Analisa Leaming is a Soulful Ambition Coach.

She’s a broadway actor turned life coach, and she helps people trust their inner wisdom, live awake, and go after their deepest longings.

Analisa hired us to help her make the transition from actor to coach seamlessly. She found us through Google, and loved the name of our company, the look of our website, and felt she could trust our expertise.

Working with Analisa was a dream experience for us. Not surprisingly, she’s one of those people you feel like you recognize at the soul level, and everyone on the team fell in love with her. We’re so proud to have been a part of her journey.

Branding & Collateral

Analisa’s logo was created using our Halo logo template. It was honestly meant to be, as it fits her personality and vibe seamlessly. We then turned her color palette to ‘pink’, per her request. Analisa says her favorite part of the branding is “the pink and the sunburst :).”

Love notes

“I love that it feels like ME.”

I am so excited to have a website that reflects the depth and quality of work I’m doing with my clients. I’m so grateful for Lovely Impact’s expertise and efficiency in delivering a website I’m beyond proud to share!

Analisa Leaming


Analisa came to us with really strong copy already written after working with another coach to create it. Our job was not so much to clarify what it is she offers, but re-format it to work well on a website with conversions in mind. Altogether, we love how it turned out for this ‘not our norm’ process.

Assigned Copywriter: Danielle

Web Design

We’re going to be honest: Analisa’s website design had us scratching our heads for a minute. The pink on pink on pink came out a little janky at first, and we had to start over once…it does happen now and then. But ultimately, we LOVE her website because it’s exactly what she wanted, and we got to have a ton of fun incorporating more pink everywhere we could.

“This will give me more credibility, ease of new client experience, and clarity for others about what I do.”

Check out Analisa’s website live!

Assigned Designer: Cass

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