How To Find Remote Health Coach Jobs

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How To Find Remote Health Coach Jobs

Hey there, coach! Wondering how to leverage your health coaching skills from the comfort of your home? Or perhaps you’re curious about expanding your coaching impact beyond your local community?

No worries – we’ve navigated these waters and are here to guide you through the ocean of opportunities that remote health coach jobs offer!

In this blog post, we’re diving deep into the world of remote health coaching. We’ll explore where to find these coveted positions, how to make your application shine, and ways to stand out in the digital coaching space.

Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a journey to unlock the potential of remote health coaching for you.

By the way, we’re Cass and Tee, certified coaches and the dynamic duo behind Lovely Impact, the go-to biz resource website for coaches like yourself. With our wealth of experience in the coaching industry, we’re here to share the inside track on securing remote health coach jobs, ensuring you’re equipped to thrive in this exciting field!

Understanding Your Role In Remote Health Coach Jobs

Imagine this: someone has a health goal they’re absolutely dying to achieve, but they just can’t seem to make it happen on their own.

That’s where YOU come in, like a superhero swooping in to save the day!

As a health coach, you’re the ultimate guide, using your incredible conversation skills and evidence-based methods to help people totally transform their habits. The result? Your clients achieve better health and absolutely crush their lives.

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Talk about an impactful and meaningful career!

If you’re all about getting results, crushing goals, and have a serious passion for all things health, finding remote health coach jobs just might be for you.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. “Cass & Tee, don’t coaching sessions usually happen face-to-face?” Well, coach, times are changing! More and more, health coaching is happening remotely, and it’s a total game-changer.

What Is a Remote Health Coach?

Remote health coaches are in the business of changing behavior. They can be hired to boost employee health in corporate jobs or work with customers in various industries.

They create personalized plans to help their clients overcome obstacles, all while maintaining a mega-dose of motivation and a mindset that just won’t quit. They show up for their clients, fired up and ready to help them crush their goals like nobody’s business!

Whether it’s reducing stress, leveling up nutrition, getting their sweat on, or tackling other health hurdles, remote health coaches are the go-to gurus for overcoming any health challenge thrown their way.

But here’s the really cool part: they do all of this through the magic of the internet! Remote health coaches get to work with their dream clients from the comfort of their own home or wherever they choose, using virtual visits and videos to make it happen.

Companies Hiring for Remote Health Coach Jobs

You’re in a fantastic spot, coach! The remote coaching industry is absolutely booming as people become more health-conscious and employers want to keep their rockstar employees in tip-top shape.

When it comes to companies you can work with, the possibilities are endless!

  • Corporate giants like Apple or Google (talk about a dream gig!)
  • Colleges and universities (hello, campus life!)
  • Insurance providers (helping people navigate the wild world of healthcare)
  • Pharmacies (dispensing wellness advice along with prescriptions)
  • Medical offices (working alongside the healthcare heroes)
  • Independent providers like chiropractors, nutritionists, acupuncturists, and dieticians (the ultimate wellness dream team)
  • Charitable organizations like the YMCA (making a difference in your community)
  • Grocers (helping people make healthier choices in the aisles)
  • Weight loss programs (guiding people on their journey to a healthier, happier self)
  • Mental health services (supporting people’s emotional well-being)
  • Telehealth providers (bringing healthcare to people’s fingertips)
  • Health device services (making technology work for people’s health)
  • Medical tech companies (innovating the future of healthcare)

Are you starting to see the incredible possibilities? 

There’s a whole world of remote health coach jobs out there just waiting for you to dive in and make your mark!

Key Skills and Qualifications

Alright, let’s dive into the superpowers that make you an ideal candidate for remote health coach jobs!

  • Expectation Setting: You know how to set expectations with finesse, ensuring your clients feel supported and motivated every step of the way.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Your ability to connect with clients on a deep, personal level is second to none. You build trust, create rapport, and make everyone feel heard and understood.
  • Problem-Solving: When clients face obstacles, you’re ready to jump in with your problem-solving cape and help them navigate even the toughest challenges.
  • Critical Thinking: You’ve got a keen eye for detail and a knack for analyzing situations from every angle, allowing you to provide insights and solutions that truly make a difference.
  • Behavior Modification: With your expertise in behavior modification techniques, you help clients break old habits and create new, healthy ones that stick.
  • Motivational Coaching: Your skills in motivational interviewing help you guide clients towards positive change, even when they’re feeling stuck or unsure.
  • Degree in a Related Field: While not always required, having a degree in nursing, social work, psychology, or a related field can give you a solid foundation and a competitive edge.
  • Relevant Work Experience: Any experience you have in coaching, counseling, or healthcare can be a major asset, showcasing your ability to work with clients and drive results.
  • Passion for Health and Wellness: Above all else, your passion for helping others live their healthiest, happiest lives is what will make you truly shine as in remote health coach jobs.
  • Continuous Learning Mindset: In the ever-evolving world of health and wellness, your commitment to ongoing learning and professional development will keep you at the top of your game.

Even if you don’t have all these qualifications, don’t let that hold you back! Your passion, drive, and commitment to helping others are what really matter most. With the right training and a can-do attitude, you can absolutely crush it as a remote health coach.

So, if you’re ready to make a real difference in people’s lives and have a blast doing it, the world of remote health coaching is waiting for you with open arms. Let’s do this!

Preparing for Remote Health Coach Jobs

Alright, let’s tackle the elephant in the room, shall we?

You might be wondering, “Do I absolutely NEED a certification to land remote health coach jobs?” And the answer is… drumroll, please… it depends!

I know, I know, not exactly the straight-forward answer you were hoping for, right?

Here’s the thing: the coaching industry isn’t regulated, so some coaches out there are winging it without any official certification.

But here’s where it gets tricky for companies with openings for remote health coach. Anyone can waltz in and claim they have what it takes to guide people on a life-changing journey… even if they’re totally bluffing!

So, how can you make sure you stand out from the crowd and show companies that you’re the real deal? Getting certified, coach!

When you’ve got that shiny certification under your belt, it’s like a big, bold stamp of approval that tells companies, “Hey, I’m reliable, I’ve got a top-notch background, and I’m ready to rock this remote health coach job!”

Plus, when you’ve gone through extensive competency-based training, you’ll have the confidence to strut your stuff and take on any challenge that comes your way.

So, if you’re dreaming of working for those big-league companies, getting certified is definitely something to put at the top of your to-do list.

Trust us, it’s like having a secret weapon in your back pocket – one that’ll make you an irresistible choice for those coveted remote health coach jobs!

➡️ Getting certified can be super affordable. If you are just getting started, you can get a 5-star health coaching certification for as little as $20 on Udemy as a new student. Learn more here >>

Decide what you want out of remote health coach jobs

When you start your job search, the first thing you’ll notice is that the world of health coaching is mind-bogglingly vast! It’s like staring up at the night sky and trying to count the stars – it’s easy to get lost in the endless possibilities.

But fear not, coach! Knowing exactly what you want to get out of your newfound career path is the key to navigating this exciting universe with ease.

As we chatted about earlier, you can land remote health coach jobs with universities, corporate bigwigs, grocers, private clinical settings, insurance providers, and so many more. The opportunities are seriously endless.

So, how do you make sure you’re heading in the right direction? By zeroing in on your strengths and preferences, of course! This will set you on a path that makes your heart sing and keeps you from getting lost in the sea of options.

  • Do you picture yourself working with corporate go-getters, medical mavens, or insurance industry insiders?
  • Do you want to team up with therapists, physicians, dieticians, counselors, or personal trainers to create a wellness dream team?
  • Are you all about those one-on-one heart-to-hearts, group sessions where the energy is electric, or creating video series that reach the masses? Do you want to be the star of one-day events or build long-term relationships that stand the test of time?
  • Are you ready to dive in full-time or do you prefer the flexibility of part-time work?
  • What’s your secret sauce? What specialty will make you stand out from the crowd?

We know, it’s a lot to wrap your head around! But trust us, taking the time to figure out what you really want from remote health coach jobs will keep you focused and make your journey so much smoother.

➡️ Need more help deciding what you stand for and who you want to serve? Check out our Niche Clarity Workbook for Coaches >>

Give your resume a makeover

Next up, it’s time to dust off that resume and get it ready to dazzle!

Hiring managers usually only spend about seven seconds skimming resumes to fill remote health coach jobs. 

Yep, you read that right – seven seconds! 

So, you’ve got to make sure you’re hooking them in and getting them to read on.

With a million different fonts and formats to choose from, and each industry looking for something a little different, it’s easy to get stuck in the details.

But don’t sweat it! Here are some tips to make your resume stand out from the crowd and get you one step closer to landing one of your dream remote health coach jobs. 

Here are some tips to make your resume stand out.

  1. Keep it simple. Skip the stylish fonts and colors, use simple formatting. 
  2. Include keywords. Your resume is scanned digitally before the eyes of a manager ever sees it. Include keywords to get your resume picked. 
  3. Outline achievement, not job duties. Hiring managers want to see your accomplishments rather than read a job description.
  4. Proofread, multiple times. Ask a friend to review it to weed out any mistakes. 

Clean up your social media

Your social media is a window into your world. Give it some love and attention if you haven’t already. 

When you start applying to remote health coach jobs, companies may take a peek to confirm you’re a good fit for their company culture and that you share similar values. 

Delete posts if you need to. Start posting content that aligns with your health coaching ideals and reflects the fantastic health coach that you are!

Presenting yourself as a knowledgeable, well-rounded professional is key. Companies will feel more confident in their choice to pursue you as a candidate because you’ll have the online authority to back your expertise. 

➡️ Check out our FREE Social Media Strategy Checklist and LinkedIn Profile Development Workbook >> 

Prepare an elevator pitch

This is the time to sharpen your pencil or grab your favorite pen, and lay out some paper.

Elevator pitches are a quick way to let employers know what you do. You can use your elevator pitch as you network with people in person or online, during interviews, and on online profiles. 

Your pitch should last about 30 seconds. 

Write down who you are, what you do, what problems you solve, and the “ask” you have. Whether that be sharing information, or making a professional contact. 

How To Find Remote Health Coach Jobs - Elevator Pitch Formula for Coaches

Make sure your enthusiasm and expertise shine through along with making it clear who your target audience is. 

Then, commit this to heart and practice! 

Even if it feels awkward at first, get comfortable sharing what you do and making the ask.

Where to Find Remote Health Coach Jobs

Alright, health coaching superstars, let’s dive into the juicy details of where to find those dream remote health coach jobs!

Job Boards and Websites

First up, let’s talk about job boards and websites – the online treasure troves of opportunity! 

  • Indeed – This job search giant is like the Google of job hunting! With a massive database and easy-to-use search tools, you’ll be swimming in potential remote health coach jobs in no time.
  • LinkedIn Jobs – Not just for connecting with your old coworkers! LinkedIn has a fantastic job search feature that lets you filter for remote health coach positions and even shows you if you have any connections at the companies you’re eyeing.
  • FlexJobs – If you’re all about that flexible work life, FlexJobs is your go-to. They specialize in remote and flexible job listings, so you know you’ll find plenty of remote health coach opportunities here.
  • ZipRecruiter – With a name like ZipRecruiter, you know they mean business! This platform uses fancy AI technology to match you with remote health coach jobs that fit your skills and experience like a glove. 
  • SimplyHired – Don’t let the name fool you – there’s nothing simple about the amazing remote health coach jobs you’ll find on SimplyHired. With a user-friendly interface and a wide variety of listings, this platform is a must-check for your job search..
  • Remote.co – As the name suggests, Remote.co is all about connecting you with the best remote job opportunities out there, including plenty of remote health coach positions.
  • Monster Jobs – No, we’re not talking about scary creatures – we’re talking about the job search behemoth that is Monster Jobs! With a massive database and easy-to-use filters, you’ll be able to find remote health coach jobs that are a perfect fit for you. 
  • Company Websites – Don’t forget to go directly to the source! Check out the careers pages on websites of companies like CVS Health, Google, United Healthcare, college universities, Aetna, Humana, Weight Watchers, or Hinge Health – just to name a few. 

Last, put your investigating cap on and poke through brands you personally love to use. You’d be surprised at which brands are hiring for remote health coach jobs.

How To Find Remote Health Coach Jobs - Where to Find Remote Health Coach Jobs

Networking and Social Media

Next, let’s talk about the power of networking and social media. It’s not just for stalking old classmates – it’s also an incredible way to find remote health coach jobs.

  • LinkedIn (yes, again!) – Beyond job listings, LinkedIn is a networking gold mine. Connect with other health coaches, join relevant groups, and let the world know you’re on the hunt for a remote health coach position. 
  • Facebook Groups – There are tons of Facebook groups dedicated to health coaching, wellness, and remote work. Join a few and start engaging with the community – you might just stumble upon your dream job!
  • Twitter – Believe it or not, Twitter is a fantastic place to find job leads. Follow companies and influencers in the health coaching space, keep an eye out for job postings, and don’t be afraid to slide into some DMs!

Specialized Recruiters for Remote Health Coach Jobs

Now, let’s talk about the secret weapon in your job search arsenal: specialized recruiters! 

  • Health Coach Recruiters – Believe it or not, there are recruiters out there who specialize in placing health coaches in remote positions. They’ve got the inside scoop on the best opportunities and can help you put your best foot forward.
  • Remote Work Recruiters – These recruiters focus on placing candidates in remote positions across all industries, including health coaching. They know the ins and outs of the remote work world and can help you navigate the landscape like a pro. 

Your Personal Contacts

Last but certainly not least, don’t underestimate the power of your personal circle in finding remote health coach jobs! 

  • Friends and Family – Your friends and family are your biggest cheerleaders, so make sure they know you’re on the hunt for a remote health coach job. They might have connections or leads you never even thought of, so don’t be shy about sharing your career goals with them. 
  • Former Colleagues and Classmates – Your former coworkers and classmates are another fantastic resource in your job search. They know your skills and experience firsthand and might be able to put in a good word for you or point you towards remote health coach jobs. 
  • Social Circles – Do you belong to any clubs, organizations, or social groups? Make sure your fellow members know you’re looking for a remote health coach job. You never know who might have a connection that could lead to your dream position. 

Remember, the more people who know you’re actively seeking a remote health coach job, the better your chances of finding that perfect fit. So, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and leverage the power of your personal network. 

Your dream job could be just one conversation away, so start spreading the word and watch the opportunities come rolling in! 

Applying for Remote Health Coach Jobs

You’ve done the networking, searching, and investigating. Suddenly you stumble upon a position that shines like a nugget of gold. You read the job description and you’re excited because you see yourself rolling into remote health coach jobs seamlessly. 

Now it’s time to craft an application that stands out from the crowd and gets those hiring managers saying, “We need to meet this rockstar!”

Crafting Your Application

First things first, remember that the person reading your application is a real, live human being. You want to highlight your accomplishments and make a killer impression, but don’t forget to infuse your personality and let your unique voice shine through.

Just like with your resume, sprinkle in those keywords that are relevant to the job position. This will help your application make it past the initial scanning step and land right in the hands of the decision-makers.

Now, let’s talk about the structure of your cover letter for remote health coach jobs. Here’s a blueprint to follow:

  1. Introduction: Kick things off by listing the position you’re applying for and giving a brief summary of who you are and why you’re the perfect fit. Oh, and here’s a pro tip: if you know the hiring manager’s name, be sure to include it in the greeting. 
  2. Body: This is where you get to brag a little bit (in a totally humble way, of course). Write about your past accomplishments and the problems you’ve solved that relate to the remote health coaching position. This si your chance to highlight your experiences, the obstacles you’ve overcome, and the lives you’ve impacted.
  3. Conclusion: End with a bang! Make sure you drive home the value you’ll bring to the company. Thank the hiring manager for their time and include a call to action that shows you’re eager and ready to take the next step.

As you’re crafting your application, tailor your skills, experiences, and problem-solving superpowers specifically to the remote health coaching position. 

Show them why you’re the perfect fit!

Application Follow-up for Remote Health Coach Jobs

You might think that once you hit that “submit” button, your work is done. But hold up, coach! You’ve still got an ace up your sleeve that can totally change the game.

It’s all about the follow-up. 

About one to two weeks after you submit your application, you can give it a serious boost by reaching out again. This shows that you’re truly invested in the position and helps you stand out from the competition.

If you decide to take this route (which we highly recommend for a remote health coach jobs you’re really excited about), you need to do it right:

  1. Start by researching the company inside and out. You want to know the nitty-gritty details before you hop on a call or hit “send” on that email.
  2. Make sure your message is personalized. Show that you’ve done your homework by mentioning names and specific details about the company.
  3. Inquire about the hiring timeline, but be cautious not to come across as pushy. Always keep things polite and professional. You can also offer to provide additional information or references if needed.

When you wrap up your conversation or message, always express your gratitude for their time and consideration.

And finally, stay positive! The job search process can be a wild ride, but maintaining an attitude of gratitude and optimism will help you navigate it with grace.

Interviewing for Remote Health Coach Jobs

Imagine, you’re scrolling through your inbox when suddenly, an email catches your eye. You’re getting all the right vibes, and when you click on it, you see an invitation to interview for the remote health coach jobs you’ve been dreaming about.

Congrats! You’ve made it to the virtual interview stage, and now it’s time to shine.

Virtual interviews can be a bit different from in-person interviews. Despite your best efforts, interruptions are more likely to happen in a virtual setting, whether it’s from pets, kids, family members, or technology glitches. To minimize distractions, find a quiet spot and test your tech setup beforehand.

Once you’ve found the perfect interview location, take a look at your surroundings. Tidy up, remove any distracting objects, and make sure the space looks professional and inviting.

Even though you’re behind a camera, don’t neglect your interview attire. Dress to impress in professional clothing that makes you feel confident and ready to take on the world.

And of course, don’t forget to be on time! Punctuality sets the tone and creates a fantastic first impression.

During the interview, you’ll be asked questions to gauge whether you’re the right fit for the role. 

Here are some common ones to practice:

  • Why do you want to be a remote health coach?
  • How do you handle crises or challenging situations?
  • What strategies do you use if a client isn’t following their health plan?
  • How do you approach a client who doesn’t understand or accept their health risks?
  • What sets you apart from other health coaches?
  • How do you communicate the importance and value of your work?
  • What aspects of your work do you find challenging or less enjoyable?
  • What do you love most about your work as a health coach?
  • Why should the company choose you for this position?

Now, there might be some curveball questions you didn’t anticipate. Don’t panic! Take a deep breath, pause for a moment, or take a sip of water if you need to gather your thoughts.

Before the interview, get crystal clear on your “why” – the driving force behind your passion for health coaching. Always circle back to your “why” and weave it into your responses.

And don’t be afraid to think out loud! Often, it’s not just about the answer you give, but the thought process that led you there. 

Showcasing your problem-solving skills and ability to think on your feet can be incredibly impressive to interviewers.

Tips for Standing Out for Remote Health Coach Jobs

So how do you make a splash in the competitive world of health coaching? Here are some tips to help you stand out like a shimmering diamond in a sea of applicants when you’re on the hunt for those remote health coach jobs.

Specializing in a Niche

Let’s say you’re at a crowded party, trying to make small talk. If you’re just another generic coach in a sea of sameness, your message is going to get lost in the noise. But if you niche down and get specific about who you serve, suddenly you’re the life of the party!

When you know exactly who your target audience is, you can craft a message that speaks directly to their needs and desires. It’s like having a secret code that only your ideal clients understand.

So, take a moment to really think about who you want to work with. 

Are you drawn to the hustle and bustle of a grocery store, with its diverse clientele? 

Or do you feel called to work with vibrant, eager college students? 

Each niche has its own unique challenges and opportunities, and the more specific you can get, the more powerful your message will be.

Continuing Education and Professional Development

Just because you’ve got that certification under your belt doesn’t mean it’s time to kick back and coast. The world of health and wellness is always evolving, and if you want to stay ahead of the game and secure remote health coach jobs, you’ve got to keep learning and growing.

Stay on top of the latest health trends, exercise science breakthroughs, behavior modification techniques, and medical developments. Devour books, attend workshops, and soak up knowledge like a sponge.

And here’s the thing: your employers are out there learning too. They’re googling the latest superfood, trying out new fitness apps, and asking questions about cutting-edge treatments. 

If you want to connect with them and offer truly valuable guidance, you need to be in the know.

Plus, by continuously expanding your knowledge and skills, you’ll position yourself as an indispensable resource in an ever-changing market. You’ll be the coach that employers turn to again and again, because they know you’re always on the cutting edge.

So, don’t let your education end with your certification. Embrace a lifelong love of learning, and watch as it transforms your coaching practice and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s dive into some questions people might have when they start their investigative journey on remote health coaching jobs. 

What is a remote health coach?

A remote health coach works with clients to modify poor lifestyle habits and guide them on a transformative journey towards better health. They problem solve and collaborate with clients to create plans to overcome hurdles that prevent them from reaching goals. 

Can I make a living with a remote health coach job?

Yes! However, earnings are dependent on your experience, and specialization. Professional development, willingness to learn, and ability to market yourself play a factor as well. 

Do I need to become certified to get a remote health coach job?

We highly recommend getting certified. It’s a competitive market and hiring companies want to know you have completed competency based training. In other words, they want to know you have what it takes. That said, coaching is not a regulated industry. A certification is not required to get started. 

Is it worth it to become a remote health coach?

If you enjoy working from home or anywhere in the world, all while transforming the health and lives of your clients — totally! Being able to guide someone through healthy changes and watching them evolve and step into a better life is definitely a rewarding and fulfilling career. 

Is there demand for remote health coaches?

The industry is growing as people become more health conscious. With chronic disease increasing, people are looking for holistic approaches to health. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the health coaching industry will grow by 11-13% by 2028!

Final Thoughts – Remote Health Coach Jobs

Let’s wrap this one up, coach!

We’ve taken a thorough look at what a health coach is and companies that hire them. We pieced together what you should do to prepare yourself to be a remote health coach. Then we gave you the insider know-how so you can find jobs that fit your workstyle and preference. 

Next, we put the spotlight on crafting a radiant and noteworthy application and how to make your interview a cinch. 

Once a job is secured, we gave you some gentle reminders about how to continue making yourself valuable and competitive.

You’re up. 

Are you thinking of looking for remote health coach jobs?

If you have questions about what you read, leave us a comment below.

About The Author

Hey! I’m Tee, a brand and marketing coach and the Co-Founder & CMO at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches grow their coaching businesses digitally. Here on our blog, my content focuses on web design, marketing, business, and social media strategy.

Hey! I’m Cass, a brand coach and the Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches elevate their businesses with beautiful branding and websites. Here on our blog, my content focuses on branding, web design, and storytelling.

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