Ericka Hyson is a CEO Growth Advisor.

She’s the founder of Hyson Advisory, and she empowers staffing industry executives to break through plateaus, accelerate growth, and lead their teams into the future. She relies on her years of experience growing various companies she worked with to help her now do the same for her clients.

Ericka hired us to help her bring the vision for her business to life. She appreciated that we are a woman-owned business, that we’re focused on coaches, and we’re a good fit for new companies getting off the ground because of the clarity work we do with our clients.

We had a great time working with Ericka. She’s fun to be around, and she knows her worth and how to express it. That makes a project infinitely more satisfying, because confidence is a wonderful thing.

Branding & Collateral

The Hyson Advisory logo was created using our Callie logo template. It felt like such the perfect fit because she wanted complete professionalism.

Love notes

“Trying to find reasons to use everything!”

I love everything! From the website to the entire branding suite. I’m just trying to figure out ways to use all of the beautiful elements created for my brand. I am re-inspired to market and put myself out there. I want to find reasons to use everything!

Jennifer Ybarra


The copy crafted for Ericka’s website stands out. It masterfully conveys a sense of professionalism and clarity, mirroring Ericka’s ambition to guide her clients towards achieving peak professional success.

Assigned Copywriter: Danielle

Web Design

We are truly delighted with Ericka’s website design. She wanted to be portrayed as the consummate professional, and that’s exactly how she comes across. This design doesn’t just present a business; it vividly portrays a narrative of leadership, vision, and transformative coaching.

Assigned Designer: Erin

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