Sales Pages for Coaches: 27 Conversion Questions To Ask Before Hitting Publish

November 13, 2020
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Sales Pages for Coaches: 27 Conversion Questions To Ask Before Hitting Publish

There’s nothing worse than launching a signature coaching program, putting your heart and soul into every single element, and then bombing on the landing page.

When you create a sales page for your signature coaching program, it’s not just about knowing your audience or creating a badass offer, it’s also important to know how to increase conversions so that you can get the results you’re looking for.

Not sure how to increase your sales page conversions? Inside this blog post you’ll learn:

✔️ What’s important to audit on your coaching sales page.
✔️ 27 questions to ask yourself before you click publish.
✔️ How to build trust and reduce page abandonment.

The ideas presented in this blog can help you plug the leaks in your sales process. You can use this information to audit and tweak the sales page for your signature coaching program.

Let’s dive right in!

Your Offer and Benefits

  1. How does your coaching offer differentiate your brand from the competition?
  2. Are there any specific emotions you’d like to elicit from site visitors to drive your potential clients to buy?
  3. Are there any triggers at all that may lead your prospects to buy the offer?
  4. Does the offer match the intended audience where they are in their buying journey?
  5. Also, what does the product really do for your buyers?
  6. Do you clearly display exactly what’s in it for them?

The Call to Action

If there is an incongruency with the CTA and the audience, it can cause lower sales margins.

  1. Is your Call to Action (aka CTA) visible enough?
  2. Is your headline compelling?
  3. What are the benefits of your coaching program, and are they included near your CTA to remind your audience?
  4. Do you CTAs clearly show what your audience should do next?

Trust Building and Social Proof

  1. What do you have added to your sales page that tells your audience you’re trustworthy?
  2. Do you clearly showcase press and/or media you’ve gotten?
  3. Are coaching client testimonials visible throughout the page?
  4. Do you showcase case studies or results?
  5. Is there some sort of guarantee?
  6. Is your privacy policy and terms of agreement clearly labeled in the footer?

Visual Elements

  1. Is the page clean and simple with plenty of white space allowing your copy to breathe and flow?
  2. Within a few seconds, will your potential coaching client know exactly what this page is for and what to do next?
  3. Has the navigation been hidden so visitors can focus on the offer?
  4. Are the size of the buttons large enough to stand out from the rest of the page?
  5. Do the colors match your brand and other pages on your coaching website?
  6. Are there graphics videos, and/or illustrations?

Page Abandonment

  1. Do you have an exit-intent popup, giving your visitors a last chance message to act?
  2. Is there a live chat or a link to contact you if they have more questions?
  3. Is the page loading quickly on both desktop and mobile?
  4. Have you included FAQs so visitors can quickly move past objections?
  5. Do you clearly show what’s included in coaching with you?

Final Thoughts

We love geeking out on design, but the truth? None of the above will work if you don’t know who your ideal customer is so that you know for sure the offers you’re making are just for them.

Your audience needs to know the benefits of the offer and exactly why it’s going to solve their problems while also feeling trust enough to spend money or give away their personal information to you.

Your sales pages can accomplish this if you take the time to know the audience and know your products well enough to explain them on your sales pages fully.

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