Amanda Nowak is a Life & Executive Coach with a focus on burnout.

She helps overwhelmed women entrepreneurs and leaders find the clarity they need to create balance and fulfillment in their lives. AKA: she helps you kick burnout to the curb. And she’s an expert in the subject, because she’s been there herself, with a 7-figure business that left her miserable.

Amanda hired us to help her because she was impressed with our online presence, and knew we could help her create the kind of presence she needs.

We loved working with Amanda, because she knows exactly what she wants and needs, and isn’t afraid to say it. She was able to give us such good guidance at the beginning of the process that we were able to complete her project without a hitch.

Branding & Collateral

Amanda came to us with incredible branding already in existence. We got to enjoy every moment of translating it to her new website with intention and purpose.

Love notes

“Trying to find reasons to use everything!”

I love everything! From the website to the entire branding suite. I’m just trying to figure out ways to use all of the beautiful elements created for my brand. I am re-inspired to market and put myself out there. I want to find reasons to use everything!

Jennifer Ybarra


Amanda’s copy was so fun to write. We’ve all experienced burnout before, and getting to write the copy for Amanda’s site was practically cathartic. If you’re feeling burnt out in any way, we highly recommend you check her out, even if it’s just to assure yourself you’re not alone.

Assigned Copywriter: Danielle

Web Design

Are you in love with Amanda’s website? We sure are. The vibe is just right for a coach who helps others through burnout: calming, yet inspiring. Amanda’s brand photos play a huge part in the success of her site, and her branding pulls everything together into a memorable experience.

Assigned Designer: Erin

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