Julie Mitchell is a certified Integrative Health Coach.

She helps women over forty explore a holistic approach to wellness while empowering them to embrace a life of vibrant health and fulfillment. Together they focus on transforming their lifestyle and relationship with food.

Julie was looking for assistance in presenting her coaching business professionally, from the first moment. We were absolutely honored to take her through the process and enjoyed every moment of it.

Our primary goal with Julie’s project was to deliver a final design that feels like her and puts clients at ease. We definitely met that goal, but we also helped Julie shine as the incredible guide she is for other women.

Branding & Collateral

Julie’s logo was created using our Maryann logo template. It felt like such the perfect fit because it’s clean and sophisticated — and matches Julie’s coastal grandma vibes. She says “You nailed it! I really love the aesthetic!”

Love notes

“It’s exactly what I dreamed of!”

This has been an extremely moving and transformative experience for me! Thank you so much for your support! I am so excited for this new beginning.

Julie Mitchell


We love Julie’s website copy, because it’s clean and clear, but also inspirational and aspirational. It makes it feel like the changes needed for a life of vibrant health and fulfillment is not only not impossible, but fresh and exciting.

“This is absolutely beautiful! I was reading some of it aloud to my husband and actually started to cry a few times.”

Assigned Copywriter: Leah

Web Design

Julie’s website is so calming and soothing — from the colors to the layout to the words — it makes you feel like you are capable of reaching your goals, and feeling good while you do it. That’s what we love about it. It’s down to earth and lovely, just like Julie herself.

“It looks stunning, and I am very happy with it! Thank you and the team for such a beautiful job and for all the support along the way!”

Check out Julie’s website live!

Assigned Designer: Erin

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