Kathie Barkow is an ICF Certified Leadership & Growth Coach.

She’s the founder and coach behind Aspire Coaching & Consulting, and she equips leaders and executives to excel, find clarity, and flourish in their professional and personal lives. She works with the change-makers in this world — the people who thrive in helping professions and strive to make a difference in their communities, the country, and worldwide.

Kathie had found us awhile back and joined our email list, and she decided to jump at one of the last spots on our client calendar for 2023 when we announced it to our subscribers.

We found ourselves very inspired by Kathie’s purpose and intention behind her coaching business. Her mission to empower those who make this world better made us strive to create the best website possible for her current business.

Branding & Collateral

The Aspire Coaching logo was created using our Callie logo template, but she came to us with her tree icon already in existence, and we worked to choose a color palette that fit her desires.

Love notes

“Thank you for all the care, nurture and professionalism Lovely Impact provided to me.”

The services and care I’ve received from Lovely Impact has been exceptional. On top of that, every team member I’ve interacted with has been stellar. And on top of that, you both [Cass + Tee] are also top notch, a wonderful fit for my needs, and very inspiring as executives and women-business owners.

Kathie Barkow


Kathie’s copy was a really fun challenge, and Leah certainly rose to meet it. Writing copy for an audience that often doesn’t have a dedicated term for themselves (change-makers) means having to create new language to make them recognize themselves, and we’re super excited to say we believe we nailed it in this project.

“I am ridiculously excited about the copy. And the copy will shine even more in a beautiful website.”

Assigned Copywriter: Leah

Web Design

Some of our favorite things about Kathie’s website are the statistics she wanted to include. They were a fun new design challenge for us, and we immensely enjoyed presenting them in a way that wouldn’t feel like a random drop-in to her design, but rather an intentional piece of her brand and business.

Assigned Designer: Paulina

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