TK Lifestyle Organizer

Charming Template Restyling for Professional Organizer,
Tara Kirkland, on our Teagan Template

Tara Kirkland is a professional organizer based out of Los Angeles, and our mere conversations with her caused us to become more organized naturally.

Tara was referred to us by one of our custom website clients, and after one look at our template options, she knew Teagan was a no-brainer for her website. In addition, we worked with her on her branding, creating a custom logo and color palette that fit her like a glove.

The Teagan template fit Tara’s personality and vibe so well, there were very few changes needed. It’s the first template restyling we’ve done where the finished product looks so similar to the original, especially because Tara opted to purchase some of the same stock photos we used in the template design.

Tara’s organization process is designed to reduce overwhelm and create calm.

If you’ve ever tried to organize your home, you know how important that ‘reduce overwhelm’ part can be. Because things have to get worse before they get better.

Tara swears by small batch organizing, working in 4-hour increments that allow her and her clients to be the most productive and focused before their brains tire out and start making poor decisions.

As far as we’re concerned, she’s got her specialty completely figured out!

“They made everything easy. I had no idea what I was doing and they walked me through everything thoroughly and patiently.

Not only are they geniuses at web design but their writing, video tutorials, and positive attitudes make them masters in their field.

— Tara Kirkland

Follow Tara on Instagram for fun organization tips @tklifestyleorganizer

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