12 Best Logos for Coaches (Plus Templates You Can Steal Right Now)

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FEATURED 12 Best Logos for Coaches (Plus Templates You Can Steal Right Now)

Have you been searching for the best logos for coaches without breaking the bank or taking weeks to complete them? You’re in the right place!

Choosing a logo that effectively reflects your coaching business is crucial. Humans are such visual creatures, we often respond to a business’s logo without even realizing it.

By the way, we’re Cass + Tee, the duo behind this blog, and our company, Lovely Impact. We’re logo and website designers turned coaches, and we’ve been helping coaches establish themselves and their businesses for years.

Branding is our specialty and we understand how important it is for making your coaching business look complete, professional, and approachable. This is why we’re here to take a look at some of the best logos for coaches and the impact they have today.

A badly designed logo can be disastrous for your coaching business because it is one of the first things your potential clients will encounter – but how do you make sure your logo is great? Find out by reading our article so you too can feel confident in the logo you choose for your coaching business.

Now let’s dive in!

Best Logos for Coaches – Custom Designed

1) Best Life Coach Logo – Sandy Kusano

Best Life Coach Logo – Sandy Kusano

Sandy Kusano’s logo is a simple and distinctive bird in flight. Hummingbirds in particular are a representation of hope and peace, which can communicate the vibes a life coach may want to portray in their business. The usage of bright colors is perfect for inspiring joy and supports the logo design in being memorable and effective.

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Our take? This logo is perfect for a life coach who seeks to draw out the best elements of someone and infuse them with positivity.

2) Best Health Coach Logo – Lauren Rappaport

Best Health Coach Logo – Lauren Rappaport

Using her own name has created a modern logo to represent her coaching business, where she supports people with diabetes. This minimalist style of logo offers simplicity but has a slightly more business-like air, which is very effective.

She has used both a bold, affirmative font, coupled with a sleek, subtle sans-serif font. The use of just her first name in her logo reflects an experience that is personable, while still being solid and reassuring.

3) Best Executive Coach Logo – Jonathan Crawford

Best Executive Coach Logo – Jonathan Crawford

Another logo that leans into a timeless, minimalist direction, Jonathan Crawford’s logo effortlessly communicates his name and his brand’s colors. It is the perfect choice for an executive coach because it is professional and without fuss, allowing it to be sufficiently memorable without being overly fancy.

4) Best Career Coach Logo – Stacy Smoot

Best Career Coach Logo – Stacy Smoot

Stacy Smoot has also chosen to use her initials in the logo, and the interlinking S is indicative of building personal relationships and creating bonds – which suits her status as a career coach. 

Because of the colors and curves she has used, her logo feels soft and encouraging, making it the perfect match for her coaching business.

5) Best Weight Loss Coach Logo – Cyndi Uelen Coaching

Best Weight Loss Coach Logo – Cyndi Uelen Coaching

Using her name as the focal point, Cyndi Uelen’s logo looks organic and varied, with the fonts moving from script to a serif font. This big to small transition in the logo could perhaps be perceived as a representation of the journey that she anticipates her clients taking with her. It feels approachable, timeless, and friendly, with a neutral color scheme to tie it all together.

Best Logos for Coaches – Canva Templates

6) Best Life Coach Logo Template – Sadie

Sadie - Life Coach Logo Landing Page Images

When you want to become a life coach, you are seeking to connect with your client on a deep and personalized level. The Sadie logo template matches this intention by offering a warm, bold, reassuring, and friendly vibe.

Our Favorite Details:

It feels positive and cozy. It’s like a best friend, and offers the perfect way to attract clients who are feeling unsure and in need of guidance. 

It comes with four logo variations, making it easy to create everything you need for your website and marketing efforts while keeping your brand cohesive and attractive.

You also get three fonts, an 8 color palette, and a mood board to bring your brand all together.

7) Best Health Coach Logo Template – Sylvie 

Sylvie Coach Logo Landing Page Images

The Sylvie template is everything a health coach logo wants to be: it’s beautiful and airy, because that’s the aesthetic your clients are looking to achieve. 

Our Favorite Details:

The Sylvie logo is modern, elegant, and feminine. It uses a contrast of pastel tones and bold black to create a strong and memorable aesthetic. The script font offers a personable touch while allowing the logo to feel light-hearted.

You will again get four logos, three fonts, 8 colors, and a mood board. The best part? You can use these to imagine the logo in any way that suits your brand while retaining that flow and smoothness that is built into the template.

8) Best Executive Coach Logo Template – Callie

Callie Coach Logo Landing Page Images

When you are coaching executives, you need a logo that looks all business, and the Callie executive coach logo template provides this. 

Our Favorite Details:

It uses plain, simple fonts and neutral colors. This logo isn’t showing off; it tells your clients that you are focused and straightforward.

The four logos for coaches give you plenty of room to say more or less about your business, depending on the context, and they all offer a firm, reassuring aesthetic. Use the color palette to reflect the mood of your coaching business, and the simple fonts to tell your clients that you are efficient.

9) Best Business Coach Logo Template – Jordan

Jordan Coach Logo Landing Page Images

Again, the Jordan template is straightforward and simple, and all about the message that needs to be conveyed. 

Our Favorite Details:

It’s a confident logo that communicates that you mean business.

The fonts are blocky and a little more striking than the Callie template, but they still tell your clients that you are substantial and trustworthy, as well as conveying a sense of boldness and assuredness.

With a very simple color palette and plenty of different hues to play with, you can easily convey your straightforward approach to your clients. Everything is very minimalist yet still gives an impactful impression.

10) Best Weight Loss Coach Logo Template – Alicia

Alicia Coach Logo Landing Page Images

The Alicia weight loss coach template tells clients that you can combine a fun, approachable attitude with business-like efficiency. Clients usually want someone who can both listen to and understand them, and someone who will push them to achieve.

Our Favorite Details:

The combination of the flowing script and the simple serif font. This template says you can be both a friend and a mentor. You can be understanding, but you’re also there to guide and inspire so that they can meet their goals.

11) Best Financial Coach Logo Template – Jana

Jana Coach Logo Landing Page Images

The Jana financial coach logo template conveys trustworthiness, respectability, and a sense of focus.

Our Favorite Details:

This template feels grounded. With its simple font and a straightforward color scheme, the Jana template is perfect for the coach that keeps real and knows how to stay on top of their coaching game.

Again, you get three fonts to use, plus four logos for coaches so you can simplify or go extra when necessary. It tells your clients you can be trusted and you are a centered, focused person who can help them to be the same.

12) Best Spiritual Coach Logo Template – Halo

Halo Coach Logo Landing Page Images

When you are spiritually coaching, you need to hit the right note between spirituality and efficiency. Although clients are coming to you for your spiritual assistance, your logo must demonstrate that you combine this with substance.

That’s exactly what the Halo spiritual coach logo template does.

Our Favorite Details:

The airy color scheme has some darker hues. This lets you bring in some soothing moments, but keeps your aesthetic airy, bright, and peaceful. The small ring of rays is enough of an image to express spirituality without going overboard.

Final Thoughts – Logos for Coaches

These logos for coaches all share one thing; they think about what the client expects from the coach. Each one has been carefully designed to express the right mood and atmosphere, which helps demonstrate that the coach is the right person for that particular niche.

Making sure your logo does the same will help to pull clients in without them even realizing why they are drawn to you. Overall, a good logo is a silent advertisement that says you are the right person for the job.

A bad logo undermines your entire business and will push clients away, even if they don’t realize why. It indicates a lack of understanding of your field and those you wish to coach. We don’t want that for you and hope that this article will help you stay clear of that!

How has your logo design journey gone so far? Are you proud of your logo, or would you like a better one? Let us know in the comments!

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Hey! I’m Cass, a brand coach and the Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches elevate their businesses with beautiful branding and websites. Here on our blog, my content focuses on branding, web design, and storytelling.

Hey! I’m Tee, a brand and marketing coach and the Co-Founder & CMO at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches grow their coaching businesses digitally. Here on our blog, my content focuses on web design, marketing, business, and social media strategy.

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