Client Email Templates For Coaches

35 copy, paste, and fill-in-the-blank client email templates to help you confidently communicate your coaching offers, prices, processes, and boundaries exactly the way you want.

Real client email templates written by coaches, for coaches

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⚡️ Steal Them. We promise not to tell

  • 35 fill-in-the-blank pre-written client emails
  • Original files so you copy and paste
  • Emails for every conceivable situation
  • 100% customizable for your coaching business
  • Inbox ready! Instantly access and use
Chris F., Remote Work Coach


I just purchased one of your templates and just want to offer a sincere thank you! They are extremely easy to follow and super clear. It’s not easy to nail both style and structure!

— Chris F., Remote Work Coach

35 Powerful Client Email Templates To Help You:

Get More Clients

  • Sales Call Follow-Up Email
  • Event Follow-Up Email
  • Testimonial Request Email
  • Referral Request Email
  • Client Reactivation Email
  • Referral Bonus Email
  • Partnership Invitation Email

Close More Sales

  • Call No Show Email
  • Awkward Sales Call Email
  • Lurking Customer Email
  • Sales Objection Email
  • Refund Negotiation Email
  • Bring Back Client Email 
  • Hired Another Coach Email

Have Tough Convos

  • Lack of Progress Email
  • Client Boundaries Email
  • No Commitment Email
  • Rate Increase Email
  • Not a Good Fit Emails
  • Client Termination Emails
  • Refund Refusal Emails

Get Your Money

  • Missed Appointment Email
  • Renewal Reminder Email
  • Late Payment Email
  • Failed Payment Emails
  • Payment Arrangement Email
  • Recurring Payment Email

And so much more…

Here’s exactly what’s included:

⚡You’ll get 34 fill-in-the-blank pre-written client emails:

To help you confidently communicate, no matter the situation, exactly the way you want.

34 client emails for coaches

They’ll be super easy to copy and paste::

You’ll get access to the original files, so you can edit, copy, and paste with ease.

edit, copy, and paste

Plus, line-by-line tips to help you personalize them:

We added coaching notes in red next to every single fill-in-the-blank section so you can easily add your magic.

tips next to every blank

⚡ We included tons of emails for every conceivable client situation:

Seriously. We tried to think of every scenario possible so you’d never have to panic and Google again.

every conceivable client situation
— Stacy S., Career Coach


Your content provides clarity, coaching, and deep emotional work. I am speechless and in tears. Thank you so much

— Stacy S., Career Coach

How It Works

Get Instant Access In 3 Easy Steps


01 Check Your Inbox

Once you purchase, check your inbox and click the link to access the templates.


02 Bookmark or Download!

Each email is beautifully organized in folders. You can bookmark the emails for later or download them.


03 Copy, Paste & Customize

Just copy and paste! We’ve even given line-by-line tips on how to customize them to fit your business.

What Our Customers Say

— Joni D., Eating Disorder Recovery Coach


“They are generous with their knowledge, providing all the instruction and support needed to run my business.”

— Joni D., Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

— Christina G., Life Coach


“You have been an answered prayer. I greatly appreciate your thought partnership and coaching”

— Christina G., Life Coach

— Shira G., Pro Organizer & Life Coach


“So grateful to have Lovely Impact! My business truly couldn’t run without their consistent talent and expertise!”

— Shira G., Pro Organizer & Life Coach

By the way… we’re Cass and Tee.

We are designers turned coaches… turned designers AGAIN… 

Seriously… let us explain: After an entire year of working with coaches, it took us one catch-up convo via video to realize that there was a huge gap in the market. 

There were no real resources out there helping coaches with their businesses.

One of the first things we learned about running a coaching business is the power of email communication.

We developed a collection of over 30+ emails to send to our coaching clients.

These emails changed our business!

Then it hit us… duh! Why don’t we package these up and share them with our audience?

That’s why we created the Client Email Templates for Coaches, to help you communicate your coaching offers, prices, processes, and boundaries exactly the way you want. 

We want you to really see how powerful email communication can be!

See you on the other side 🙂

Client Email Templates FAQ

What are your coaching client email templates?

Our coaching client email templates were created for coaches, by coaches to help them communicate with clients in almost any situation.

Never stare at a blank screen again, these will help you confidently communicate your coaching offers, prices, processes, and boundaries exactly the way you want.

Are these for any type of coach and any niche?

Yes, our email templates are for ANY coach in ANY niche. We’ve provided line-by-line tips on how to customize to fit your coaching niche and your clients.  These can be used by any coach! 

Can I give this away or resell it?

No. You cannot resell or give away our coaching email templates. They’re intended to be used internally in your business only.

How will this help my coaching business?

These are not just examples, these are copy and paste, fill-in-the-blank client communication emails that you can use instantly. Add them to your favorite coaching platform or bookmark them to copy and paste right inside your email editor. For every single email, we’ve given you line-by-line strategies to make sure it works for you. 

How much do they cost?

Our Client Email Templates for Coaches are $119.  We want every coach to be able to purchase and use them right away.

When will I get my emails?

Instantly! The client email templates are digital products that are available for immediate access! There is no shipping cost and no waiting period. It’s yours forever after you purchase it once!

Still here? What are you waiting for!

If you’re still reading this, and 

  • you’re thinking about getting our Client Email Templates for Coaches, and
  • you want email communication to work for you vs against you, and 
  • you want to attract and convert your dream coaching clients…


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