Joni O’Donnell

Professional Health Coaching Website for Joan O'Donnell

Professional Life Coach and Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching Website for Joni O’Donnell, using our Alicia Template

Joan (aka Joni) is an Intuitive Eating and Eating Disorder Recovery coach based out of Connecticut. She helps people make peace with food and body struggles and free themselves from years of chronic dieting.  

Joni found us through Google and hired us because she loved our brand story. Also, the option to purchase a restyling package was the right price for her and provided her with the perfect mix of professional expertise to get up and running and the opportunity to learn how to maintain the site on her own.

After our initial consultation, we knew that our Alicia website and logo templates were the right choices for her! She wanted her website to have a fun vibe with modern fonts and a layout that focuses on her clients’ future results.

We enjoyed every minute of working on Joan’s website, and our Alicia template was the perfect base to bring her vision to life.

Joan O'Donnell Health Coaching Website - Before & After

Joni helps clients who struggle with weight and food issues get past years of diet culture.

Her passion is helping individuals tap into their own potential so that they can live the lives they desire. Through self-compassion and self-discovery, her coaching is aimed at helping people figure out who they are and how to be their best selves. 

When clients begin to trust and love themselves, Joni believes amazing things begin to happen.

“I am so grateful to Lovely Impact for not only building me the website of my dreams but for truly capturing who I am and bringing my vision to life.

Working with Cass & Tee was such a pleasure and I am in awe of the care, compassion, and expertise they put into their work. I appreciate how, as coaches themselves, they were able to help me push past my own fears and empower me to share my story.

They are generous with their knowledge, providing all the instruction and support needed to learn how to manage and update my website on my own.

Based on all the feedback I’ve gotten so far from visitors to my site I can honestly say that they exceeded my expectations!

Thank you Cass & Tee!!”

— Fatima Saffia

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