-tested strategies that take your followers on a journey to become your loyal clients.

In a flash, you have a fully defined niche and brand messaging tips ready to implement and start attracting your dream clients. And that, my friend, is exactly what we are offering you.

Imagine If - Niche Clarity Workbook for Coaches


The Niche Clarity Workbook for Coaches

Say hello to your game-changer: our comprehensive workbook designed to illuminate your niche, connect you with your dream client, and supercharge your brand messaging. This is your roadmap to convert followers into loyal coaching clients like a pro!

Chris F., Remote Work Coach


I just purchased one of your templates and just want to offer a sincere thank you! They are extremely easy to follow and super clear. It’s not easy to nail both style and structure!

— Chris F., Remote Work Coach

Inside you’ll find:

✓ Proven and Tested Niche Selection

Packed with insights from countless successful niche transformations, this section is your secret weapon for navigating the niche labyrinth. It’s like your personal GPS, guiding you to that sweet spot where your skills, passion, and market demand intersect.

✓ Real Sales Strategies that Work

This isn’t just a workbook, it’s your brand messaging manifesto! Within these pages, you’ll uncover effective strategies to position your brand and connect with your dream clients within your chosen niche. Get ready to say “Hello!” to increased conversions and a flourishing coaching business!

✓ True Guidance and Encouragement

Hey, we’re your business besties, and we’ve got your back! We designed this workbook to help you, especially when the niche identification journey seems a bit daunting. Each page, each exercise is here to lift your spirits, boost your confidence, and guide you closer to your perfect niche.

✓ Tons of Worksheets and Examples

We’re with you every step of the way, coach! With detailed fill-in-the-blank worksheets and a plethora of examples, you’ll navigate the complexities of niche identification and messaging like a seasoned pro. From defining your skills to positioning your brand, we’re holding your hand throughout the journey!

Its Time -  Money-Making Offers Workbook for Coaches

It’s time to pinpoint your niche, connect with your dream clients, and skyrocket your coaching business!

By the time you finish this workbook, you’ll have:

  • An unshakeable understanding of your skills and motivations, creating a solid foundation for your coaching journey.
  • A detailed profile of your dream client, right down to their motivations, lifestyle, and challenges – it’s like you’ve known them forever!
  • A compelling brand message that’s so authentically YOU, it resonates deeply with your dream clients.
  • Your official niche defined and a roadmap for potential niche shifts in the future.
  • Tailored marketing tips to transform followers into loyal clients.
  • And so much more waiting to be discovered!

By the way… we’re Cass and Tee.

Two business besties turned coaches, who’ve then turned back into business mavens… but with a twist!

You see, after spending over 20 years designing websites, we became coaches ourselves. And one fateful video call about the realities of online coaching later, we found ourselves staring at a gap in the market wider than the Grand Canyon!

There were almost no resources out there that addressed modern branding, niche clarity, and effective marketing strategies for coaches. The available services? Let’s just say, they were about as contemporary as a typewriter.

And thus, Lovely Impact was born. We soon realized, though, that websites and logos were just the tip of the iceberg. Coaches needed more – they were struggling to understand how to speak to their clients, and not just any clients, but their dream clients.

In nearly every call, we found ourselves shedding light on the strategies that have worked like magic for us and our clients. The big, glaring issue? Niche clarity. Or, more accurately, the lack of it.

So, why did we put together The Niche Clarity Workbook for Coaches? It’s simple, really.

We believe that having a clear understanding of your niche is the first, most essential step to creating a successful coaching business. And we’ve seen the power of this clarity time and time again.

That’s why we created this comprehensive workbook – to guide you in identifying your niche, understanding your dream clients, and developing your unique brand message. We want to set you up for success in connecting with those dream clients and making a genuine impact in their lives.

And so, The Niche Clarity Workbook for Coaches was born – a detailed guide to help you discover your true niche and resonate with the clients who will love you for it.

Because let’s be honest, we’re in this to change lives and make a difference – one dream client at a time

— Stacy S., Career Coach


Your content provides clarity, coaching, and deep emotional work. I am speechless and in tears. Thank you so much

— Stacy S., Career Coach

Here’s how it works:

We’re with you at every step, guiding you like a bestie with a cup of tea and a masterplan!

STEP 1_ Define You


Defining You

We’ll start off with some soul-searching, business style! You’ll dive deep into understanding your business, discovering your true passion, and identifying the problems you’re a superstar at solving. You’ll get to outline your unique skills and expertise, define your coaching style, and craft a purpose statement that will have you jumping out of bed every morning. This isn’t just a workbook; it’s a voyage of self-discovery that redefines ‘business casual’!

STEP 2_ Define Your Client


Defining Your Client

Next up, we’ll help you put on your detective hat to figure out your dream client. You’ll get into their shoes (and their head) to understand their goals, motivations, and even their doubts. You’ll map out their current actions, desired outcomes, and the level of commitment they’re ready to make. We’ll even look at potential barriers to entry and how your pricing aligns with their expectations. It’s like having a crystal ball, but way more accurate!

STEP 3_ Define Your Brand


Defining Your Brand

Then, we’re going on a branding adventure! We’ll work together to uncover your brand personality, craft your brand story, establish your credibility, and pinpoint your core message. By the end of this section, you’ll have a brand that’s as unique as you and as appealing as your favorite dessert!

STEP 4_ Define Your Niche


Defining Your Niche

And finally, it’s time to declare your niche! You’ll write your niche statement, acknowledge any lingering fears or doubts, and learn how to pivot if you decide to change your niche in the future. This is your moment to plant your flag in the coaching world and declare, “This is my space!” And trust us, it’s going to feel AMAZING.

Plus a Lovely Bonus!

And to make sure you succeed… We’ve included a fantastic bonus to help!

Bonus - Niche Brand Marketing Guide

Dive into the bonus section, “Your Brand Marketing”. Here, we’ll guide you in creating a tailor-made mini-marketing plan that resonates with your dream client. It’s your game-changing bonus, ensuring your brand doesn’t just exist, but truly makes a niche-focused splash!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Niche Clarity Workbook for Coaches?

Say hello to your new bestie! The Niche Clarity Workbook for Coaches is your guiding star to help you navigate the intricacies of finding your perfect coaching niche. It’s bursting with industry secrets, expert strategies, and worksheets to support you through your niche-finding journey. It’s like having a wise, sassy friend sharing insider tips over a cup of coffee!

Do you offer refunds/accept returns?

Oh, how we wish we could! But due to the digital nature of our products, we can’t accept returns or offer refunds. But don’t worry, we’re always here to help! Reach out with any questions, and we’ll lend a helping hand.

How will this help my coaching business?

In what way won’t it, that’s the question! Niche clarity is like the secret ingredient to a successful coaching recipe. It will guide you to attract your dream clients, hone your messaging, and ultimately, grow your coaching business. Win-win-win!

Can I give this away or resell it?

We’re flattered by your enthusiasm, but this workbook is just for your personal use. It’s our labor of love, and it’s not available for redistribution or resale. Let’s keep it our little secret, okay?

I’m new to coaching, will this be too advanced for me?

Not at all, newbie coach! This workbook is designed to be your go-to, regardless of your coaching experience. We’ve crafted it into easily digestible pieces, so you can start your niche clarity journey straight away, no matter where you’re starting from.

Is this for any type of coach and any niche?

Absolutely, yes! Whether you’re a yoga guru, a business strategist, a leadership mentor, or a relationship whisperer, this workbook is your key to unlocking clarity. Our approach is adaptable, as good niche discovery principles apply across all coaching fields. We’ve got your back, coach!

What is the cost?

The Niche Clarity Workbook for Coaches is just $97. It’s like having a niche guru right next to you, but for a fraction of the cost. Trust us, it’s a game-changing investment!

What if I have a question that’s not listed here?

We’re all ears, friend! If you have a different question, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We’re here to help you shine!

When will I get the ebook?

No time like the present! The moment you click ‘Buy’, the workbook is yours. No shipping fees, no wait time, just instant access to your new coaching companion.

I have multiple interests. Can this guide help me narrow down my coaching focus?

Yes, indeed! That’s exactly what The Niche Clarity Workbook for Coaches is designed to do. We’ll guide you to identify your true passion and hone in on the niche that aligns with your skills and expertise. It’s like a compass for your coaching journey!

What Our Customers Say

— Joni D., Eating Disorder Recovery Coach


“They are generous with their knowledge, providing all the instruction and support needed to run my business.”

— Joni D., Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

— Christina G., Life Coach


“You have been an answered prayer. I greatly appreciate your thought partnership and coaching”

— Christina G., Life Coach

— Shira G., Pro Organizer & Life Coach


“So grateful to have Lovely Impact! My business truly couldn’t run without their consistent talent and expertise!”

— Shira G., Pro Organizer & Life Coach

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