11 Best Life Coaching Websites (+Templates You Can Steal)

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# Best Life Coaching Websites (+Templates You Can Steal)

Hey life coach! Struggling with creating an online presence that pops? Wondering about the secret sauce of top-notch life coaching websites?

No worries – we’re here to help!

This post is all about showcasing the best life coaching websites we’ve crafted. Plus, we’ve got some killer templates for you to steal!

Excited? You should be!

Who are we? We’re Cass and Tee, the dynamic duo behind Lovely Impact. It’s your go-to website for all things business-related in coaching.

Our industry experience? Years and counting! We’ve got a treasure trove of insights on crafting effective and eye-catching life coaching websites.

And guess what? We’re ready to share all our juicy secrets with you!

Ready for a deep dive into captivating life coaching clients with web design? Let’s get rolling!

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Best Life Coaching Websites – Custom Designed

1) Crystal Dela Cruz, Confidence & Life Coach

Meet Crystal Dela Cruz, a confidence and life coach right from sunny California. She’s got the know-how to steer her clients towards the life they’re yearning for. Empathy and enthusiasm are her tools for helping clients on their exciting journeys of self-love and discovery.

Crystal Dela Cruz Confidence Life Coach

2) Solutions Life Coaching, Life & Mediation Coach

Ever heard of Solutions Life Coaching? It’s run by Dr. Heather Grammatico, a life and mediation coach who’s all about clear guidance and practical solutions. Whether it’s short-term coaching or mediation for high-stakes issues, she’s got your back. Her mission? Providing honest feedback to help clients navigate their toughest conflicts.

Solutions Life Coaching Mediation Coach

3) Cassandra White, Spiritual Life Coach

Next up, we have Cassandra White, a Spiritual Life Coach. She’s a guiding light for women tackling life’s big challenges. She leads them towards joy, purpose, and peace, helping them discover their true calling like never before.

Cassandra White Spiritual Life Coach

4) Crawf Brothers, Life Coaching Podcast

Check out Crawf Brothers, not just one of the best life coaching websites, but a life coaching podcast too! Three brothers, Jonathan, Shep, and Ricky, spin their unique personal stories into a California-based public speaking and mentorship business. They’re passionate about helping others hit extraordinary successes, no matter the odds.

Crawf Brothers Life Coaching Podcast

5) Fatima Saffia Coaching, Life Coach

Meet Fatima Saffia, a Maryland-based life coach and a dedicated DEI practitioner. As the daughter of Muslim immigrants from West Africa, she uses her personal experiences to inspire confidence in her clients, helping them build the lives they desire while respecting important relationships.

Fatima Saffia Coaching Life Coach

6) The Confetti Collective, Confidence & Life Coach

Now let’s talk about The Confetti Collective. It’s run by Mo James, a US Army Veteran, Certified Confidence Coach, and your go-to Audacity Activator. Mo empowers world-changing women to own their power and fully express themselves in every aspect of their lives.

Confetti Collective Confidence Life Coach

7) Valerie Mummert Coaching, Mid-Life Coach

Valerie Mummert Coaching, based out of Arizona, focuses on mid-life transitions. Valerie guides women to find their voice and stride confidently into their next chapter. Through 1:1 coaching and small group retreats, she helps women map out their future steps.

Valerie Mummert Coaching Mid Life Coach

8) The Healing Temple, Soul Growth Life Coach

Lastly, there’s The Healing Temple, led by Theressia Nangle, a Soul Growth Coach, and Reiki practitioner in California. Known for her calming presence, she guides others through their transformations, helping them discover their true selves and turn their deepest desires into reality. Her website is a testament to what the best life coaching websites should aspire to be.

Healing Temple Theressia Nangle Life Coach

Best Life Coaching Website Templates

9) Best Life Coach Website Template – MaryAnn

Let’s roll out the red carpet for MaryAnn! This life coaching website template is all about style with substance. Think of it like the little black dress of the best life coaching websites – always in vogue, super versatile, and ready to help you make a stellar impression. So whether you’re a life coach, a mindset guru, or a confidence booster, MaryAnn’s got your back.

Life Coach Website Template Maryann

10) Best Confidence & Life Coaching Website Template – Naomi

Next up, meet Naomi, our own confidence coaching website template. If websites were superheroes, Naomi would be the one making a dramatic entrance with a swish of a cape. Bold, sophisticated, and designed to convert visitors into clients, this one’s a game-changer for confidence coaches, business coaches, and life coaches.

Confidence Life Coaching Website Template Naomi

11) Best Mindset & Life Coaching Website Template – Sadie

And then there’s Sadie. If this mindset coaching website template were a person, it’d be the one lighting up the room with a smile. It’s got fun illustrations, a warm design, and a vibe so positive it could convince a pessimist to see the glass half full. It’s perfect for all kinds of coaches, but it really sings for those in mindset, life, confidence, and manifestation coaching.

Mindset Life Coaching Website Template Sadie

Cass & Tee’s Insider Tips for Creating The Best Life Coaching Websites

? Getting To Know You… Err, Your Audience

Ever tried selling a surfboard to someone living in the desert? Yeah, it doesn’t work. Knowing your audience is key to creating an effective life coaching website. Think about who your coaching services are for, their needs, and their online habits. Once you’ve figured that out, shape your website copy to speak directly to them.

? Your Services, Spelled Out as Clear as Day

The best life coaching websites are like storefronts. Potential clients should be able to glance at it and instantly get what you’re offering. Highlight your unique coaching specialties and approach. Clear and concise service descriptions are your best friends here.

?  Looks Matter: The Art of Design & Aesthetics

Remember that saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover?” Well, online, everyone does just that. Your life coaching website needs to look professional, clean, and visually appealing. Your choice of colors, fonts, and images should be a direct reflection of your brand. And, let’s not forget to show your face. A brand photoshoot can go a long way in personalizing your brand.

? Easy-Peasy Navigation: Because No One Likes Getting Lost

Imagine walking into a maze when all you wanted was a simple stroll. Not fun, right? That’s how your clients feel about a complicated website. Keep the structure simple and intuitive. Clear calls-to-action and easy-to-navigate menus are a must.


Pro Tip – Go for a Custom Website Design for Coaches

Feeling a bit swamped by this website design stuff? We got you! Enter Custom Website Design for Coaches.

Custom Website Design for Coaches

It’s a sleek and unique website creation process for coaches like you. You’ll not only get a stunning site to show off, but it’ll also be chock-full of top-notch, conversion-focused copy. Plus, it’s curated to match your coaching business goals. Result? You’ll get a website you love, that does the work!

? Brag a Little: Showcasing Testimonials & Success Stories

Nothing convinces a potential client faster than seeing that others have benefited from your services. The best life coaching websites use testimonials and success stories as their silent, persuasive salespeople. Show off the positive experiences of your past clients to build trust and credibility.

? Contact Info & Online Booking: Don’t Play Hard to Get

Have you ever tried to book a service online but couldn’t find the “book now” button? Frustrating, right? Don’t do that to your potential clients. Make sure your contact information and booking system are as obvious as a brightly colored button on a plain white shirt.

? Keep Tweaking: The Ongoing Quest for Website Perfection

Websites are like gardens – they need regular care and attention to flourish. Monitor your website’s performance, take user feedback seriously, and tweak things as needed. Remember, a website is not a “set it and forget it” kind of deal. It should evolve alongside your business and the needs of your audience.

Final Thoughts: The Best Life Coaching Websites

We hope this post has given you some serious inspiration and practical tips for crafting the best coaching websites!

To jog your memory, we started by sharing some fantastic life coaching websites we’ve designed. Each unique in its approach, reflecting the coaches and their style of work.

Then we dove into the captivating world of our templates. Modern design, functionality, and aesthetics tailored to attract your ideal clients – they are a game-changer for any coach.

We also shared our trusty pro tips. From understanding your audience to the importance of clear service descriptions, website aesthetics, easy navigation, showcasing testimonials, and the need for constant tweaking.

So, the ball is in your court, coach!

Now we’re turning it over to you:

Which one of these best life coaching websites inspired you the most? Are you ready to try one of our templates for your site? Or perhaps you’re revved up to implement some of our pro tips?

Or maybe there’s something you’re curious about that we didn’t cover.

Either way, don’t be shy! Leave a comment below right now, and let’s keep this conversation going. 

Remember, every comment brings us one step closer to making the internet a playground filled with the best life coaching websites.

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Hey! I’m Tee, a brand and marketing coach and the Co-Founder & CMO at Lovely Impact, a website template shop for coaches. I help coaches grow their coaching businesses digitally. Here on our blog, my content focuses on web design, marketing, business, and social media strategy.

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