Ready to start a coaching podcast that captivates listeners in your niche and skyrockets your business?

Then you’re in the right place…

Does this sound like you?

Does this sound like you
  • You’ve got proven strategies to help your ideal clients change their lives and you know a podcast is for you, but don’t know where to start.  

  • You have the talent to create interesting and relevant content around your niche but struggle with planning, execution, and consistency.

  • You know coaching podcasts are becoming saturated because they work to get clients, but you aren’t a marketing expert and aren’t sure how to stand out.

  • You break out in hives when you try to wrap your mind around technical issues and equipment, and you can’t find the resources to help you get started.

  • You worry that you won’t have the time to start a podcast and make it successful because you are already overwhelmed doing all the things to try to grow your coaching business.

Now, imagine if..

You hired an experienced team of podcasting consultants, who only worked with coaches. 

They came into your office, sat down, and held your hand until you had a coaching podcast that stood out, engaged your audience, and got you new clients for your coaching programs. 

And they did that through powerful exercises and worksheets that helped you decide on your coaching podcast theme, map our episodes, and publish amazing content, and monetize your genius.

Plus, when you were finished, you had a powerful coaching podcast that really changed the lives of your ideal clients, and actually grew your coaching business.

That’s exactly what’s possible!


The Start Your Podcast Workbook for Coaches

Our in-depth workbook holds your hand through strategizing, launching, and growing your coaching podcast to reach the dream clients who are desperate to hear from you.

Inside you’ll find:

✓ Proven & tested way to launch your coaching podcast

Our workbook was created by coaching business experts with over 20+ years of experience. You’ll find over 81 pages of coaching podcast tips and strategies proven to work for coaches, regardless of their niche.

✓ For Coaches, By Coaches

We are coaches first! This workbook provides an honest look at how launching a podcast can help you grow your coaching business. We’ve seen it work, we’ve tested it ourselves, and we know you can do it too.

✓ Real podcasting strategies.

This isn’t just a workbook! Inside, you’ll find real insight on choosing a coaching podcast theme, setting the vibe, planning your podcast, episode mapping, interviewing techniques, recording tips, marketing and monetization help, and so much more.

✓ Tons of worksheets and examples.

We hold your hand every single step of the way! Inside you’ll find detailed worksheets and exercises to help you plan, launch, and market a client-generating coaching podcast.

It’s time to map out and launch your very own client-attracting coaching podcast!

By the time you finish this workbook you’ll know:

  • Exactly how to choose a podcasting them and set an engaging vibe that your audience will love.
  • How to plan every detail of your podcast including episode mapping, equipment selection, and more.
  • What popular podcast layout strategies help you grow your audience, including fun interviewing techniques.
  • How to make your podcast look and sound the best so you can show up as the professional and inspiring coach you are.
  • The exact way to market and monetize your coaching podcast so you can attract sponsors and clients alike.
  • And much much more. 

By the way… we’re Cass and Tee.

We are web designers turned coaches… turned web designers AGAIN… 

Seriously… let us explain: After an entire year of working with coaches, it took us one catch-up convo via video to realize that there was a huge gap in the market. 

There were no real resources out there helping coaches with their businesses.

After launching their beautiful websites, we quickly found ourselves helping our clients market and grow their businesses… and we found that launching a coaching podcast was one of the best ways to do that!

And now we’ve put that expertise into a workbook format and we’re offering it to any coach who wants it.

Why? Well, it’s simple.

You’re struggling with getting clients and keeping up with all the social media platforms, but the truth is all you want to do is coach and make an impact on the world. We know a podcast is a perfect way to do that.

We want you to really see how easy launching a coaching podcast and getting coaching clients can be!

That’s why we created the Start Your Podcast Workbook for Coaches, to give you an insider’s look at how to launch and grow a coaching podcast so you can start attracting your dream clients ASAP.

Here’s how it works:

We’ll literally hold your hand every step of the way!

The workbook we’ve developed follows a foolproof strategy that can help any coach launch a coaching podcast that attracts their dream clients.


Plan Your Podcast

The first step in launching a great coaching podcast is to plan! We’ll help you every step of the way by holding your hand through deciding on a podcast theme, developing a voice and tone that fits your niche, episode mapping so your content has meaning, and much more.


Launch Your Podcast

After you’ve planned everything it’s time to record your episodes and launch your podcast. Don’t stress! We won’t leave you hanging 😉 We’ll show you how to produce powerful episodes and interviews, publish your podcast so it’s easy to share, and we’ll even share the budget-friendly equipment we think you need.


Market & Monetize Your Podcast

You’ve done all that work and created some beautiful and transformational content, but how do you get it in front of the people you want as clients? Inside we’ll not only help you stay consistent and build momentum, but we’ll also help you market and monetize your coaching podcast.

Plus a Lovely Bonus!

And to make sure you succeed… We’ve added a bonus section at the end of the guide! 

Use our Coaching Podcast Production Checklist to put out a consistent podcast episode every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Start Your Podcast Workbook for Coaches?

The Start Your Podcast Workbook for Coaches holds your hand through strategizing, launching, and growing your coaching podcast so you can reach the dream coaching clients who are desperate to hear from you.

Following this guide will help you choose a theme, set the vibe, plan your podcast, map each episode, market and monetize your genius, and much more.

How will this help me grow my coaching business?

This is not just a workbook. We’ve included over 80+ beautifully designed pages and 20+ detailed exercises, all created using powerful and proven coaching podcasting advice.

Inside you’ll also find production checklists, episode mapping worksheets, example show notes and so much more, so you can create a unique and special coaching podcast that stands out on any platform.

We’ll even help you pick the right equipment that fits your budget! You’ll walk away with something tangible that you’ll reference and share often, for years to come.

Is this for any type of coach and any niche?

Yes, this workbook is for ANY coach in ANY niche. And the examples inside don’t discriminate. There’s something for every type of coach! 

What is the cost?

Our Start Your Podcast Workbook for Coaches is $97. We want every coach to be able to purchase and use this guide right away.

Still here? What are you waiting for!

If you’re still reading this, and 

  • you’re thinking about getting our Start Your Podcast Workbook for Coaches, and
  • you want to finally get your coaching business working for you vs against you, and
  • you want to create a beautiful coaching podcast that will attract real coaching clients…


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