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Carmell Emory is a Career Coach based out of Washington. Carmell Emory worked in different industries before finding her passion. She started “Craft Your Career” to help others navigate their career aspirations and find their dream job.

Carmell found us through Google and hired us because she didn’t know where to start, and our services put her at peace knowing she was in good hands. Also, she knew that the Sylvie template was the right choice! She wanted her coaching website to look clean and crisp.

Carmell helps her clients connect with their dream job.

Branding & Collateral

Carmell came to us with an awesome brand already created, so we got to have fun with merging it into her website seamlessly.

Love notes

“It felt like finding a road map to success!”

I knew I wanted to start my business, but I didn’t know where to start. I was searching for website templates and came across Lovely Impact’s beautiful designs and then found all of the great resources they have to offer coaches. It felt like finding a road map to success! I then scheduled my call with Tee, and she was fantastic. She gave me such great insight that I knew I had to hire them to develop my website. My call with Cass gave me a clear game plan for next steps and has me motivated and energized to make the best decision for my business. Thank you, girls!

Carmell Emory


Carmell’s copy was written to show people on the hunt for a job how much easier it can be to find a position they’re passionate about with a supportive and encouraging coach on their side.

Assigned Copywriter: Stasia

Web Design

The goal for Carmell’s website was to walk the line between professional and fun. Because while landing your dream job is a serious gig, it shouldn’t be without joy.

Assigned Designer: Hannah

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