Introducing Launch With Us for Coaches (2)

What if you could build your dream coaching brand and website — with a little help from us?

Launch With Us is a LIVE branding and website mastermind for coaches where we provide you with everything you need to launch a coaching brand, website, and business that you and your dream clients will love. 

(The Next Cohort Begins on January 23rd)

Is this you?

Launch With Us - Branding Mastermind for Coaches
  • You are ready to put yourself out there and be the best coach you can be. You want a beautiful coaching brand and website that represents who you are and the good you want to do in the world. 

  • You’re feeling good about your coaching niche and what you want to offer, but deep down you know you need some expert help with connecting the dots and getting clear on your mission, vision, and core values.

  • You believe in investing in yourself, but the only problem is that you don’t have the thousands of dollars needed to hire a branding coach, a graphic designer, and a web developer — and you definitely don’t want to just throw anything up. You’ve got standards.
Launch With Us - Branding Mastermind for Coaches (2)
  • You aren’t afraid to do the work in your business, but you are a coach, not a designer. You need someone to take the guesswork out of it, provide you with the tools you need, and share what works and what doesn’t work, so you can get to the next level quickly and easily.

  • You don’t want another course or a PDF with instructions. You need mentors, real people, to show up with you each week and hold your hand until you launch your coaching brand and website.

  • Coaching isn’t a part-time hobby for you or a trendy thing to do to make more money. You are in this for the long haul and get your expertise out in the world. You want to launch something intentional and long-lasting.
Coaching Logo Template Testimonial (2)


“I’m beyond happy!! They just “get it.” They know what’s in your head and beautifully curate it on the web.”

— Theressia N., Soul Growth Coach

Hey Coach,

Whether you’re brand new and just got certified or you’ve been coaching for a while, here’s the truth:

Your Future Clients Need You.

And It’s Your Job to Create A Beautiful Brand That Attracts Them And An Online Space That Converts Them.

Quickly throwing up a brand and website you don’t love won’t ever lead you to the dream coaching business you were called to create.

The business of transformation requires you to dig deep and launch with intention.

It requires you to go out and share your passions, and facilitate change inside others.

But, like the hundreds of coaches we’ve worked with, you either think you don’t have the creativity to build something that stands out and/or you don’t know where to start. 

If that’s the case — Launch With Us is the mentorship you need to finally create a coaching brand and website you can be proud of.

Are you ready to build a brand that attracts your dream coaching clients, sells your offers, and lights a fire inside you to dream bigger?

But first, pause for a moment, close your eyes and just imagine…

Coaching Business Mentors

Imagine showing up every week with mentors who have over 20+ years of experience launching brands and websites for the world’s top coaches. 

And they gave you everything you needed: weekly live sessions, templates, formulas, and strategies to help you launch something unique and beautiful.

Coaching Business Community

Imagine meeting other like-minded coaches from around the world and feeding off their energy and passion to build coaching businesses and brands that help others transform.

And they launched with you, each week going through the same process as you, supporting you as you support them. Going live together as you develop life-long relationships. 

Coaching Business Launch

Imagine walking away with everything DONE. A clear and concise brand, beautiful logos, a stunning website, and engaging copy.

And rest easy knowing everything got reviewed and audited by individual experts with different specialties. They combed through every detail and gave you sincere and loving advice, to help you launch the best version of yourself. 

— Pamela T., Health Coach


“I LOVE IT! WORTH EVERY PENNY! I am truly motivated to step my game up to the most professional level now.”

— Pamela T., Health Coach

Is Officially Open For New Applications

A 8-Week LIVE Branding & Website Launch Mastermind for Coaches 

(The Next Cohort Begins on January 23rd)

Launch With Us will give you the skills, strategy, and tools you need to confidently launch a competitive coaching brand and website. The foundation we build together will sustain your business for years to come. 

(Only 0 SPOTS Available)

At the end of this mastermind, you’ll walk away with:

Brand Clarity

We’ll take you on a journey deep into your personal psyche and the roots of your coaching business to uncover your personal and professional why. You’ll walk away knowing your brand mission, brand vision, core values, coaching philosophy, brand voice, brand colors, brand fonts, brand typography, plus so much more. 

Engaging Website Copy

We’ll teach you how to write engaging website copy for your coaching website and provide you with templates so you don’t have to stare at blank pages. You’ll walk away with a clear website strategy and 6 pages of completed website copy. 

Beautiful New Logos

We’ll provide you with beautiful logo templates to choose from and teach you how to customize yours to fit the brand guidelines we worked on together. You’ll walk away with a cohesive brand including your primary logo, submark, favicon, and tagline logo.

Stunning Live Website

We’ll provide you with a stunning coaching website template and teach you how to customize it to fit your brand guidelines and your copy. Once you build it, we’ll do a full professional walkthrough and provide you with detailed feedback. You’ll walk away with a fully functional coaching website. 

Coaching Logo Template Testimonial


“Thank you so much. The end result is a brand and a business that I can’t believe is mine.”

Stacy S., Career Coach

What’s Included

This is about so much more than a website…

Kick-Off Orientation Session


Kick-Off Orientation Session

You’ll participate in our kick-off orientation session where we’ll review the entire 8-week process, timelines, and answer any questions that you have about moving forward.

6 Weekly Live Group Calls


8 Weekly Live Group Calls

You’ll join us weekly as we teach you exactly what to do each week. We’ll also help you with any business mindset issues and push you to show up and do the work. 

Coaching Logo Template


Coaching Logo Template

You’ll get access to our coaching logo templates and we’ll teach you how to customize yours to fit the brand guidelines we create together. Each one is perfectly matched with our website templates and created in Canva.

Coaching Website Template


Coaching Website Template

You’ll get access to our coaching website templates and we’ll teach you how to customize yours to fit your website copy and brand guidelines. Each one is perfectly matched with our logo templates and built-in Showit.

Brand, Website & Copy Audits


Brand, Website & Copy Audits

Our team will review and audit everything you work on during the mastermind. You’ll send your logos, copy, and website to us and we’ll do a recorded in-depth walkthrough with advice and tips to make it even better. 

Slack Support Group


Slack Support Group

You’ll join us in our Slack support group where we’ll be available to answer any questions and help you if you get stuck. You’ll also be joined by the other mastermind members who’ll be launching their coaching websites with you.

In-Depth Workbooks, Guides, & Formulas


In-Depth Workbooks, Guides, & Formulas

You’ll never be left hanging staring at an empty page. We promise to provide you with everything you need to get clear on your brand and get your logos designed, website copy written, and website launched. 

Business Tools & Resources


Business Tools & Resources

We’ve tested a million things so you don’t have to. You’ll get our expert opinion on what tools and resources will work with your business. From course platforms to booking software, we’ve got you covered.

Want to Launch With Us? Then Join Today! Spots Are Extremely Limited.

We only open up our mastermind a few times a year to a handful of coaches. We want to keep this mastermind small, intimate and special so that those who get accepted can get our full attention and achieve the most elevated experience possible. 

Please note: Everyone who applies won’t be accepted. The application process is to ensure that you have the required mindset, time, and basic technical skills to meet the deadlines and be successful.

These Coaches Launched With Us


“Even better than I could have imagined!”

I am forever grateful to Lovely Impact for helping me create the website of my dreams while also ensuring it will be successful towards helping me achieve my goals! Thanks so much!

— Sarah H., Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

“I highly recommend Cass & Tee.”

As an emerging entrepreneur who is currently working my 9-5 in a demanding job with additional stresses brought on by the pandemic, they’ve made this process seamless with no hassle.

— Waveney H., Executive Coach

“This truly was a LOVELY experience.”

AMAZING! Thank you so much to all of you for your hard work, creativity and learning along with me! This truly was a LOVELY experience 😉

— Andrea C., Art Therapy Coach

— Christina G., Life Coach

“You have been an answered prayer.”

I greatly appreciate your thought partnership and coaching. My logo and website came together beautifully and is a dream come true! Thank you!

— Christina G., Life Coach

— Stacy S., Career Coach

“I’m speechless and in tears.”

This wasn’t just a website and branding project. This was clarity, coaching, and deep emotional work. Thank you so much. The end result is a brand and a business that I can’t believe is mine.

— Stacy S., Career Coach

— Jennifer D., Professional Organizer

“They have a way of getting into your head and heart.”

They have a way of getting into your head and heart to truly understand your vision for your business and brand. My website is just perfection; beyond anything, I could have imagined.

— Jennifer D., Professional Organizer

Affordable Services & Flexible Payment Options

At Lovely Impact, our mission is to provide high-quality products, services, and resources at an affordable price.

We believe that the world needs coaches now more than ever, and we want to help them reach their audience. 

Our packages are tailor-made to fit your needs, whether you’re a starting coach or an established coach.

Option 1$4993 Payments of $ 499 per month
Option 2$6502 Payments of $ 650 per month
Option 3$12991 Payment of $ 1299

Meet Your Mentors

Cassandra Ewert

Specialty: Branding & Website Design

Hey there, I’m Cassandra, aka Cass! I’m the Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer at Lovely Impact. I am the creative mind behind the templates we offer!

I’m also a certified brand coach, working to help my clients move past their self-doubts and limiting beliefs.

My mission is what it has always been: to help coaches get themselves out there quickly, because I honestly believe everyone needs a coach, and you can’t focus on coaching clients if you’re spinning trying to build your business.

I’ll help you get your coaching brand + website template launched in the shortest amount of time possible.

Cass - Web Designers for Coaches

Tee - Web Designer for Coaches

Tierra Wilson

Specialty: Business & Website Strategy

Hi, I’m Tierra, aka Tee! I’m the Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at Lovely Impact. I handle all the internal branding, marketing, and sales.

I’m also a certified marketing coach and a recognized digital business consultant, content expert, and advisory board member for Google Small Business and GoDaddy.

My personal mission at Lovely Impact is to help our audience and customers grow their businesses and implement proven industry strategies.

I’ll help you come up with the strategy behind your band + website so you can attract and convert your ideal clients. 

Still here? What are you waiting for!

If you’re still reading this, and 

  • you’re thinking about joining Launch With Us, and
  • you want to finally get your coaching brand working for you vs against you, and 
  • you want to attract your ideal clients and turn them into raving fans..


==> Contact us today to get on the 2023 waitlist <==

Cass and Tee - Web Designers for Coaches

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