Organized By Jen D

Gorgeous Template Restyling for Professional Organizer,
Jen DuBois, on our Teagan Template

Jennifer DuBois is a professional organizer based out of San Diego. She’s one of those people that you love to love. She’s smart, funny, and a little quirky, which made working with her a blast.

Jen found us on Instagram, and purchased our Teagan template to DIY. A few months later, she came to us for template restyling because she was struggling to make her website look the way she envisioned it. #wegetit

We had a blast turning the Teagan template into a modern, fun website that represents Jen’s personality.

Jen has a beautiful philosophy about organization: “Being organized is a form of self-care.”

Doesn’t that give you all the feels and make you really think? It does for us.

Organization is not just about having a visually pleasing space to live in — it’s about caring for yourself and reducing the constant stress a disorganized home can create. It’s about being at peace with your surroundings and feeling like you actually have time to sit back and relax, instead of always feeling the need to clean or purge or restructure your belongings.

We can’t think of anything better.

“I enjoyed every moment of working with Lovely Impact to restyle my website. I reached out after realizing I needed some help with customizing my template. From our first call, I knew that I made the right choice.

They have a way of getting into your head and heart to truly understand your vision for your business and brand. My website is just perfection; beyond anything I could have imagined.

With total gratitude…thank you!”

— Jennifer DuBois

Follow Jen on Instagram to see her in action and get to know her fun personality @organizedbyjend

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