Designer-Built Website for a Fraction of the Price

If you’re looking for a stunning website that looks custom-made for your business but doesn’t come with the hefty price tag, look no further.

With our template restyling service, you get to pick & purchase the Showit website template you love from our shop, then hand it over to Cass to edit & design.

There's no stress involved around changing colors, figuring out which images to use, or how to make that line of text stop cutting off in a weird way.

Now before you get too excited, you’re not completely off the hook.


Before Cass can do any work on your new website, you have some legwork to tackle first. Here’s what you have to deliver in order for Cass to restyle your template effectively:

  • Your domain
  • Your branding assets (if you don’t have any, she’ll use the branding that comes with the template you pick, or you can consider hiring her to create a custom brand for you)
    • Logo
    • Color palette
    • Fonts
    • Patterns/Textures/Icons etc.
  • Your website copy (you can write your own using the website copy guide that comes with the template, or provide copy that’s been written by someone else — like a copywriter)
  • Your images (either personal brand photography or stock photography — you give Cass a bank of images to choose from, and she’ll select the best options for each page of your site)

Once you deliver all of these things, Cass can go in and restyle your template to match your business. And she’ll get it done in just about a week. #win

What’s included in Template Restyling:

  • Editing of your core website pages
  • Copy Review + placement
  • Image Editing + placement
  • Connection of your domain to your Showit account
  • Launch of your website when it’s done!


Launch your website quick, without having to do it yourself

Get your template restyled

Template Restyling:

$1,300 in full


4 monthly payments of $350

Get started by booking a call on Cass’ calendar below.