Soothing Life Coaching Website for Heather Grammatico

Heather Grammatico is a Life Coach based in California. She has a Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology and is certified in both conflict resolution and mediation. She helps people navigate conflict and find solutions to life’s most challenging problems.

Heather hired us because she was drawn to the clarity of our message and the high-quality of our team. She also considers herself to be tech-challenged, and wanted to make sure her website came out looking its absolute best.

The final product makes her look like a professional, while soothing the fear and confusion of her clientele.

Branding & Collateral

Heather’s brand is a combination of our Maryann & Sylvie logo templates, with a few color swaps thrown in for good measure. Altogether, it creates a sophisticated yet approachable look for her coaching business.

Love notes

“Trying to find reasons to use everything!”

I love everything! From the website to the entire branding suite. I’m just trying to figure out ways to use all of the beautiful elements created for my brand. I am re-inspired to market and put myself out there. I want to find reasons to use everything!

Jennifer Ybarra


Heather’s website copy is clear, with a lot of no-nonsense personality. Kind of like Heather herself!

Assigned Copywriter: Stasia

Web Design

Heather’s final website invites her clients to trust her to help them resolve the conflict in their lives. From marriage to custody, and workplace drama, she has her clients’ backs.

Assigned Designer: Paulina

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