Stacey Cauvin is a Life Design Coach.

She’s the founder and coach behind Aspire Desire Coaching, and she helps individuals navigate their paths to fulfillment. Her mission is to empower her clients to break free from limitations, discover their true desires, and align their life with their deepest values.

Stacey ultimately hired us because our process fit her desired launch timeline. She also loved all of the reviews of our work, and when she compared us against other options, we just felt like the right fit.

We had a blast working with Stacey. Throughout every part of the process — every email, every call, every conversation — she was a delight, and she was fun. Her presence is not to be dismissed, because she’s one of those people you feel connected to.

Branding & Collateral

The Aspire Desire Coaching logo was created using our Callie logo template with a font change. It felt like such the perfect fit because she was looking for something modern and simplistic, yet elegant.

Love notes

“Thanks to Lovely Impact, I have a beautiful website that truly reflects me and my services.”

Stacey Cauvin


Stacey’s copy oozes with inspiration and motivation to go after your deepest-held desires. It’s so encouraging because she’s been there herself, and you can feel the sense of peace she now experiences having gotten to her dreams. It’s so reflective of what it’s like to work with Stacey, and we love it for her.

“The copy enables individuals to truly get a sense of who I am and what services I provide in a detailed, yet succinct way.”

Assigned Copywriter: Leah

Web Design

If there was a word that meant totally chill yet unbelievably sophisticated, that word would mean Stacey’s website. The closest word we can come up with is smooth. Her website represents Stacey down to her core: calm yet upbeat, serious yet fun, and all around engaging. We’re super proud of it.

“The website conveys who I am and my voice. When people talk to me they will experience the same person they see on my site.”

Check out Aspire Desire Coaching’s website live!

Assigned Designer: Erin

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