Rhonda St. Thomas Rogers is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach.

She’s also a Holistic Nutritionist, and her own most successful client. She founded Blue Diamond Holistic Health Coaching to help busy women design and live a healthy lifestyle they’re excited about. She’s all about helping women feel great about themselves again after putting everyone else first.

Rhonda hired us because of the value we provide to our audience, and the inspiration she felt at seeing our successful woman-owned business.

We’ve enjoyed working with Rhonda so much. She’s a delight to be around, and her personal health journey is so inspiring. It’s a thrill to be part of her mission to help others create a healthy lifestyle for themselves.

Branding & Collateral

The Blue Diamond Holistic Health Coaching logo was created using our Alicia logo template, combined with a diamond icon Rhonda already had and wanted to include. It’s a fun and pretty brand for her coaching business.

Love notes

“The whole process was just absolutely excellent!”

Rhonda St. Thomas Rogers


Rhonda is such a force of nature, in her determination to be who and what she is today. We wanted that to come through in her copy, without intimidating others. It’s a fine line sometimes, but we think we managed to pull it off beautifully.

Assigned Copywriter: Cass

Web Design

We designed Rhonda’s website to be fresh, inspiring, and exciting, so her future clients could get a sense of her personality before they ever get on a call with her. Her brand photos really helped pull it off as they match her color palette well and show off her success.

Assigned Designer: Erin

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