9 Life Coach Tools That Work For Any Client

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FEATURED 9 Life Coach Tools That Work For Any Client

As a life coach, it’s so important to have a variety of tools in your coaching toolbelt to effectively support your clients. Life coach tools are something that you may have heard of, but you may not be using them to their full potential. We’re Cass and Tee, and we want to change that.

We’re the duo behind Lovely Impact, and we help coaches, like you, succeed. In addition to being certified life coaches, we are entrepreneurs with over 20+ years of experience running online businesses. This website is our mission in life, and we’ve literally decided that we want to spend our lives helping YOU become the best coach you can be.

Having access to tools that enhance your life coaching business is one of the best ways to transform your teaching method and ensure that your clients are getting the results they expect. They also make life easier for you as a coach: which is always a win-win in our books!

Ready to learn about the life coach tools that we love most? Let’s dive in.

What Are Life Coach Tools?

Life coach tools are designed to make your teaching methods more effective and ensure that your clients are getting the best they can from you. These tools are designed to transform how you teach your clients and what they learn from your sessions.

Tools can be very varied, and there are tools for every kind of coaching method. By utilizing these clever life coach tools, you can expand your coaching repertoire and improve your coaching skills. Your efficiency will increase, and you’ll also become a better coach!

9 Life Coach Tools That Work For Any Client

1. Brighten Up Your Life Tool

If you want to help your clients bring a bit of positivity to their lives, this is the life coach tool for you. It reviews how happy your client currently feels, and then focuses on what they should be doing to make things better.

Then it goes on to ask further questions, encouraging your client to dig down and figure out what their real pain points are so that they can begin to change them with your help. In addition to being useful for introducing new clients, this tool also serves existing clients well.

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2. Coaching Goals Tool

Goals are a cornerstone of coaching, and this tool will help your clients to set and understand them. It offers a great starting point for new clients to establish what they want and need, and it will immediately create direction and the opportunity for forward motion in your coaching relationship.

It serves as an ongoing life coach tool for measuring progress and ensuring clients are on track. You can continually update the goals to keep them motivated and engaged. This tool can be used with any client at any stage of their journey.


3. Take Stock and Take Action Tool

Learning how to review your current obstacles is a great skill that many clients and even some coaches lack. This tool will help you turn it around and put all the focus on the “where we are now” so that you can then move on to the “what do we do next?

It’s a great way to create actionable steps for changing the current environment and pushing your client forward. Use this to set “homework” and keep your client growing between sessions.


4. What Makes My Heart Sing? Tool

Sometimes, a client needs to pause and recognize the good in their life, as well as the bad. This life coach tool is all about appreciation, and it’s perfect for one-on-one coaching or for group exercises. With it, you can help clients to feel happier with where they are right now.

This is a powerful tool that can help to strengthen your client’s resilience and remind them of the good aspects of their situation. Finding joy in the little things can really help to shift their mindset.


5. Energy Zappers Tool

Often, clients turn to coaches because they are suffering from burnout. They often feel like they need to dedicate too much energy and resources to too many places, and they can’t keep up. What’s the solution? The Energy Zappers life coach tool.

This will help clients identify the areas of their lives that are draining their resources and making them struggle. They can then decide how to resolve these problems and redirect their focus onto the things that they feel are important in their lives.


6. Letting Go Tool

A second step to the Energy Zappers life coach tool and a great complementary exercise, the Letting Go tool raises your client’s awareness of what happens if they keep holding onto things. You will be given the techniques to help your client toward forgiveness, and a great story to illustrate how forgiving helps people grow.

Your client cannot move forward with their life if they spend all their time clinging to things and focusing on the past. This tool will help you redirect their focus onto the future.


7. Detox Your Toxic Relationships Tool

Relationships can be as draining as grudges, and if your client’s energy levels are low and they feel depleted, it’s important to spend some time helping them analyze their relationships. This life coach tool will allow you to do that.

It lets you identify which relationships are having a negative impact and comes with actionable steps to help your client move away from those relationships. This gives them more time to focus on themselves and on the relationships that bring them joy, improving their quality of life overall.


8. Daily Success Habits Tool

What we do day to day has such a big impact, but few people recognize the power of habits. While a bad habit drains you, a good one sets you up for success, and this life coach tool is designed to help you build and improve great daily habits.

It will help you choose habits that you can customize to suit your clients’ personal situations, removing stress by guiding them on how to improve their daily routines. Another tool that’s great for “homework,” encourages the client to identify five positive habits they can start to adopt.


9. Identify Your Spark Team! Tool

Just as negative relationships should be dropped, positive relationships should be nurtured, and this life coach tool helps your client to recognize the positive relationships that they have.

Using this tool, you can encourage your client to identify their “spark team” – the people who make them light up and feel inspired. This is a great way to boost your client’s energy and help them to spend time socializing and enjoying the company of others.

The more they invest in these great, invigorating relationships, the better they will feel.


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Final Thoughts – Life Coach Tools

Life coach tools will make you a better coach and a more efficient coach. They add to your experience and help you tackle the many different issues your clients might be grappling with.

Without these tools, you’ll have to design everything from scratch, which takes time and means your clients get variable results. These tools ensure that everyone receives the same quality of teaching from you.

Have you ever used life coach tools like this before, or do you prefer to go it alone with materials you create? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to hear about it!

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