Introducing Template Restyling: Done-For-You Design and Launch of Your Showit Template

September 28, 2020
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Introducing Template Restyling: Done-For-You Design and Launch of Your Showit Template

If you’ve been loving the look and feel of our Showit website templates and considering purchasing one, but been overwhelmed at the idea of having to set it up and launch it yourself, we have amazing news for you!

Today marks the official launch of our Template Restyling service, where you get the loving attention of a designer to help you flip your preferred template to match your business and brand. Think customized website without the $5,000 price tag.

When you sign up for Template Restyling, Cass (who designs all the templates) will take things over and do all the heavy lifting to get your website launched in as little as two weeks.

Sound too good to be true? It’s real!

No need to worry about learning the Showit platform in a rush, stretching your tech-challenged know-how, or pulling together a gorgeous website with no design skills to speak of.

You get an experienced website designer who understands exactly what your website means to your coaching business: a place where you show up as the best version of yourself, a place where clients need to feel what it’s like to work with you, and a place where your dreams are made reality.

What Does Template Restyling Actually Mean?

Here’s the thing: our Showit website templates for coaches make building your website 10x faster than figuring out how to build one for yourself.

We provide you with a website copywriting guide that matches each template exactly.

We give you an image guide that helps you understand and choose images that will have a positive impact on your site.

We give you access to our video library that teaches you everything you need to know about using Showit, step-by-step.

But all of those things still take time out of your schedule. And if you’re looking to get your website up in a hurry, but struggle with tech or get frustrated with things looking perfect, that 10x faster than DIY-ing it is still more time than you can afford.

Our template restyling is the answer to that problem.

With Cass on your side, the only things you need to do yourself are write your copy, and give her access to a folder of photos she can use on your new site. She basically handles everything else.

No need for you to submit your site for DNS connection through Showit. No need for you to go back and forth between two images you think look good there but aren’t sure about. And no need for you to watch the hours of videos in our library in order to get started (even though we’ve broken them up and made them as short as humanly possible).

Template Restyling means you don’t have to build your site alone. You get an experienced partner to handle the hard stuff.

What’s the Restyling Process?

  1. You give Cass access to your Showit account and the few other things she needs to get started (like your website copy and folder of images).
  2. Cass installs your new template directly into your Showit account.
  3. She goes to town restyling everything: adding your copy, changing the colors to match your brand, editing photos, deleting sections you don’t need right now, moving things around to make sense for your brand, etc.
  4. When Cass is done, she sends you the link to preview your restyled site for review.
  5. You let Cass know what you love, like, and hate about your restyled template, and she edits things to match your vibe.
  6. Cass launches your website so it’s ready for the world to see.
  7. You get to celebrate like it’s 1999.

How Long Does Restyling Take?

Cass works incredibly fast on Showit. As soon as you’ve delivered your website copy and folder of images, she can have your site restyled in less than a week.

We say the Restyling process takes two weeks, because the first week is time we’re giving you to write that copy and find those images. Plus get Cass the login access she needs to your Showit account to make all the magic stuff happen.

The only timeline issue you need to consider is that Cass only takes on one Restyling client at a time. That means if she has a few people in line ahead of you, you might wait an extra week or two to get started. But honestly, that could benefit you, since it gives you more time to write epic copy and take better photos.

Basically, it’s better to get yourself on Cass’ schedule as soon as you know you want to.

Interested in Restyling?

Now that you know how our new Template Restyling works, it’s time to ask yourself whether it’s the best option for your coaching business.

If it is, head here to check out the pricing and sign up to get yourself on the list.

Cass can’t wait to work with you directly!

About Cass

Cass is a designer and life coach whose mission is to help life coaches get themselves out there quickly, because she honestly believes everyone needs a coach, and you can’t focus on coaching clients if you’re spinning trying to build your business.