Jason Berv is a recovered overachiever turned Transformational Coach.

He’s the founder and coach behind Blue Dot Coaching, and he guides his clients through a wonderful process of letting go of the pressures of life (whether they be at work, home, or internal) and reconnecting with your true self and finding ease.

Jason hired us because he needed support in building his business, but more importantly, because when he got on the first call with us, he felt like we truly understood him and his goals, and encouraged him to build the kind of coaching business he envisioned — which is not the standard.

Jason’s coaching business is fun and unique in that he hosts retreats on his beautiful, private horse ranch in Colorado. His clients get to work with him in-person and experience equine therapy as a part of their coaching journey. Does that make you want to hire him? Us, too. And it made his entire project feel like a getting-back-to-nature experience that we’re obsessed with.

Branding & Collateral

The Blue Dot logo already existed when Jason came to us. We just helped him to expand his color palette and bring some warmth to his brand.

Love notes

“Such a delightful balance of expertise and approachability.”

For someone like me who wants to focus on my coaching and not on my website (because tech stuff intimidates me), the Lovely Impact team was exactly who I needed to partner with.

From the very first conversation with them, I felt so encouraged, understood, and empowered. Everyone on the team is so helpful, responsive, and easy to work with. I didn’t think I’d actually enjoy this process, but I really did, and I’m delighted with the final product.

Jason Berv


Jason’s website copy is a masterpiece, in our opinion. It’s direct in the struggles his clients face, without making them feel bad about how they’ve been handling things until now. If it’s possible to feel calm while while looking for a solution to overwhelming stress in your life, this copy achieves that.

“In light of the spiritual and customized nature of my work and my retreats, my work can often sound fuzzy or lacking detail. I appreciate the way the copy strikes a balance of open-ended and detailed.”

Assigned Copywriter: Danielle

Web Design

We love the vibe of Jason’s website. It pulls you in to the ranch, so you can actually imagine yourself being there, working with Jason and his gorgeous horses. While we give a lot of that credit to the amazing photos he was able to provide, we like to think we had something to do with presenting it correctly so you want to work with him before even knowing what it is he does.

“The site is very visually appealing and invites you to scroll to the next section. I think I am much more likely to attract my target market with this site and make the professional impression that my previous site was lacking.”

Check out the Blue Dot Coaching website live!

Assigned Designer: Erin

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