Jessica Williams is a Board-Certified Life Coach.

She’s the founder and coach behind Self-Centered Life Coaching, and she helps people navigate significant life changes and trust their own intuition in life.

Jess hired us to help her bring the vision for her business to life. After researching us extensively, she knew intuitively that she had found us for a reason and we were the right team to propel her into her purpose.

We had such a wonderful time working with Jessica. Not only because we’re in love with the look of her website, but because she’s such an incredibly beautiful soul and it was a true honor getting to be part of her business journey.

Branding & Collateral

The Self-Centered Coaching logo was created using our Sylvie logo template. She says “When I explained my vision, the entire team listened diligently and collaborated on a brand that felt personal and authentic to who I am. I’m excited about the new look, and the feeling of excitement I have as I see my longtime vision finally manifest.”

“They listen and care about who you are, because who you are is a reflection of their integrity and work.”


Jessica’s copy is some of our all-time fave. It so genuinely captures who she is as a person, as well as her desire to help the clients she works with create a loving and well-loved life.

“Leah captured the most intimate elements and dimensions of my personality, and made them visible to share with my prospective clients. It’s rare to come across someone who can articulate who you are and what you feel in a way that feels genuine and authentic.”

Assigned Copywriter: Leah

Web Design

We are over the moon with the design of Jess’ website. The colors flow so beautifully together, and her photos seriously captivate you and keep you scrolling. It’s the epitome of our goals in website design: to capture the purpose and personality of the coach behind the business.

Check out the Self-Centered Coaching website live!

Assigned Designer: Erin

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